While there are a few people who want to gift a warm and lovely quilt to someone special, most people look for baby quilt patterns for beginners which can be easily knitted. From small quilts for protecting your little ones when they move around in their pram to crib quilts which are meant to snuggle the baby up while they are asleep, this collection has it all.

If you want to learn patchwork baby quilt patterns, the quilt can serve to be your canvas where you can make mistakes and undo them. Since these are very small in size, it would not intimidate you to give a try. There are many free baby quilt patterns easy which are easy to learn and master the techniques and intricacies in a quilt block. Browse through this set of lovely quilts and download them for an inspiration to knit a quilt for your little bunch of joy!

Penguin Baby Quilt Background

penguin baby quilt pattern

PDF Quilt Pattern Bundle

pdf quilt pattern bundle

This one has an endearing look with a cute combination of soft colors. With yellow, green, off-white and loads of pink, this quilt makes a compliment piece for your darling daughter.

Modern Vintage Quilt Design

modern vintage quilt pattern

This free baby quilt patterns easy needs no expertise in making it. Just grab small pieces of cloth with bright contrasting colors and start sewing them on a plain quilt. Your vintage quilt is ready!

Layer Cake Quilt Background

layer cake quilt pattern

This patchwork baby quilt pattern has all the colors you can think of. Perfect for personal use or presenting on a baby shower, this cutesy quilt will ensnare everyone with its delightful beauty.

Zig Zag Quilt Pattern

zig zag quilt pattern

This quilt pattern is very easy to make with elongated pieces of cloth stitched on a plain quilt with a zigzag pattern. You can make this quilt and present to a small baby.

Modern Quilt Relish Pattern

modern quilt relish pattern

String piecing is very exciting and a practical way of using every little scrap of fabric. Add this modern baby quilt pattern to your kids’ room to create a stylish look.

Quick and Easy Quilt Patterns

quick and easy quilt patterns

This interactive baby quilt pattern for beginners is very easy to make. It is light-weight and gets dried very easily. If you are looking for a good gift for any upcoming baby shower event, you can consider this.

Big & Bold Baby Quilt Pattern

big bold baby quilt pattern

This modern baby quilt pattern is a classic design that joins pieces of fabric together to give a cozy, snug feel. You can make it more appealing by choosing big pieces of bright colored clothes.

Heart Baby Quilt Patterns

heart baby quilt patterns

This piece is really adorable with cute hearts of different patterned fabrics stitched on a plain white quilt. No matter how many quilts your baby has, this one needs to be added soon.

Rag Quilt pattern

rag quilt pattern

This quilt is really unique in its appeal because it has pieces of clothes stitched on a plain quilt in such a way that one side of the fabric is kept unstitched to proffer a rag-like feel.

Boxy Rings Baby Quilt Pattern

boxy rings baby quilt pattern

Are you looking for a stylish baby quilt patterns for boys and girls? This appealing quilt pattern made with various shades of green with little dots on square boxes will surely captivate your attention.

Baby Girl Blanket

baby girl blanket

This can be called the sweetest patchwork baby quilt pattern with whites and pinks and frilled at the edges. Perfect for your baby girl, this quilt is very easy to make and can be used on a regular basis.

Duck Baby Quilt Pattern

duck baby quilt pattern

Baby Leopard Baby Quilt Pattern

baby leopard baby quilt pattern

Baby Quilt Pattern Cat with a Hat

baby quilt pattern cat with a hat1

Quilt patterns have been a quintessential part of a baby’s life.  When a new-born baby comes to the home, elders keep on wondering how to make modern baby quilt patterns for the new member. If you are one such concerned individual, these pretty collection of delightful and the stylish quilt will really grab your  consideration.

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