Wallpaper designs are a great way to create a certain design or theme within a room. Wallpaper designs can range from simple geometric print in order to make a room more interesting, or they can be printed in order to create a certain theme or design within the room. This list has put together a wide range of wallpaper ideas and inspiration so that you can find the perfect wallpaper design for your interiors.

Geometric Wallpaper Designs

This geometric wall design is a simple design that adds more defination and character to any room, whilst still keeping up a minimalistic feel to the room. This design is perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms in order to create a stylish look.

Abstract Geometric Wallpaper

abstract gemetric wallpaper

Geometric Triangle Wallpaper

geometric triangle wallpaper

Geometric Desktop Wallpaper

geometric desktop wallpaper

Vintage Wallpaper Designs

This vintage wallpaper design is classic take on a retro wallpaper pattern. The design uses cream and blue in an intricate, floral designed pattern and creates a very stylish, almost regal effect. This wallpaper is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms or simply to be used on a feature wall.

Vintage Floral Wallpaper

vintage floral wallpaper

Vintage Damask Wallpaper

vintage damask wallpaper

Vintage Rose Wallpaper

vintage rose wallpaper

Vintage Bird Wallpaper

vintage bird wallpaper

Flower Wallpaper Designs

This flower wallpaper design is a beautiful floral design that uses flowers, as well as the incorporation of butterflies and birds in order to create this beautiful wallpaper. This wallpaper is very feminine, and is perfect for bedrooms.

Rose Flower Wallpaper

rose flower wallpaper

Purple Flower Wallpaper

purple flower wallpaper

Pink Flower Wallpaper

pink flower wallpaper

Nature Wallpaper Designs

These nature wallpaper designs are a high quality image of a natural scene, such as rolling hills or running rivers. These images and wallpaper designs give a modern twist to natural wallpaper designs and can be used in any room of the house to create a beautiful and original feature wall.

3D Nature Wallpaper

3d nature wallpaper

Nature Flowers Wallpaper

nature flowers wallpaper

Galaxy Wallpaper

This wallpaper design is another high resolution, high quality image of the galaxies. This wallpaper design is perfect for a child’s bedroom if they are keen on the solar system and different stars, or could be used in a study as a unique wallpaper design.

Purple Galaxy Wallpaper

purple galaxy wallpaper

HD Galaxy Wallpaper

hd galaxy wallpaper

Nebula Galaxy Wallpaper

nebula galaxy wallpaper

Funny Wallpaper Designs

This wallpaper design uses the images of chimps pulling funny faces and bright colors to create a funny-styled wallpaper. This wallpaper is ideal for office space as a feature wall, as it brightens up the feel of any room that it is used in with the funny faces of the animals.

Funny Cartoon Wallpaper

funny cartoon wallpaper

3D Funny Wallpaper

3d funny wallpaper

Grungy Wallpaper

This grungy wallpaper design uses the images of murals, graffiti, and other street art to create this striking and bold wallpaper design. This wallpaper design is ideal for a feature wall in a teenage bedroom, as it is quite modern and creates a very bold statement.

Black Grunge Wallpaper

black grunge wallpaper

Blue Grunge Wallpaper

blue grunge wallpaper

3D Wallpaper Designs

This wallpaper is 3D brick effect wallpaper that creates the look of a brick wall for those who do not have a natural brick wall to incorporate into the designs of their rooms. This wallpaper is ideal as a feature wall in kitchens and living rooms as a vintage and more stripped back design for the room.

3D Moving Wallpaper

3d moving wallpaper

3D Animated Wallpaper

3d animated wallpaper

Abstract Wallpaper Designs

This abstract wallpaper design is a striking design that incorporates lots of different colours in an interwoven pattern. This abstract wallpaper design is perfect for adding to a study space to create a creative workspace, as it adds colour and depth to the design of the room.

Blue Abstract Wallpaper

blue abstract wallpaper

Abstract Art Wallpaper

abstract art wallpaper

Green Abstract Wallpaper

green abstract wallpaper

Black Abstract Wallpaper

black abstract wallpaper

Anime Wallpaper Designs

This anime wallpaper design uses the characters from Naruto to create a large, very realistic and 3D mural design. This wallpaper design is ideal for the anime lover, in a teenager’s bedroom, and many other rooms to make a bold statement.

