Animals form a very crucial and important part of web design and graphics. Earlier animals were represented digitally through caricatures and simple silhouettes and outlines, however, nowadays, flat vector animal sets are popularly used by designers. These vector designs are in demand because of the variety and options they provide and are trending in design use. The various types include: cartoons, caricatures, pop art designs, realistic animals and customizable options. You may also see Lion Vectors

Flat Animal Vector Set

flat animal vector set1

Cute Cartoon Animals Vector Set

cute cartoon animals vector set1

Some animals like lions, tigers, dogs, cats, giraffe, mice, penguins, cows, pandas and monkeys are the most popular ones used by designers. The flat vector animal sets provide the designers with a great scope to choose, experiment and make their designs look funky and fun. You may also see Cat Vectors

Flat Wild Animal Vector Set

flat animal vector set2

Vector Animal Portraits Set

vector animal portraits set

Dog Animal Silhouettes Vector

dog animal silhouettes vector

Funky Animals Vector Set

funky animals vector set1

Cute Dog Breed Vector

cute dog breed vector

Animal flat vectors can be used as icons, backgrounds, motifs and also as elements of design on web pages and other graphical sites. Nowadays, the trending vectors include those that depict particular characteristics of the animal through graphics like the owl and the cat! These vector give designers an easier option than creating it themselves.

Zoo Animal Vector Set

zoo animal vector set1

Cartoon Animal Vector Set

cartoon animal vector set1

Funny Animal Icons Vector Set

funny animal icons vector set

Forest Animal Vector

forest animal vector

Cute Animal Circle Vector

cute animal circle vector1

Cute Animals Vector Collection

cute animals vector collection

Animal Icons Vector Set

animal icons vector set1

Triangle Vector Lion Illustration

triangle vector lion illustration1

Flat animals vectors are also very popularly used while making designs and graphics for web pages related to children. This is because children are more than often fascinated by animals and therefore the designer can attract their attention by using these flat vector animal sets! Also popular and trending today is the use of these flat vector animal sets to make funky and animal-centric backgrounds like one with pigs or penguins throughout the page. You may also see Tribal Vectors

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