Patterns and designs have such countless applications nowadays. These patterns can be used to decorate any surface and make it look much more beautiful. You can decorate your book covers, your laptop cover, create a beautiful poster or even print the pattern onto a t-shirt. It is so easy to print beautiful repetitive patterns on any surface nowadays that the applications of these designs are endless. You are only limited by your own imagination. Repetitive patterns are especially beautiful because their symmetry lends a hypnotic feel to these designs. Moreover, you can choose from a very wide variety of options when it comes to these patterns.

There are many different variations when it comes to repetitive patterns. Ten of the most common and essential ones are listed below.

Seamless Repetitive Pattern

seamless repetitive pattern

This type of pattern is very commonly found in Japanese art and designs. It is popular because of the soothing and calming effect this type of simple and seamless design has on the mind.

Decorative Floral Repetitive Pattern

decorative floral repetitive pattern

This type of pattern is especially popular in embroidery and for decorating clothes, handkerchiefs, scarves, etc. The beautiful flowers found in this type of pattern look bright and appealing.

Black and White Repetitive Pattern

black and white repetitive pattern

This type of pattern usually has tribal or Aztec motifs on it. This type of pattern is very popular among the younger generation due to the edgy feel of the tribal motifs.

Repetitive Geometric Pattern

repetitive geometric pattern

This type of pattern is simple and easy to create. This does not mean that it is not a stunning pattern. You can use a wide range of colors and this type of pattern affords you a lot of freedom.

Abstract Repetitive Design Pattern

abstract repetitive design pattern

This type of pattern has a very artistic feel to it. You can use any element or thing and render it abstract and beautiful. The design below uses the motif of a peacock’s tail, for example.

Black Stars Repetitive Patterns

black stars repetitive pattern

This type of pattern is a classic and can never go out of style. You can print it onto any surface and make the stars big or small but black stars always look good. It can very commonly be seen on bags, bandanas, and flags. It has an edgy and young feel to it.

Abstract Seamless Pattern

abstract seamless pattern1

This type of pattern is one of the most difficult types of patterns to reproduce. It looks stunning on any surface, especially on clothes. There is a definite boho or otherworldly feel to this type of pattern. It is bound to leave you feeling speechless.

Classic Vintage Pattern Design

classic vintage pattern design

This type of pattern design is a tried and tested classic. It looks extremely elegant. You can use this pattern as wallpaper or on your china. It can lend a sophisticated look to any surface it is printed on. It is a truly stunning vintage design.

Layered Retro Seamless Pattern

layered retro seamless pattern

This type of design is called retro since it is very bright and colorful. The layers almost create a stunning optical illusion. It has a certain 3D feel to it.

High Resolution Floral Repetitive Pattern

high resolution floral repetitive pattern

This type of pattern is elegant and restrained. It does not scream for attention and is sophisticated, charming and beautiful.

Vintage Repeating Patterns

vintage repeating patterns

Blue Geometric Wave Pattern

blue geometric wave pattern

Arabic Repetitive Seamless Pattern

arabic repetitive seamless pattern

High Quality Thai Repetitive Pattern

high quality thai repetitive pattern

Stars and Stripes Patterns

stars and stripes patterns

Roses Seamless Pattern

roses seamless pattern

Seamless Traditional Floral Polish Pattern

seamless traditional floral polish pattern

The list of different types of repetitive patterns given above is sure to help you in your next project. This list covers a wide range of different types of patterns, from the retro to the elegant, from the black and white to the colorful, from the tribal to the floral. You can choose any of the delightful patterns given above and create a masterpiece for everyone to admire.

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