Nail designs is a creative form of art where one can draw or designs their fingernails or toenails. Nail designs help to keep your nails beautiful as well as strong and healthy. Tumblr nails design is one of the latest trends in the market. People like to make Tumblr nail designs for its simplifications.

Cute Easy Tumblr Nail Design

cute tumblr nail designs


College girls love to have animal faced on their nails. With the help of these nail designs, you can have cure duck faces on your nails and they are easy to be done too.

Floral French Tip Manicure

beautiful flower tumblr nails


If you are in love with the floral prints and you do not want to have the conventional floral look, then you should be opting for the floral French tip manicure.

Square Tumblr Nail Manicure Ideas

spectacular tumblr nail design


Anyone with short nails can use this shade to decorate the nails in the best manner. You can carry it on a daily basis and they can be done in a very lucid manner.

Stiletto Tumblr Nail Design

trendy tumblr nail design


College goers are like to use Tumblr nail art because its simple looks give an elegant effect. Teenagers are fond of glittering Tumblr nail art designs; they can add stones at the corner or in the middle of the fingernails, in Tumblr nail art designs. Claw and pointed Tumblr nail designs are perfect for a ramp walk or a fashion event.

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