Cake patterns make the perfect visuals when it comes to designing products and materials targeted towards the younger audience. Whether you are looking to spruce up the design of your cake shop or just want to make the perfect greeting card for your kid, here are some unique cake patterns to use. Use these patterns individually or in combination to make a delicious visual. The application ranges from web designing to dish pads for your dining table.

Photoshop Cake Pattern

photoshop cake pattern

If you love cupcakes, you will definitely like this vector pattern. Offered in a very high resolution, you can choose to use the full pattern or even cut out the cakes from the background and put them in your work. The cupcakes come in different shapes and are shown from all sides to create a unique visual.

Cupcakes Photoshop Seamless Pattern

cupcakes photoshop seamless pattern

Perfect for a bakery store marketing material, this pattern comes as an interesting design in fresh colors. The illustrations in the pattern depict all popular bakery items including pastries, cakes, hotdogs, pizzas and sausages. Whether you are looking for a poster background material or a table cover design for your café, this would be it.

Seamless Cake Pattern

seamless cake pattern

Cupcakes have been one of the most loved bakery products. Well, here’s a pattern that depicts some of the most colorful cupcakes in interesting shapes and toppings. This is perfect for any kind of bakery material.

Seamless Cartoon Cupcake Pattern

seamless cartoon cupcake pattern

Here are some big, bold and beautiful cupcakes that anyone would like to see! Use this pattern as your café design material and let the young ones ask for them! The interesting cupcakes depicted in this pattern will lure one and all!

Cake and Desert Patterns

cake and desert patterns

Now, this would be the perfect wrapping material design for any bakery shop. You can even use them to design the most beautiful and delicious food packet covers your clients have ever seen! Bright and cheerful, these cake patterns will certainly make your customers want more!

Seamless Doodle Cake Pattern

seamless doodle cake pattern

Looking for some seriously incredible cake doodles? Well, here’s a vector pattern which integrates illustrations that can lure anyone. The cupcakes here are offered in a seriously high resolution and can be used individually or as a full pattern for any type of bakery marketing material.

Black and White Cake Seamless Pattern Set

black and white cake seamless pattern set

From birthday cakes to interesting cupcakes, this black and white illustration includes it all. The pattern further comes with a checkered background, making it an interesting packaging / marketing material. Use it on your website or just have it as your table cover, the illustration will certainly attract attention.

Hand Drawn Cakes Pattern

hand drawn cakes pattern

Hand drawn illustrations are always unique, especially when you are trying to encourage the cake loving crowd. In this case, the patterns intricate some really delicious looking pastry arrangements and people will love seeing this on food packets and café table covers!

Cake Slice Pattern

cake slice pattern

Another unique idea for black and white / grayscale bakery pattern design, this one establishes the various shapes of slices they come in! The high-resolution background can be put into a range of applications ranging from hoardings to food packet covers.

Cupcakes and Cones Photoshop Patterns

cupcakes and cones photoshop patterns

This one is an ideal food wrapping pattern for any kind of bakery shop. The pattern has a lovely look to it and the illustrative details make it even more suitable for the job. High resolution and print ready, it eases your job to a great extent.

Cupcake Seamless Pattern

cupcake seamless pattern

Brown Cake Seamless Pattern

brown cake seamless pattern

Fruit Cupcake Pattern

fruit cupcake pattern

Candy and Cake Seamless Pattern

candy and cake seamless pattern

Free Cake and Desert Vector Pattern

free cake and desert vector pattern

Retro Cupcake Seamless Pattern

retro cupcake seamless pattern

Colorful Cake Slice Seamless Pattern

colorful cake slice seamless pattern

Sweet Cake Pattern

sweet cake pattern

Fancy Cake Repeat Pattern

fancy cake repeat pattern

We hope you like our cake Photoshop patterns. The application of these designs varies according to the creativity of the designer but we can surely say that they will always be an asset. We would definitely like to see how you choose to use them! Do share your pictures with us.

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