Through that wallpaper displayed on your desktop, you can express the person that you are. If you are one who loves monsoon, you have a wide variety to choose from.  Some of the wallpapers focus on the lush green trees, outcome of the rainfall. Others zoom into the tiny drops of rain that falls on the concrete jungle.

Below are some of the most beautiful images of the rain. Scroll down and select the one that refreshes you the most:

Rain Wallpaper for Desktop

rain wallpaper for desktop


The rain wallpaper for Desktop is just perfect for bringing in the mood of rain. Have it on your desktop and increase its appeal. It is available in different resolution and sizes to match the screen of your desktop. Apart from using it as desktop wallpaper, you can make a card or me-me with it.

Beautiful HD Rain Wallpaper

beautiful hd rain wallpaper


It’s not only for the humans, the birds and animals enjoy it too. This beautiful HD rain wallpaper is a perfect example of that. It is available in different resolutions for suiting any device you use. The color combination is black and white that makes this wallpaper different from others. You can also use this wallpaper as a theme.

Rain Computer Backgrounds

rain computer backgrounds


Flowers are beautiful and with drops of rain over them, they become a perfect image for rain wallpaper. Use the above wallpaper for any type of device or even for dual monitor. It is the best wallpaper that can bring in color to your computer. Whether you use a smartphone or tablet or have dual monitor desktop, rain computer backgrounds are perfect for any resolution. Use them as wallpaper or any other, whichever suits you the best.

Rain Drops Wallpaper

rain drops wallpaper


The collection of rain wallpaper will be incomplete if you do not have raindrops wallpaper. Rain drops on water have its own beauty and you can enjoy it only while it rains. Now, by installing this raindrops wallpaper you can recollect that feeling whenever you look at your desktop. Just click and download this beautiful wallpaper and refresh your mood with the images of rain, whatever the weather outside may be.

Raindrops on Glass

raindrops on glass


This HD raindrop on glass wallpaper is perfect for you if you want something appealing as wallpaper. It has vibrant colors and at the same time is available in a different resolution to fit any screen that you have.

Rose in Rain Wallpaper

rose in rain wallpaper


Love roses? Then this rose in rain wallpaper is just perfect for your desktop screen. Use it for any screen on any device and make the device screen look beautiful and enchanting. Rain has its own charisma and when it mixes with rose, the magic is in front of you. Choose any resolution to suit the type of screen you use.

Beautiful Rainbow HD Background

beautiful rainbow hd background


Rainbows are always enchanting and since childhood people wait to watch rainbow after a shower. You do not have to wait anymore, you just have to install this beautiful rainbow HD background. Suitable for any resolution make every moment better by installing this HD background.

Rain HD Desktop Wallpaper

rain hd desktop wallpaper


There is no doubt that some of the most beautiful photographs are taken during rain and this Rain HD desktop wallpaper is the best example of that. Choose the resolution that fits your screen and makes your screen appear rainy!

Rain Desktop wallpaper

rain desktop wallpaper


Bring color to your screen with this rain desktop wallpaper. Use it for your computer desktop or for tablets screen, it is the perfect choice for one who loves the rain.

Dark HD Rain Wallpaper

dark hd rain background


How lovely it seems when water sprinkles after rain. This HD rain dark wallpapers are the perfect examples of that. Get it for your desktop and make it look inexplicable.

Beautiful Music Notes Wallpaper

beautiful music notes wallpaper


Falling Rain with Leaf’s Background

falling rain with leafs background


Nature Rain Wallpaper for Desktop

nature rain wallpaper for desktop


Awesome Rain with Sparkles Background

awesome rain with spakles background


Rain with Dark Background

rain with dark background


Amazing Rain Drop Background

amazing rain drop background


Girl in Rainy Night Wallpaper

girl in rainy night wallpaper


Pretty Birds Rain Wallpaper

pretty birds rain wallpaper


Cute Rain in Mirror Background

cute rain in mirror background


Flowers in Rain Desktop Wallpaper

flowers in rain desktop wallpaper


High Resolution HD Rain Wallpaper

high resolution hd rain wallpaper


Be it drizzling or raining cats and dogs, whatever form the rain takes it never fails to impress any. So choose one one of the image and beautify that boring desktop.

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