Background designs are the most important part of graphic design. They have the ability to complete a projectby connecting the rest of the project’s elements together creating a full synthesis. From web designs to simple desktop background images, we have gathered a collection of background designs to show you the best available.

Rainbow Background Designs

In case you want to add a tone of rare beauty in your project, you can use a rainbow background. You can find many different designs with this theme in psd, jpg and eps format files that you can resize.

Rainbow Chevron Background

rainbow chevron background

Rainbow Glitter Background

rainbow glitter background

Pastel Rainbow Background Design

pastel rainbow background design

Paper Background Designs

Paper background designs are sure to add a sense of elegance with a stylish approach. Paper can look traditional or modern depending on the backgrounds elements. It’s ideal for blogs and websites and can be found in almost every known format file, allowing resizing and full customization.

Lined Paper Background Design

lined paper background design1

Burnt Paper Background

burnt paper background1

Old Paper Background

old paper background

Flower Design Background

Floral themes have a tone of romance that is ideal for nature or women’s related web sites, blogs as well as in printable projects like invitations and greeting cards. There are many flower design backgrounds that have full layered properties allowing for full customization and editing to fit your needs.

Vintage Flower Background Design

vintage flower background design

Hawaiian Flower Background

hawaiian flower background

Pink Flower Background

pink flower background

Black and White Background Designs

Black and white backgrounds are perfect for any style. Their versatile nature is compatible with every project with eye catching characteristics. You can use it to add a classic look with a mystique quality. Available in most known format files you can edit and resize according to your project’s needs.

Black and White Striped Background

black and white striped background

Black and White Flower Background Design

black and white flower background design

Black and White Polka Dot Background

black and white polka dot background

Tribal Background Designs

Tribal designs have multidimensional nature. They can be used for their ethnic characteristics but that does not restrict the variety of designs in modern and industrial illustrations. These are suitable for posters, blogs and websites and can be found in eps, png and jpg format files with layered properties.

Tribal Aztec Background

tribal aztec background

Colorful Tribal Background Design

colorful tribal background design

Grunge Background Designs

Textured background designs can be considered a part of the grunge style. Hard lines, strong colors and sharp focus are the main characteristics that most times can lean on the retro side of things. Available in almost every available format file you can edit and customize your background to fit.

Grunge Paper Background

grunge paper background

Soft Grunge Background

soft grunge background

Blue Grunge Background Design

blue grunge background design

Abstract Background Designs

If you can’t decide on a certain theme then you can always go with an abstract design. These stunning designs are versatile and suitable for projects that have a modern and fresh perspective. It can be used in websites and presentations as well as in brochures, posters and fliers.

Lines Abstract Background

lines abstract background

Autumn Abstract Background Design

autumn abstract background design

Colorful Abstract Background Design

colorful abstract background design

Food Background Designs

Food themed projects need the appropriate background that will complete the look. You can decide on a food doodle background in black and white or you can go for a multicolored illustration. There are so many food background designs to choose from that come in psd and jpg format files.

Fast Food Background Design

fast food background design

Food Photography Background

food photography background

Music Background Designs

Music is a form of art. You can put this art into a visual form with the right background. The variety of music background designs goes from elegant vintage to modern abstract allowing you to choose the best for yourself. Find them in fully editable eps, png and jpg format files.

Instrumental Music Background

instrumental music background

Music Notes Background Design

music notes background design

Black and White Music Background

black and white music background

Funky Background Designs

Colors and geometric patterns are the key features of the funky background designs. The style has a strong 70’s vibe that gives a retro look for your projects. It can be combined with other styles to create a beautiful synthesis that will catch everyone’s attention. Available in most format files.

Funky Hearts Background

funky hearts on black background

Funky Green Background Design

funky green background design

Wood Background Designs

Wood is an all time classic material that has many uses. For this reason, wood has been introduced in many electronic projects like web pages, blogs and e-shops, as a background feature. You can find a plethora of designs in eps, psd and png formats with editable in size properties.

Rustic Wood Background Design

rustic wood background design

Dark Wood Background

dark wood background

White Wood Background

white wood background

Heart Background Designs

From Valentine’s Day cards to invitations and web sites, hearts can feature as background elements too. You can complete your project with a seamless design with hearts in different colors or sizes. Available in most format files you can edit and customize the background designs to fit your project’s needs.

Pink Heart Background Design

pink heart background design

Broken Heart Background

broken heart background

Red Heart Background Design

red heart background design

Butterfly Background Designs

In case you are searching for something that will look playful and lively then you can choose a butterfly background design. You can find a great variety of colors, shapes and techniques in almost every available format file that will allow you to edit and customize.

Purple Butterfly Background Design

purple butterfly background design

Butterfly Transparent Background

butterfly transparent background

Blue Butterfly Background Design

blue butterfly background design

Christmas Background Designs

Get your audience in the Christmas spirit with a Christmas background design. Red, white and green are the key colors that feature in these backgrounds accompanied by gold and silver for a glamorous touch. Every stunning design is created to give you a beautiful end result that will enchant everyone.

Christmas Tree Background

christmas tree background

Christmas Lights Background

christmas lights background

Red Christmas Background Design

red christmas background design

Black Background Designs

Black can come in many shades, motives and textures. This means that you can choose from a vast variety of black background designs with editable properties. It will give a classic and dramatic look to any project so you have to be sure that it is the style you want.

Pink and Black Background Design

pink and black background design

Red and Black Background Design

red and black background design

Black and Blue Background

black and blue background

Purple Background Designs

For a dramatic background you can choose a purple colored one. You can get a various backgrounds in shades of purple along with other decorative elements. Choose the best one for your project and go for it. Available in eps, jpg and psd format files that you can fully edit.

Light Purple Background Design

light purple background design

Purple and Gold Background Design

purple and gold background design

Snowflake Background Designs

Snowflakes are ideal for winter time. You can incorporate them in many projects like brochures, posters, blogs and websites. Available in most known format files, these backgrounds come in high resolutions giving a well designed look of high quality to every project. It’s also ideal for Christmas background designs.

Frozen Snowflake Background

frozen snowflake background

Christmas Snowflake Background

christmas snowflake background

Smoke Background Designs

Choose a smoke background design in order to create a mystique setting for your project. You can choose a classic design of black and white or you can get creative with a creative background in colorful and lively design. Find them in eps and jpg format files with editable properties.

Moving Smoke Background

moving smoke background

Colorful Smoke Background Design

colorful smoke background design

Black Smoke Background

black smoke background

Red Background Designs

Red is one of the boldest colors. Its shades and hues can give incredible background designs. For an out of the box choice, get a background design with strong vibes in red color and style your projects with eye catching designs. Available in most known format file with customizable characteristics.

Red and White Background Design

red and white background design

Dark Red Background

dark red background

Red Glitter Background Design

red glitter background design

Grass Background Designs

Grass background designs are suitable for projects related with gardening and related themes. You can get this design to style a web site or a blog adding a natural feeling. Find them in a multitude of shades along with other elements in fully editable psd, eps and jpg format files.

Grass Field Background

grass field background

Green Grass Background Design

green grass background design

Grass Transparent Background

grass transparent background

A background design is an element that has the power to draw attention to any project it features in. A well designed background will add a sense of completion. Moreover, the background will set the style of the project. The most popular background set ups are the full body background and the content background. These two can come in a variation of layouts, creating interesting and eye-catching combinations that draw attention from the target audience.

This collection of background designs is only a sample part of their use. You can use them in many other projects in both electronic and printed forms. In any case they can provide incredible results for projects as well as amazing ideas for desktop backgrounds for all your electronic devices.

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