Bubble nails designs are the latest trend that is all over social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Celebrities have also embraced the nail design trend with most of them showing off the gel nails and stiletto bubble designs. What is unique about these nail art is that you can choose vibrant colors to create fun rainbow nail art. So, before you underestimate bubble nails, here are some trendy designs that you will love.

Water Bubble Nail Art

water bubble nail art


Just like the name suggests, water bubble nails are short term nail embellishments that are created by suspending a decorated artificial nail in water. Since the water in the nails can harbor bacteria, it is suitable for adults only.

Blue Bubble Nail Design

blue bubble nail design


If you love any shade of blue color, then you are going to love the blue bubble nail design. Add more fun to the nail design by making a polka dot of different shades of blue.

Colorful Dot Nail Art Idea

colorful dot nail art idea


With a colorful dot nail art, you have the option of using your creativity to pick any color dots that you want. The trick to achieving this cool nail design is to consider dots that complement your skin tone.

Stiletto Bubble Nails

stiletto bubble nails


From Kelly Osborne to Fergie, celebrities love showing off their stiletto bubble nails. These nail designs are simple yet elegant, however, because of its sharpness at the ends; it is mostly suitable for mature women.

Blue and Gold Bubble Nail Design

blue and gold bubble nail design


Ladies, I know how you love combining great colors. The blue and gold bubble nail design use both blue and gold nail color to create nails that are both chic and trendy.

Bubble Summer Nail Art Idea

bubble summer nail art idea


To remain stylish during summer, opt for nail designs with shouting colors. While this design is suitable for teens who want to show their fun personality, you can further embrace the bubble nail idea by adding flowers to the design.

Red is one of those colors that portray your flirty side. By opting for a red dotted nail art for square nails instead of plain red design you are showing that you can rock bold colors with ease.

Watercolor Bubbles Nail Art

watercolor bubbles nail art


Do you want a beach inspired nail design? Well, you can opt for a unique watercolor nail art design that aims to bring out that beach atmosphere to your everyday life.

Glitter Bubble Nail Design Idea

glitter bubble nail design idea


Embrace glitters by opting for a glitter bubble nail design. What’s fun about this nail design is that you can choose any glitter color and combine it with a different color shade to create different nails for that special occasion.

Black and Maroon Gel Nails

black and maroon gel nails


Women love gel nails because they tend to last pretty long. So, why not take the bold step and get black and maroon gel nails whereby you will have the option of choosing either round, square or stiletto nail design. You may also see 3D Nail Designs

Polka Dot Bubble Nails

polka dot bubble nails


Yellow Color Acrylic Nails

yellow color acrylic nails


Beautiful Soap Bubbles Nail Design

beautiful soap bubbles nail design


Simple Blue Bubble Nail Art

simple blue bubble nail art


How to do water bubble nails design safely?

When it comes to bubble nail design the first step is to choose the length of the tip and the shape of the nail; after which you take from the aquarium nail kit and join the full and half well tip. Then, apply acrylic on the small size well and immediately place it on top of the full well tip. Give it a few minutes to air dry, then without touching the finger parts next to the cuticle, apply more acrylic on the sides of the nail. When completely dry, fill the open tip with embellishments of your choice, fill the tip with clean water and stick the tips on your nail.

While some bubble nail art can be confusing to some people, sponge nail art is one of the easiest techniques of understanding different bubble nail art designs. Well done right nail designs work to enhance the beauty of your fingers without compromising your fashion sense as well as your personality.

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