Pattern designs can be useful in many different ways. They can be used for decorating and covering walls, mobile phone covers, laptop covers, scrapbooks, etc. You can also print these designs onto fabric in order to get beautiful t-shirts, bags, handkerchiefs, scarfs, bandanas, etc. The applications are endless. Few designs are as popular or well-known as classic patterns. These patterns like the floral pattern have stood the test of time and remained popular.The list below gives you 10 classic designs.

Seamless Classic Pattern Design

seamless classic pattern design1

This pattern is both bright and beautiful. The stunning pattern matches the beautiful lavender color to give you a design that can be used on the wallpaper to brighten up any room.

Classic Black and White Patterns

classic black and white patterns

There are few things more eye-catching and also more vintage than a black and white pattern. Set against a black background the white oriental design almost shines. This is a classic that would look very good on a phone or laptop cover.

Classic Geometric Pattern Design

classic geometric pattern design

This pattern is extremely beautiful and eye catching. The wavy lines make the geometric patterns seem to be almost in motion. There is an illusionary charm to this pattern. It seems like water flowing endlessly on.

Vintage Classic Pattern

vintage classic pattern

This pattern is very old and yet very popular. It is excellent for use on wallpaper or china. There are many different elements that go together to make this pattern great. The contrast between the straight paths and the curved designs makes this pattern stand out.

Classic Orthodox Pattern

classic orthodox pattern

This pattern is very complex. It has a sophisticated and regal feel to it. You can print this on fabric and use it as a tapestry to take the look of any room to the next level.

Traditional Classic Pattern

traditional classic pattern

This pattern is extremely intricate and beautiful. The beautiful Thai motif is very complex and eye catching. The contrast between the black background color and the bright color of the motif makes this pattern even more stunning. This pattern can be used on a t-shirt or on any piece of fabric to make funky accessories as well. It can be printed onto a carpet as well.

Classic Victorian Pattern

classic victorian pattern

This is a classic pattern from the Victorian era. There is a lot of detailing and yet it looks simple and without too much fuss or frills. This pattern is extremely sophisticated and beautiful. This pattern can be used on a t-shirt or to decorate a scrapbook.

Classic Seamless Yellow Pattern

classic seamless yellow pattern

This pattern will immediately catch your eye as soon as you walk into the room. The contrast between the blue and yellow colors makes this pattern look even brighter. The detailing in this pattern is complex, intricate and beautiful. This pattern can be used on bags or other accessories.

Classic Floral Pattern

classic floral pattern

This pattern has a soft, soothing and delicate feel to it. The beautiful floral motifs are set against soft and pretty colors like baby pink, white and brown. The muted colors lend a soft aura to this pattern. This pattern would look very beautiful on china or on the wallpaper of a nursery.

Gorgeous Classic Pattern

gorgeous classic pattern

Elegant Classic Floral Pattern

elegant classic floral pattern

Blue Classic Pattern

blue classic pattern

Vintage Classic Ornament Seamless Pattern

vintage classic ornament seamless pattern

Classic Vector Seamless Pattern

classic vector seamless pattern

Delicate Classic Seamless Pattern

delicate classic seamless pattern

Navy Blue Classic Fabric Pattern Design

navy blue classic fabric pattern design

High Quality Classic Patterns

high quality classic patterns

Classic patterns like check patterns can never go out of style because of their endless charm and beauty. You can never go wrong with your decorating projects if you use these patterns. Moreover as illustrated above there is a wide variety to choose from. You are only limited by your own imagination.

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