The color blue features in many graphic designs. It has calming powers as well as a subtle energy that looks refreshing. From the available background designs that can be found all across the web, you can find many of them incorporating blue color pallets with various shades and color tones. In case you are searching for a background design for your projects then keep reading for our collection of 20+ amazing blue background design ideas.

Abstract Blue Backgrounds

In most cases, abstract designs don’t have a theme or subject. They consist of lines, curves and shapes that bring together a charming synthesis of blue color shades. You can find amazing designs across the web in jpg, png and eps format files with customizable properties for resizing.

Simple Abstract Blue Background

simple abstract blue background hq

Blue Chevron Backgrounds

Whether it’s in horizontal or vertical alignment, chevron designs are charming and stunning no matter what color combination they have. In blue shades combined with white tones you can find incredible designs for greeting cards, web sites and blogs to use. Available in jpg format files that require minimum editing.

Blue and White Chevron Background

blue and white chevron background hq

Dark Blue Backgrounds

Dark blue is mysterious and fascinating at the same time. The available designs have a rich blue color that can border to night blue bringing amazing background designs for magazines, posters and brochures. Find them in psd, png and eps formats with editable properties to customize before use.

Cool Dark Blue Background

cool dark blue background hq

Blue Sky Backgrounds

The infinite quality of the blue sky is suitable for many projects. The openness along with the beauty adds a tone of freedom. Suitable for brochures, web sites and greeting cards you can find amazing designs in the web in all known format files and with high resolution.

Blue Sky and Ocean Background

blue sky and ocean background hq

Glitter Blue Backgrounds

A little glamour never hurt anyone. If you want your project to look impeccable then you can take a look at glitter blue background designs that are available in psd, png and jpg format files. Choose a design in high resolution as well as with resizable properties for easier use.

Dark Blue Glitter Background

dark blue glitter background hq

Grunge Blue Backgrounds

Choose a design with scratches, splatters or torn marks in order to bring a tone of grunge style. These designs are appropriate for business cards, posters and web sites bringing you a versatile design to use again and again. Find them in jpg and png formats with customizable characteristics.

Best Blue Grunge Background

best blue grunge background hq

Blue Polka Dot Backgrounds

Blue and white polka dot designs are cute and adorable. They are suitable for blogs, magazines and brochures, bringing a girly and at the same time bold power. With this background design you need to keep the content in a subtle tone in order to avoid overwhelming your viewers.

Light Blue Polka Dot Background

light blue polka dot background hq

Blue Floral Backgrounds

Blue flowers are not that common making the floral blue background look exotic and mesmerizing. You can find a huge variety of floral designs in every possible shade of blue. They are suitable for greeting cards, invitations, blogs and magazines while you can find them in every known format file.

Blue Floral Abstract Background

blue floral abstract background hq

Blue Swirl Backgrounds

Swirls have relaxing properties and when combined with blue designs they bring you wonderful backgrounds. Suitable for many printed and digital projects like blogs, web sites and brochures you can add character and style to your design. Available in jpg, psd and eps customizable formats to help you use them.

Elegant Blue Swirl Background

elegant blue swirl background hq

Blue Water Backgrounds

Water is a natural element that you can use in your projects to bring a fresh aspect. You can find many different designs of blue water backgrounds to help you style business cards, web sites and brochures. Find them in png, jpg and eps format files with full editable properties.

Blue Sea Water Background

blue sea water background hq

Blue Desktop Backgrounds

Desktop backgrounds can be found in a huge variety with different subjects, themes and illustrations in blue colors. You have the freedom to choose any design you like as well as to determine the depth of the colors. Available in jpg and png formats for easy use and fast resizing.

Anime Blue Desktop Background

anime blue desktop background hq

Despite the great variety of colors on background designs you will find very few that come close to the elegance of blue. Like black background designs, the subtle energy along with the richness in shading will give you the most incredible results no matter what project you are working on.

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