Makeup design is all about creating beauty queens and/or monsters at the stroke of a brush. The concept assumes huge significance in films, television and stage activities and which teaches the make up artist the basic fundamentals of making up, developing a keen understanding of makeup products, facial anatomy and color theory. Makeup design is required to create classic good looks, explore the nuances of hair-styling, alternative glamour and out-of-kit effects. The concept of make up design also teaches you to define the character of an actor through hair-laying, bald caps, wig application, age makeup and advanced airbrushing. Then there are 3D make up techniques that teach you to create life-casts, sculpt and make molds that result in three-dimensional prosthetics.

Wedding Makeup Designs

This is undoubtedly for the bride who wants her eyes to be subtly lined, cheeks to be softly blushed and lips to be painted with a strong scarlet lipstick for that once-in-a-lifetime, beautiful look. Other designs include using pale pink for the lips and eyelids, brushing the eyes with shimmering brown shadow as also a dash of champagne eye color for that ethereal finish. For that gorgeous and gilded look, try applying a gold cream eyeshadow and then use a brown eye shadow over the eyelids. A light pink blush on with mauve lipstick completes the look.

Beach Wedding Makeup Design

beach wedding makeup design


Vintage Wedding Makeup Design

vintage wedding makeup design


Tribal Makeup Designs

Tribal makeup designs are used for numerous motives such as hunting, military and religious reasons or to merely camouflage or for scaring one’s enemies. Black and red dominate this design concept and natural things such as feathers, plant material and plaits are used abundantly to create the typical tribal look. White paint is also used in abundance to create intricate patterns.

Tribal Princess Makeup Design

tribal princess makeup design


Tribal Party Makeup Design

tribal party makeup design


Halloween Makeup Designs

These designs are for those who love their creepy looks and like to dress up as horrifying dolls, ghosts, zombies, zipper faces and clowns. These designs allow you to play around with your creativity and indulge in the bizarre! Skeleton looks, skull looks, witch looks, etc. That?s the Halloween makeup for you!

Halloween Witch Makeup Design

halloween witch makeup design


Scary Halloween Makeup Design

scary halloween makeup design


Halloween Zombie Makeup Design

halloween zombie makeup design


Mime Makeup Designs

The simplest of makeup designs, that helps convey a message when the mime artist performs. The basic makeup is a dramatic and chalky white canvas that dominates the artist?s dramatic facial expressions. The white color is applied first all over the face and then covered with grease makeup. The eyebrows are lined with black and red lipstick is used to emphasize the lips. The upper and lower eyelids are painted in black to emphasize the eyes.

Sad Mime Makeup Design

sad mime makeup design


Fairy Makeup Designs

Fairy makeup works for both adults and children. The accessories such as the fairy dress and wings are important. Color choices are aplenty but the makeup should at best complement the dress. The popular colors for fairy makeup are pink, blue, purple and light forest-green. An important element is the glitter which may be abundantly sprinkled all over the body and face, shimmering facial makeup as also rhinestones.

Purple Fairy Makeup Design

purple fairy makeup design


Eye Makeup Designs

Be it that hot smoky look or the crow?s feet around an elderly woman?s eyes, eye makeup designs concentrate on creating new effects to make the eyes look stunning. With endless eye makeup styles available today that use eye shadows, mascaras, eyeliners and other eye cosmetics, even the smallest eyes can me made to look larger, squints can be hidden and the cock-eyed may be made to look straight and normal.

Emo Eye Makeup Design

emo eye makeup design1


Crazy Eye Makeup Design

crazy eye makeup design


Clown Makeup Designs

These makeup design concepts are all about red bulbous noses, widely painted mouths and over emphasized eyes in white or shades of blue and/or black. Clown makeup also widely uses fuzzy wigs of different colors to add to the comical look. The frilly clown collar is a must.

Scary Clown Makeup Design

scary clown makeup design


Girl Clown Makeup Design

girl clown makeup design


Traditional Clown Makeup Design

traditional clown makeup design


Fantasy Makeup Designs

Fantasy makeup is all about extreme colors and vivid ideas. It?’s basically creativity at its very best. Limitations don?t exist here and ideas may be drawn from almost anywhere. The bright colors are mainly responsible for the visual impact and to portray the sharp contrasts along with the use of unexpected elements like heavy use of glitter, feathers and ornaments. Looks fabulous! Doesn’t it?