Anime Girl Wallpaper

anime girl wallpaper

Anime Couple Wallpaper

anime couple wallpaper

Cute Anime Wallpaper

cute anime wallpaper

Animal Wallpaper Designs

This wallpaper design is a simple cream colored wallpaper with images of cartoon animals printed onto it to create a cute and pretty animal wallpaper design. This wallpaper design is ideal for nurseries as a gender-neutral design for those who many be waiting to find out whether they are having a boy or a girl, but still want to decorate the nursery.

Funny Animal Wallpaper

funny animal wallpaper

Wild Animal Wallpaper

wild animal wallpaper

Baby Animal Wallpaper

baby animal wallpaper

Trippy Wallpaper Designs

This wallpaper design is a very 70’s themed geometric design, the era that coined the word ‘trippy’. This design is ideal for use in any house and room as a retro statement wall, or to decorate the entire room to create a retro feel.

Trippy Weed Wallpaper

trippy weed wallpaper

Colorful Trippy Wallpaper

colorful trippy wallpaper

Trippy Galaxy Wallpaper

trippy galaxy wallpaper

Chevron Wallpaper

This chevron wallpaper design is a simple design that is perfect for a simple, minimalistic room. This design can be used in any room of the house, as it is very simple, but adds an extra level of decoration to any room that it is used in.

Glitter Chevron Wallpaper

glitter chevron wallpaper

Chevron Pattern Wallpaper

chevron pattern wallpaper

Glitter Wallpaper

This glitter wallpaper design is a gold glitter wallpaper design. This wallpaper design is ideal to use as statement wallpaper in a child’s room, a living room, dining room, or any other room to bring attention to a certain part of the room.

Gold Glitter Wallpaper

gold glitter wallpaper

Silver Glitter Wallpaper

silver glitter wallpaper

Pink Glitter Wallpaper

pink glitter wallpaper

Brick Wallpaper

This brick wallpaper copies the look of a whitewashed brick wall to create this simple and gorgeous wallpaper design. This wallpaper design can be used in any room of the house to create a stripped back design or theme.

Red Brick Wallpaper

red brick wallpaper

Grey Brick Wallpaper

grey brick wallpaper

Purple Wallpaper

This purple wallpaper is a purple coloured wallpaper with a lighter purple design etched into it. The design has a vintage style to it, but is also very subtle, making this design perfect as wallpaper for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms, in order to create an elegant feel to the room.

Pink and Purple Wallpaper

pink and purple wallpaper

Purple Glitter Wallpaper

purple glitter wallpaper

Camo Wallpaper Designs

This camo wallpaper is a simple camouflage design that is ideal for use in children’s bedrooms as a feature or design element. It uses all of the typical camo colours.

Hunting Camo Wallpaper

hunting camo wallpaper

Pink Camo Wallpaper

pink camo wallpaper

Camo Desktop Wallpaper

camo desktop wallpaper

Wood Wallpaper

This wallpaper desifn uses high resolution imaging of wooden planks to create the image of wooden walls. This design is perfect for creating a cabin style to a room or building.

Dark Wood Wallpaper

dark wood wallpaper

Black Wood Wallpaper

black wood wallpaper

Heart Wallpaper

This heart wallpaper is a simple cream wallpaper with pink cartoon hearts printed onto it in an even design. The design is also available in blue and is perfect for a child’s bedroom.

Pink Heart Wallpaper

pink heart wallpaper

Red Heart Wallpaper

red heart wallpaper

3D Love Wallpaper

3d love wallpaper

Cross Wallpaper

This cross wallpaper design is a simple white wallpaper with grey crosses printed onto the paper. This design can be used anywhere in any room, as it gives a simple yet modern feel to the design.

Holy Cross Wallpaper

holy cross wallpaper

Christian Cross Wallpaper

christian cross wallpaper

Jesus Cross Wallpaper

jesus cross wallpaper

How are wallpaper designs used?

Wallpaper designs are an important part of interior decoration. They help to create beautiful finishing touches to a room that paint could not. And, they allow for much more intricate room designs and themes to be created.

How are they selected?

Wallpaper designs are selected by carefully planning and designing the room in question; once you have decided what you want the room to look like you should then shop around to find a design that suits your image the best.

We hope that this list has helped you find the best wallpaper design for your room or project, so that you can create a really beautiful and complete finish to the room. These designs can be incorporated into any room, as there are so many different styles to choose from.

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