Have you been looking for unique bubble photographs? Bubbles make an interesting visual effect. Using curvature, light, colors and reflection to their advantage, bubbles are more than just spherical drops of water! Here’s a repository of bubble vectors that we have compiled for your unique requirements. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures and could be the precise thing you had come looking for. Check out the examples below.

Soap Bubble PNG Vector

soap bubble png vector

Placed over a glossy blue background, the soap bubbles here come in a variety of shapes, ranging from completely spherical to sausage and pug-mark shapes. These are offered as high-resolution vector illustration and available in CDR, AI, JPG and EPS formats. If you are looking to design a happy poster, here would be some of your picks.

Callout Bubble Vectors

callout bubble vectors

Are you looking for fresh designs to add callouts you your poster, magazine illustration or comic book? Here are some colorful bubble callouts that would be a fresh way to go about things.

Colorful Speak Bubbles Vector Set

colorful speak bubbles vector set

If, only bubbles could speak and make interesting faces! Well, they can! Here are some incredible speak bubbles that can be a part of your next magazine or comic book. A perfect material for designing targeted to the younger audience group, this vector is a worthy investment.

Chat Bubble Vector

chat bubble vector

This incredible chat bubble vector set includes seventy hand-drawn speech bubbles in a variety of shapes. Though the shapes seem to be inspired by the 1950 trend, the usage can be really unique and interesting. These call outs are perfect for logo designs, web layouts, comic book projects, clip art, typography logo and more.

Comic Bubble Vector

comic bubble vector

If you are into designing comic strips, be it online or in hard copy, here are some incredible illustrations of call-outs that you got to take a look. Available as PNGs, EPSs, and AI files, these bubble illustrations come in unique shapes, both geometrical and abstract.

Speech Bubble Vector

speech bubble vector

Here’s another set of colorful speech bubbles that would be perfect for materials for a younger audience. The call-outs come in interesting shapes and have been hand drawn with pen and ink.

Colorful Speech Bubble Vector Set

colorful speech bubble vector set

The speech bubble offered in this file involves interesting shapes for call-outs. The best thing about these call-outs is the use of colors, and gradients. The files are offered as AI and EPS files and will be compatible with most image editing applications.

Water Bubble Vector Illustration

water bubble vector illustration

Water bubbles are among the commonly used bubble patterns. However, this picture is made interesting by putting in smaller bubbles inside bigger bubbles! With a seamless blue gradient for the spherical border and realistic overlapping of colors, it can make a perfect pattern.

Vector Transparent Soap Bubble

vector transparent soap bubble

This soap bubble makes a really interesting sci-fi like effect apart from being close to real life experience. With a window for reflection on each of the bubbles, this vector illustration over a black background makes a perfect visual experience.

Colorful Speech Vector Bubbles

colorful speech vector bubbles

This vector shows an interesting way to include callouts. Whether you are into designing comic strips or web callouts, these overlapping callouts in different colors will be an interesting investment. The pattern is offered in high resolution and will be ideal for any kind of application.

Shiney Bubbles Vector

shiney bubbles vector

Glossy Speech Bubble Vector

glossy speech bubble vector

Realistic Soap Bubble Vector

realistic soap bubble vector

Speech Bubble Callout Vectors

speech bubble callout vectors

High Resolution Soap Bubble Vector

high resolution soap bubble vector

Simple Paper Speech Bubble Vector

simple paper speech bubble vector

Transparent Soap Bubble Vector Illustration

transparent soap bubble vector illustration

Free Speech Bubble Vector

free speech bubble vector

Blue Water with Bubbles Vector

blue water with bubbles vector

3D Speech Bubbles Vector Set

3d speech bubbles vector set

White Speech Bubbles Vector

white speech bubbles vector

All of the above make an interesting way to look at bubble callouts. However, it will definitely depend on your precise requirements and creativity in how these bubbles are used. We hope that you make good use of these. Do share your results with us!

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