Father’s Day may only be celebrated once every twelve months, but it doesn’t mean that we should only honor them that often as well. Everyday, we should thank our dad for being the pillar in the family, for making the right decisions for our family as well as guiding us make ones for ourselves, for keeping our family strong and intact, and for everything that they have done to make our family the way it is.

We have an entire page full of background designs in celebration of this year’s Father’s Day. Go the extra mile in honoring your dad by really showing them how special they are by either setting this as your desktop wallpaper or having it printed as a banner or a poster design. Feel free to scroll down and check the background designs that we are offering.


Red Necktie Father’s Day Background Design


One story that I can think of from this background design—which may or may not be the same as what the artist had in mind—depicts a father who’s taking a break from working in the corporate industry. If one were to hang their tie on a clothesline and hang a Father’s Day message beside it, then they would really be surprised to see the note. If you want to symbolize that element of surprise on a background design, then this would be the most appropriate.


Chalkboard Father’s Day Background Design


For a background design that looks formal and vintage at the same time, go with this chalkboard-inspired Father’s Day background. The backdrop of the design is also slightly textured to make it appear as close to real chalkboards as possible. If you need an elegant black background design that focuses more on the typography, then this is the ideal choice.


Best Dad Necktie Father’s Day Background


Dads are very hardworking to provide you with what you need. Let him know that he is the best through this background design that requires no other explanation. This design bears an image of a blue necktie attached to a white collar with the words “Best Dad” on the opposite end.


Black Mustache Father’s Day Background Design


This Father’s Day background embraces simplicity both in the colors used and the design in general. This black and white background design focuses more on the typography which is the most important feature to convey your message to your dad, with an added mustache illustration to keep the design from appearing dull.


Blurred Green Father’s Day Background Design


Where To Use These Background Designs

There are various ways that you can use these backgrounds, and not just as a wallpaper design for your computer. Take a look at the list below to find out how else you can use these designs:

  • When making marketing paraphernalia, such as flyers, posters, or banners that are related to the occasion, you may incorporate these backgrounds to the design instead of having to search for texts, typography designs, or writing the text yourself.
  • If you are developing a website or a social media page, you may also include these to the design along with with other relevant features to add to the design’s level of appeal and creativity.
  • When you are creating attractive but simple do-it-yourself greeting cards, you can use these background designs as your cover page. There is no rule that these designs should only be used as a background. Be creative and use it anyway you want.

Colorful Father’s Day Typography Background Design



I Heart My Papa Father’s Day Background



Let your dad know how much you love them by using this white background design and letting the message pop out instantly. But just because you decided to use this layout doesn’t entirely mean that you won’t need to say it to them personally because you still do. Support your action by wholeheartedly telling them that you love them and that you wouldn’t be where you are if it wasn’t for their efforts.


King Mustache Father’s Day Background Design



Let your father know that they are fantastic and they are your role models with this bright background design. You may also use this design to symbolize your daddy’s role as the head or the king in your family. This design has all creativity, humor, and love, which are the best features that you can provide when making them feel special on this occasion.


Blue Textured Father’s Day Background Design



Facts About the Celebration of Father’s Day

  • Some countries, mostly in Catholic Europe, celebrate Father’s Day on March 19 as introduced by the Spanish and Portuguese people to Latin America. It is only when the U.S. made it official that the occasion be celebrated on the third week of June.
  • In the Roman Catholic tradition, wherein Father’s Day is celebrated on March 19 in worship of St. Joseph, they consider this day not only as a celebration for fathers but also for priests which are considered as “spiritual fathers“.
  • German fathers celebrate the occasion by drinking beer for the entire day at a beer garden.

Now that you have seen our Father’s Day background designs, go ahead and choose one that you want to use to honor your father. To provide you with the best quality designs, we looked at multiple reliable sources and picked out the best ones that were created by inventive graphic artists. So what are you waiting for? Download a background design now and show your dad how special they are.

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