The variety of wallpaper designs is enormous and ready to cover everyone’s tastes. We might be attracted to colors, however black wallpapers have a subtle energy that can bring you the most powerful and attention grabbing designs. Shapes, styles, concepts and ideas get a darker makeover that makes every project look incredible. If you are still hesitant about it then you are lucky because we have gathered a collection of black wallpaper designs to help.

Black Glitter Wallpapers

Black is an all time classic color that looks impeccable when combined with glitters. You can find a wallpaper design with black glitter to use for your desktop or your tablet screen. You can find them in high resolution files of jpg and psd formats that can be resized accordingly.

Black Glitter HD Wallpaper

black glitter hd wallpaper hq

Floral Black Wallpapers

Floral designs come in many different designs featuring roses, margaritas, lilies etc. You can have a beautiful design in black and grey tones or you can choose a trendy design with black background and colorful flowers to create contrast. Suitable for women that want their electronic devices to look fashionable.

Elegant Floral Black Wallpaper

elegant floral black wallpaper hq

Abstract Black Wallpapers

For a pure black abstract design you can choose a color combination that ranges from black to grey in a variety of shades and tones. However you can add a pop of color choosing a colorful or dichromatic design that will maintain or elevate the dramatic effect.

Simple Abstract Black Wallpaper

simple abstract black wallpaper hq

Black Wood Wallpapers

Dark wood looks elegant and stunning. You can find many designs in black wood with a variety of styles and tones to use for your desktop or your smartphone. There are also designs that incorporate various elements in combination with the wood. Be creative and choose the one for you.

Black Rustic Wood Wallpaper

black rustic wood wallpaper hq

Desktop Black Wallpapers

For a stylish desktop design you can choose a wallpaper design that has a unique and creative concept. You can find countless options for free or with a small cost that will style your desktop in dark colors. From a black cat design to a dark corridor to choose from.

Black and White Desktop Wallpaper

black and white desktop wallpaper hq

Black Metal Wallpapers

If the industrial style is your favorite one then you can have a black metal design for your smartphone screen or desktop. The available designs in black metal wallpapers cover a great range of designs and concepts that range from industrial to rustic styles in full HD resolution.

Black Metal Wallpaper for Desktop

black metal wallpaper for desktop hq

Black Galaxy Wallpapers

The galaxy can give stunning wallpaper designs. You can find incredible black galaxy designs that will look mysterious and infinite on your desktop or your tablet screen. Their high resolution come in full HD giving the clearest designs that look perfect on every screen. Available in jpg and png formats.

Cool Black Galaxy Wallpaper

cool black galaxy wallpaper hq

Black Smoke Wallpapers

Create a smoky desktop with the right wallpaper design. You can find numerous wallpapers with black smock on colored backgrounds or black background with colored smoke. No matter which concept you go for the end result is going to look sophisticated and elegant with a mystique quality that will mesmerize.

Black Smoke Wallpaper Download

black smoke wallpaper download hq

Black Skull Wallpapers

From a minimalist skull design to a skull grim reaper you will find a great variety of designs to choose. Black skull wallpapers might have an ominous look, however they can be stylish with the right design. Available in jpg and eps format files with resizing properties for all screens.

Scary Black Skull Wallpaper

scary black skull wallpaper hq

Black Polka Dot Wallpapers

From randomly spotted designs to designs loaded with dots you can find the most remarkable polka dot wallpapers. All across the web you will find these designs in high definition and resizable characteristics to fit every screen in jpg, psd and eps format files to choose from.

Black and White Polka Dot Wallpaper

black and white polka dot wallpaper hq

Black is a strong color. It can turn every concept into a dramatic setting. Most times it might look too heavy when it’s combined with other elements like text, however they add mystery to every design. Choose the right black wallpaper according to your personal tastes. You can choose a minimalist design or you can go for a complex one with various elements and concepts that will make your desktop look awesome and personalized.

If you feel like your phone or your tablet screens need a makeover then consider switching to a black wallpaper. Choose the right design based on your preferences and be sure that it will look stunning regardless. Bring out the dark side of things with a powerful and strong background design.

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