Are you working on a design project that involves using a hat pattern? A hat is always a special part of graphic illustration for fashion and related industries. If you are on a deadline and don’t have the time to design yourself a unique hat pattern, here are some fresh ideas from designers across the globe. From realistic hat patterns to cartoon like illustrations, we have tried to cover everything. We hope you get what you have come looking for.

Seamless Hats Pattern Design

seamless hats pattern design

Looking for the gentleman hats of the old days? Here are some old fashioned bowler hats that can meet your need of illustration and designing. Depending on your creativity and graphic requirement, you can choose to do a lot with these high resolution hat patterns.

Christmas Hats pattern

christmas hats pattern

If you are already readying yourself for Christmas promotional material, a hat would be among the first things you put your heart and mind to. Well, don’t waste a lot of time and resource coming up with a unique design for a Christmas hat pattern. This design offers a flat 2D rendering of geometric Christmas hats that can well be a background to work upon.

Vintage Hats and Glasses Pattern

vintage hats and glasses pattern

Looking for something retro in fashion related textures and patterns? Here are some incredible hand drawn glasses, hats, watches, smoking sticks, collars and moustache that can add a lot of life and uniqueness into your next graphic project.

Women Hats Pattern Design

women hats pattern design

If you have been looking for retro fashion accessories for women, here are some hand drawn illustrations that will meet your precise needs. Though illustrations, the color of the elements follows a strictly retro theme with all the characteristics of professional and realistic sketching. This would be an asset and any fashion blog and material designer would like to keep handy.

Editable Christmas Hat Pattern

editable christmas hat pattern

Another high quality geometric pattern for Christmas hats, this can well be an asset for a designer. With the Christmas nearing, this pattern can be put to multiple uses.

Hand Drawn Hats Pattern

hand drawn hats pattern

This one is especially dedicated to chef’s hats. For any cooking and related designing project, a chef’s hat can for a crucial part of the illustration / design. The vector illustration comes as a high resolution image and can be easily scaled to suit any size of print.

Black and White Contour Hats Pattern

black and white contour hats pattern

A unique collection of vintage hat patterns, they all come in black and white and will be a great asset to have handy. The files are offered in several sizes and will suit a range of applications, ranging from web use to hoarding prints.

Vintage Hats and Glasses Seamless Pattern

vintage hats and glasses seamless pattern

If you have loved our hand illustrated black and white sketch of retro men’s fashion accessories, you will also be surprised by this product. There, the same illustration comes in vintage colors and as editable EPS files.

High Resolution Hat Pattern

high resolution hat pattern

Lastly, a cartoon like representation of hats, glasses and moustaches, this pattern will be perfect for creating comic book like designs. Do notice that that the old man’s glasses come in various shapes and types. You have everything from aviators to single lenses used by watchmen!

Christmas Hat Gingerbread Seamless Pattern

christmas hat gingerbread seamless pattern

Witch Hat Halloween Seamless Pattern

witch hat halloween seamless pattern

Colorful Hat Pattern Design

colorful hat pattern design

Halloween Seamless Pattern with Candy and Hat

halloween seamless pattern with candy and hat

Woman Hat Seamless Pattern

woman hat seamless pattern

Mitten Hats and Gloves Seamless Pattern

mitten hats and gloves seamless pattern

Retro Hand Drawn Hat Pattern

retro hand drawn hat pattern

Cartoon Graduation Hat Seamless Pattern

cartoon graduation hat seamless pattern

Red Hat Santa Seamless Pattern

red hat santa seamless pattern

Funny Hat Seamless Pattern

funny hat seamless pattern

Black and Brown Hat Pattern

black and brown hat pattern

There’s no limit to the ways you can illustrate a hat design. However, we have tried to cover the most popularly used ones in this list. We would also be looking for your feedback on the above compilation.

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