Background designs are meant to accentuate what’s in the front of them while adding style and character to the project. Black might be considered as a very dramatic color, however it is a classic choice for many graphic designers since it can look elegant and sophisticated. In case you are searching for some inspiration for your upcoming projects, take a look at our collection of black background designs to find why black is always fashionable. You may also See Blue Background Designs

Black Glitter Backgrounds

Whether it’s about small stars in glitter or a scattering of glitter on the black background you can find the most amazing designs in psd, pdf and jpg format files. You can have one that has customizable properties in order to adjust the size of the background accordingly.

black glitter backgrounds

Black Grunge Backgrounds

Rust, wood, concrete, scratches and smudges are the main features in black grunge backgrounds. You can find a multitude of background designs following this style to use in web sites, blogs, magazines and book covers. Available in jpg, eps and psd for easy to customize process to help you edit.

black grunge backgrounds

Black Wood Backgrounds

Wood has a natural feeling that can get an elegant makeover when it come is black tones. You can find a great variety of black wood background designs that will allow you to style blogs, web sites, invitations and smartphone apps. Available in almost every known format with editable properties.

black wood backgrounds

Black Lace Background Designs

Black lace is always elegant and glamorous no matter where you see it. Bring out the most sophisticated style with a black lace background. It’s suitable for many digital and printable designs and comes in a great variety of jpg, png and psd format files to use in many projects.

black lace background designs

Black Marble Backgrounds

Black marble designs can be considered bold for many projects. Their designs have strong lines that create intricate and abstract pattern that draws and catches the eye. These designs are suitable for greeting cards, blogs and websites and are available in every format file that allows easy and fast customization.

black lace background designs

Black Smoke Backgrounds

Smoke designs have a charming look that looks mesmerizing in black background designs. The available designs come in jpg, psd and eps format files that allow you to modify their size in order to fit on your project. Make sure you choose a background design in the highest resolution.

black smoke backgrounds

Floral Black Background Designs

Add a fancy touch with a floral design. Black backgrounds with grey floral patterns are suitable for corporate web sites and business card’s backgrounds while the colored version of the flowers is suitable for blogs and brochures. Choose the right design depending on the quality and resolution. You may also See Desktop Background Designs

floral black background designs

Abstract Black Backgrounds

Add a futuristic style in your projects with a black abstract background. You can find amazing designs that incorporate bright colors set on a black background creating the most charming designs. Suitable for magazines, posters, fliers and business cards, these designs are available in jpg, psd and png format files.

abstract black backgrounds

Black Galaxy Backgrounds

The galaxy has been a great source of inspiration. The multicolored galaxies take a vintage makeover with a black and white or black and grey approach. You can find amazing designs in almost every available format file and in fully editable formats that will allow you to resize them accordingly.

black galaxy backgrounds

Black Bandana Backgrounds

Bandanas have an incredibly vintage look that makes them ideal for web sites and blogs as well as greeting cards. Available in eps, png and jpg format files you can find amazing black backgrounds with paisley patterns that will spice up even the simplest designs.

black bandana backgrounds

Black Polka Dot Backgrounds

Polka dot designs can be overwhelming for the viewers. That being said, you need to be careful when you choose a design for your projects. These will look great on printed versions while in digital ones the dots should be sparse in order to avoid a cluttered end result.

black polka dot backgrounds

Vintage Black Backgrounds

Floral elements along with lace can give you amazing vintage designs for backgrounds. Add a touch of glamour with a black and beige background design to adorn a web page, a brochure as well as a greeting card. Available in psd, jpg and eps format files you can fully customize.

vintage black backgrounds

Black Swirl Backgrounds

Change things up with a swirl design for your projects. The soft and elegant swirls of black backgrounds are suitable for every printed and digital project, allowing you to create amazing designs. Available in png and jpg fomats to choose form you can resize the designs to fit your needs.

black swirl backgrounds

Black accentuates every color bringing out the most incredible designs. Combinations like black and white or black and light grey can bring a contrasting design that will make every detail shine through. In order to find the right black background design you have to consider the content it will have. Since black is already a heavy color you have to keep the content lighter in order to avoid a cluttered end result for the project. You may also See Tropical Backgrounds

Black background designs have a sticking visual appeal that evokes mixed feelings for viewers. From desktop backgrounds to web sites and brochures you need to find the right design in order to achieve a great outcome that will ensure easy readability no matter what medium is going to be used.

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