Rhinestones and fashion are associated with each other since a long time, which is evident from the fact that Nudie Cohn came up with the nudie suit, embedded with Rhinestones, in the 1940s. When you talk of Rhinestones, the first name that comes to your mind is of the famous singer Elvis Presley.

The popularity of Rhinestones has reached to such an extent that it is used to decorate jewelry and apparels nowadays. One of the apparels on which Rhinestones are commonly found is t-shirt. Besides this, another category of t-shirts which is also gaining immense popularity is striped t-shirts. Some amazing Rhinestone t-shirt designs are displayed below.

Custom Rhinestone T Shirt

custom rhinestone t shirt

Topping the list is the custom Rhinestone t-shirt. This category of t-shirts has become a hot favorite among people as these can be customized according to your choice, for example, you can get your name printed on it. This is the perfect choice if you wish to present a gift to someone special. You may also see Aztec T Shirt Designs

Not far away, at the second spot, is the Rhinestone cross t-shirt. This t-shirt, which is black in color, has a beautiful cross, decorated with Rhinestones, embedded on it. This design is compatible with any color.

Next up is the wine Rhinestone t-shirt. This t-shirt carries a design of a wine glass, which is decorated with crystal clear, red and gold Rhinestones along with the tag Sip happens, which is also beautified with Rhinestones. This is designed for the females who wish to show off their bold and chic attitude.

At the next spot is the tiger Rhinestone t-shirt. This t-shirt has an amazing print of a tiger, the beauty of which is enhanced by embedding it with Rhinestones.

Red Rhinestone T Shirt Design

red rhinestone t shirt design


At the fifth spot is red Rhinestone t-shirt design. The combination of the color red and Rhinestones look simply outstanding. This particular t-shirt has some writing on it, which is beautified with the help of these attractive stones.

Rhinestone Skull T Shirt

rhinestone skull t shirt


Next up is the Rhinestone skull t-shirt. This is designed specifically for the fans of American tattoo artist Ed Hardy. This t-shirt, which is white in color, has the design of a skull, which is surrounded by roses and embellished with Rhinestones.

Angel Wing Rhinestone T Shirt

angel wing rhinestone t shirt


At the next spot is the angel wing Rhinestone t-shirt. This t-shirt category is specifically designed to lure the females. This t-shirt, which features the design of angel wings, decorated with silver and black Rhinestones, looks extremely feminine and cute.

Rhinestone Heart T Shirt

rhinestone heart t shirt


At the next spot is the Rhinestone heart t-shirt. This is one of the most popular Rhinestone t-shirt designs. If you are planning to go for a party, this t-shirt would be a great choice.

Rhinestone Paw Print T Shirt

rhinestone paw print t shirt


Coming up next is the Rhinestone paw print t-shirt. This t-shirt has a Rhinestone embedded paw print on it. It looks extremely trendy and smart.

Mickey Mouse Rhinestone T Shirt

mickeymouse rhinestone t shirt

Last, but not the least, is the Mickey Mouse Rhinestone t-shirt. If you are a cartoon lover, this t-shirt is definitely the best choice for you as it features the design of the famous cartoon character, Mickey Mouse, embellished with Rhinestones. You may also see Cut T-Shirt Designs

Rhinestone T Shirt for Men

rhinestone t shirt for men


Simple Rhinestone T Shirt Design

simple rhinestone t shirt design


Trendy Rhinestone T Shirt Idea

trendy rhinestone t shirt idea


Sleeveless Rhinestone T Shirt

sleeveless rhinestone t shirt


Red Heart Rhinestone T Shirt

red heart rhinestone t shirt

Rhinestones can also be used as an alternate choice for sequins. Rhinestones, which come in variable shapes and sizes, can be embedded on the clothes either with the help of the glue at the back of the stone or by ironing the stone onto the cloth. Some other hot favorites are the cut t-shirt designs, which are perfect for the summer, music t-shirts, designed according to your taste in music and psychedelic t-shirts. If you wish to add the extra touch of glamour to your clothes, Rhinestones are undoubtedly, the perfect choice.

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