Splatter vectors are a favorite of many graphic designers as they can be transformed and scaled in different sizes without losing quality. Using these high-quality splats and drips you can create realistic paint effects, messy grunge texture effects and bloody effects for use in graffiti designs, fabrics, posters, cards, web designs and any other print work. Check out the following ten splatter and drip vectors that you can use to make your designs more interesting. You may also See Sun Vectors

Paint Splatter Vector Art

This paint splatter vector art is free, easy to download and install. It features simple yet striking black splatters in high resolution. The monochrome black splatter will look good on fabrics, web pages or as a background artwork decoration for those who love gothic art.

paint splatter vector art

Colorful Vector Splatter

Do you want to add a bit of fun to your design? Then this colorful vector splatter is perfect for you. It combines vibrant blue and pink splatters that will make your project stand out. It is free and easy to download. You can use it as a background, frame it as a drawing or a graffiti illustration.

colorful vector splatter

Ink splatter Vector

This ink splatter vector has a simple yet striking effect and is ideal for designers who want to give their projects a classic look. It features a smudge like effect that will look amazing as a background decoration or for web pages. This set includes high-resolution JPG file.

ink splatter vector

Grunge Stains and Splatter Vectors

Whether for use as a background or wallpaper, these grunge stains and splatter vector are eye-catching. It features one large black splatter with a shiny sun like objects. The two elements balance each other to create a vision of day and night.

grunge stains and splatter vectors

Splatter and Drips Vector

If you prefer ink dripping effects, then this splatter and drips vector is ideal for you. The black drippings are placed in an asymmetrical manner which further adds to its alluring effect. Use this design in clothing, posters and invitation cards. You may also See Building Vectors

splatter and drips vector

Splatter Ink Paint Splatters

This ready to use splatter ink paint is well designed and can easily add a dash of interest to your web page. It comes as a sprayed black ink on a white background and includes vector PDF, Ai, and EPS8 files as well as high-resolution JPG file.

splatter ink paint splatters

Splatter Vector set

Download this splatter vector set for free and edit it until you get a unique effect that will show off your creative artwork. The different splatter and spills will draw the attention of all viewers. You can use this set to create the illusion of blood spatter in murder or crime stories.

splatter vector set

Mud Splatter Vector

This splatter vector features an image of brown splashed mud and mud droplets. The image is of high quality, and you can download and print, and it will still maintain its high-quality design. You can edit this image to make it more attractive and to suit your project needs.

mud splatter vector

Water Splatter Vector

If you want a liquid splatter that will attract attention then go for this water splatter vector. This set has nine blue water drops in different shapes so you can choose any shaped design that you prefer. This colorful artwork will look beautiful as a web page background.

water splatter vector

Blood Splatter Vector

This blood splatter vector can be downloaded in different sizes from small, large to extra-large. It comes in 72dpi and 300 dpi resolution. Use this bloody red splatter as a web page background, on cards and fabrics. You may also See Star Vectors

blood splatter vector

Vector splatter is amazing when it comes to creating splatter effects that can be applied to any artwork designs. They are especially practical for illustrating different liquid splashes such as paint, ink, and blood. They are easy and quick to use and can help give your project a creative funk. So if you are a graphic designer, these splatter and drip vectors will meet your needs.

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