Galaxy designs are all the rage today. These psychedelic T-shirts are popular at music festivals or a casual night out with friends. The colorful cosmic swirls serve as the canvas on which the starry sky can be portrayed and who wouldn’t want to sport a T-shirt with a depiction of this breathless picture. The Galaxy design is also one of the hottest DIY designs available today. They come in gazillion different designs and you can find one that you can rock in with the help of our little guide.

Galaxy Cross T Shirt

galaxy cross t shirt

This galaxy-mised T-shirt design is retro and casual. Paired with simple blue denim and a long silver chain; this T-shirt design can give you the look of casual coolness.

Galaxy Space T Shirt

galaxy space t shirt1

With a sci-fi-esque mystical design, this print is suitable for both men and women. The use of bright colors that tend to pop out; like purple lend a dominant quality to this design.

Custom Galaxy T Shirt

custom galaxy t shirt

This custom design, best suited for men, features a different pattern of the galaxy than the brightly colored cosmic swirls. Edgy and brooding are two words that describe this design and its perfect for a night out with friends. Let this design do all the talking for you!

Galaxy Heart T Shirt

galaxy heart t shirt

Suitable for both men and women, this design features a psychedelic twist to the traditional “heart on a T-shirt” design. Pair this T-shirt with a black leather jacket or wear it solo and stand out with this expressive trend.

V Neck Galaxy T Shirt

v neck galaxy t shirt

Perfect for a woman’s workout session, this T-shirt offers comfort minus the boring design of usual workout-wear. This can also be worn for a casual outing over a pair of dark denim or track pants.

Galaxy Stars T Shirt

galaxy stars t shirt

This design is best suited for men and is steeped in infectious creativity. This T-shirt is a definite head-turner.

Galaxy Mickey Mouse T Shirt

galaxy mickey mouse t shirt

Unique Galaxy T Shirt

unique galaxy t shirt

Galaxy Moon T Shirt Idea

galaxy moon t shirt idea

Galaxy Baseball T Shirt

galaxy baseball t shirt

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