Computer desktop backgrounds can help to personalise your computer, but can also help to organise and clear up the space on your computer so that you can keep your workspace clear and organised. There are many different kinds of backgrounds to choose from, so this list has put together some of the most beautiful and brilliant designs so that you can create your own space on your laptop and keep everything it its right place.

Fall Desktop Backgrounds

A fall themed desktop wallpaper design is usually a large image of a tree with leaves in autumnal colours. These designs are very simple and calming, so it is perfect for a work computer or laptop to help you de-stress.

Free Fall Desktop Background

free fall desktop background hq

Funny Desktop Backgrounds

A funny desktop design can come in many different forms of wording and imaging that aims to make the viewer laugh. These designs are a funny desktop design that can be used on both home and work computers and laptops.

Cute Funny Desktop Background

cute funny desktop background hq

Abstract Desktop Backgrounds

Abstract desktop designs are bright and colourful backgrounds that are perfect for a professional computer in order to aid focus and organisation on the computer space.

Abstract Light Desktop Background

abstract light desktop background hq

Beach Desktop Backgrounds

Having a beach desktop background design is very relaxing and is perfect for laptops and computers that are used for work to keep you calm and relaxed as you work.

Beach HD Desktop Background

beach hd desktop background hq

Space Desktop Backgrounds

Many space computer desktop designs are high-resolution images of a space galaxy. These designs can be used for any computer, whether it is used for work or personal use, as they are simple and clear designs. Those who are space enthusiasts can also use these designs,as it is an interesting and beautiful design to use on a personal computer.

Dark Space Desktop Background

dark space desktop background hq

Trippy Desktop Backgrounds

Trippy computer wallpaper designs are perfect for home and personal use, as they are a fun design in different colours and shades, giving it a very trippy theme. These designs are a more complicated and fun design than others on this list.

Colorful Trippy Desktop Background

colorful trippy desktop background hq

Flower Desktop Backgrounds

Many flower desktop background designs are a close up, high-resolution image of digitised flowers in many different colours and styles. These design give a very feminine feel to any computer desktop, so it is perfect for young women and teenage girls to personalise their computer space.

Simple Flower Desktop Background

simple flower desktop background hq

3D Desktop Backgrounds

A 3D wallpaper design is a high-resolution image. A 3D computer desktop design is simple and clear, so it is perfect for a workplace computer desktop, as it helps you to focus.

3D Abstarct Desktop Background

3d abstarct desktop background hq

Animal Desktop Backgrounds

An animal desktop background is a high-resolution, clear image of an animal looking at you from the computer screen. This image is perfect for a personal and home computer as it is a very cute image, which is popular with younger children and teenagers.

Best Animal Desktop Background

best animal desktop background hq

Vintage Desktop Backgrounds

A vintage themed computer background is another image that is ideal for personal use. These images use vintage postcards and other vintage items, such as a feather quill and a pocket watch to create the design. These desktop backgrounds are very feminine, and ideal for young women and teenage girls.

Cute Vintage Desktop Background

cute vintage desktop background hq

City Desktop Backgrounds

A city desktop design is a clear image of a city skyline in the evening, or night with brighter tones across the sky and the buildings to highlight their shape. These images are perfect for those who love to travel, but can also be used on a professional computer.

Awesome City Desktop Background

awesome city desktop background hq

We hope that this article has helped you to find some ideas and inspiration for the perfect desktop background, or even he background that you were looking for. We are confident that this list will have an option for everyone to find the perfect design for his or her computer to personalise and organise the space.

Desktop Background Importance

Desktop backgrounds help you to make your computer your own, and while many like to use personal photos and images, others like to use stock images to make their computer feel like theirs.

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