While flipping through the glossy papers of the interior decor magazines, you must have thought about the artists behind those beautiful creations. Helping you make the dream of your perfect home come true, the iconic designers of all times have brought us pure masterpieces that are a reflection of their creative vision. In respect to the most loved creations, we have today compiled a list of 9 designers and their famous and renowned designs.

1. Philippe Starck

Starck is one of the most famous French designer known for a wide range of fields, from interior design to chairs to toothbrushes and electronic appliances. He was recognized after he designed the interior for former French president Francois Mitterrand’ s apartment in 1982.

The most important furniture pieces of the designer include Louis Ghost chair, Ero|S| chair, Bubble Club Sofa and Armchair, and La Bohème stool.

2. Jean-Michel Frank

One of the most celebrated designer and decorator of the 1930s, Jean-Michel Frank’s project includes decorating rooms with Picassos and Braques hanging on the walls. The designer’s circle included everyone from Parisian artists to socialites, Man Ray to the Rockefellers.

Although known as a minimalist, the designer created designs that were complex and generated curiosity and interest. He dressed the furniture and accent pieces in opulent materials like ornate mica screens, bronze doors and lamps made of quartz.

3. Karim Rashid

Rashid is known as one of the best industrial designers from Egypt. He has designed many products and has also been involved in fields like fashion, furniture, lighting, art and music to installations.

The Oaza Zdravlja pharmacy in Belgrade, Serbia can be considered as one of his most interesting interior design projects as he managed to make the regular boring pharmacy look beautiful and interesting by adding lots of smooth shapes and symbols.

4. Sister Parish

Designer Dorothy May Kinnicutt also known as Sister Parish was born in 1910 and after the Wall Street crash of 1929, Parish opened her own interior design shop in Far Hills, New Jersey.

Her style was a reflection of antique and she preferred to work with stripe, glazed chintz, quilts, hooked rugs, and overstuffed armchairs instead of formal antiques.

She is one designer who is known to have popularized American country aesthetic in the 1960s.

5. Dorothy Draper

Bold, colourful and vibrant, these are the words which define Dorothy Draper’s style. If you are too caught up in the seriousness of interior decor, try reading a page of her 1939 book, Decorating Is Fun!

With a balance of colour, bright ambience and a zest of life the designer reflected all in her projects.

6. Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola is a Spanish architect and designer and is a well-renowned figure in the world of interior design. With a number of unique designs and projects, one of our favourite works of the designer includes the interiors of W Hotels Retreat & Spa on Vieques Island, opened in Puerto Rico.

Urquiola, for the interior decor of the hotel, combined design with nature and made the presence and character of the hotel pleasant and welcoming.

7. Federico Delrosso

Federico Delrosso is one architect who has been in the limelight since 1996. Although he was interested in the design within the walls of the building, he did manage to become an exceptional interior designer.

He opened a studio in Milan and is well known for unconventional combinations with diverse materials, like combining concrete with wood, glass and iron and sometimes even all of them together.

8. Miles Redd

Miles Redd is one remarkable designer who used his experience as a set designer in incorporating different styles, genres in the interiors of the home. Breaking the stereotypes, the designer is known for designing the interiors of the home in a way that reflect the owner’s personality.

He was the designer behind decorating Oscar de la Renta’s home from 2003 to 2013.

9. David Hicks

Born in 1929, David’s decorative career began when an article about the makeover he did on his mother’s house in London was printed in a magazine. Hicks was known for mixing colours, patterns, and time periods of furniture.

Strongly against the precious and stuffy decorative items, Hicks was known to create cohesive looks that were clashing to the decor standards of those times.

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