With the new fashion, Paisley pattern has come back again in the early years of 21st century. The Paisley design patterns  resembles the twisted teardrop originated in India, but the western name came from a Central Scottish town, known as the place of origin of designs. The design is so versatile especially the fashion lover’s are excite to wear this particular Paisley materials.The sporting competitors at the Winter Olympics of 2010, are associated with this Paisley patterned trousers as their uniforms by the Azerbaijan team. In a jiff this was recognized as the part of winter sports event that took place in the pattern long back on the fashion map.

Bright Paisley Pattern Design

Hand Drawn Paisley Pattern

Photoshop Paisley Pattern

The popular exhilarated US golfing star John Daly took the fairway of 2009 PGA Championships in a pair of brightly colored purple paisley patterned golfing trousers.This trend for Paisley pattern declined unfortunately somewhat in the early stages of the 20th century. Anyhow, this also experience many raises over the years. During 1960s, this became the vital part of menswear, with everything from paisley patterned shirts and ties being used and loved by shrew-ding the gentlemen as keen to get in to the fashion trend. You may also see Ethnic Patterns

Grunge Paisley Pattern Design

Autumn Paisley Pattern

Decorative Paisley Pattern

A lot variations of paisleys are printed on different materials.  The most prominent and preferred paisley patterns are seen as Cushion selections, Lampshade selection and Tableware selection, clothing and apparels, website background, scrapbooks, wallpapers as few among them. You may also see Classic Patterns

Geometric Paisley Pattern

Seamless Paisley Pattern Design

Traditional Paisley Pattern

Abstract Paisley Pattern Design

Blue Paisley Pattern

Star Paisley Pattern

Yellow Paisley Pattern Design

Red Paisley Pattern Design

Black and White Paisley Pattern

Colorful Paisley Pattern

High Resolution Paisley Pattern

Elegant Seamless Paisley Pattern

Orient Paisley Pattern

Grey Paisley Pattern Design

Parsley patterns with its interesting and miscellaneous history reflects the multi-culture with no means of a new phenomenon experience to get popularity with its ups and downs. Always assured a place in the heart of the local population of Paisley itself in reaching its audiences of fashion’s and design buffs to strive in exhibiting their own, will goes through this most traditional and beautiful patterns.

Even though the pattern has experienced many ups and downs over the years and also the style has changed, this will never disappear and always has a place somewhere in the fashion lover’s armoires.

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