Fantasy Stage Makeup Design

fantasy stage makeup design1


Fantasy Halloween Makeup

fantasy halloween makeup1


Vampire Makeup Designs

The vampire makeup is done in three basic colors: black, red and white. Splotches of purple or blue may be added for the not-so-dead look. For that typical sophisticated and sleek vampire look, the makeup has to be applied precisely and more importantly, neatly, without ignoring the details. The red streak of trickling blood around the lip corner is mandatory as are the dark and sinister shadows under the eyes, the bloodstained lips, silver shadowed and heavy mascara on the eyelids.

Vampire Bite Makeup Design

vampire bite makeup design


Halloween Vampire Makeup Design

halloween vampire makeup design


Cat Makeup Designs

Cat makeup designs are for making you look like the perfectly gorgeous cat. The salient features are wine colored lips, whiskers, pencil-lined and long-lashed black eyes. The cat ears are also important and may be created from braided hair that is stiffened with hair spray and bound into cat ear like triangles.

Grumpy Cat Makeup Design

grumpy cat makeup design


Kitty Cat Makeup Design

kitty cat makeup design


Cheshire Cat Makeup Design

cheshire cat makeup design


Prom Makeup Designs

Bold lips, pastel blue eyeliner and metallic eye shadow are the salient features of this makeup design that brings about the super-dramatic look that teenagers pine for. For the ultra-modern look, metallic eye shadow may be used to line the lower lashes and then a green eye shadow may be smudged on the eyelids as also below the lashes. For the glossy-eyed effect, a base eye shadow may be applied and topped off with eye gloss. Layer it to make it last longer.

Silver Prom Makeup Design

silver prom makeup design


Dramatic Prom Makeup Design

dramatic prom makeup design


Flapper Makeup Designs

The makeup design for the 1920s look — startling eyes, pale pallor and scarlet lips. Cake mascara and kohled eyes, plucked eyebrows, cupid bow lips, mascara-enhanced long eyelashes and rouge applied circularly rather than angularly to give the moon-face effect. The moon manicure for the nails is a must.

Dead Flapper Makeup Design

dead flapper makeup design


Flapper Girl Makeup Idea

flapper girl makeup idea


Flapper Dancer Makeup Design

flapper dancer makeup design


Disney Makeup Designs

These are makeup designs based on Disney characters. For instance, the Sleeping Beauty look has the classic soft skin complements the pink eye shadow and blush on used on the lips and cheeks. The Disney villain wears blue eye makeup and pale pink blush on his cheeks. The mermaid has white and blue waves painted around the eyes and green shadow on the eyelids for that exotic Ariel mask.

Disney Princess Makeup Design

disney princess makeup design


Disney Character Makeup Design

disney character makeup design


Stage Makeup Designs

Theatrical or stage makeup is strictly for theater productions. Shading and highlighting are its special features that change the shape of the actor?’s face. Highlighting enhances the face’s features while shadowing adds depth. The highlight comprises base makeup which is about two shades lighter than the base. Shading is done for the eye sockets, to create shallow cheeks and minimize under chin heaviness.

Animal Stage Makeup Design

animal stage makeup design


Ballet Stage Makeup Design

ballet stage makeup design


Black and White Stage Makeup Design

black and white stage makeup design


Neon Makeup Designs

Neon makeup designs nowadays are indeed trendy among teenagers and leading models. Neon shades such as bright yellow, fuchsia, orange, aquamarine and lime are the major favorites that make your face stick out in a crowd. The most notable thing about neon makeup is that only one part of the face can be highlighted while the other parts need to be done with softer shades. Black mascara and eyeliner enhance its dramatic effect.

Neon Party Makeup Design

neon party makeup design


Neon Glow in The Dark Makeup

neon glow in the dark makeup


Peacock Makeup Designs

Create those exotic peacocks on your cheeks or around the eyes using peacock blue, green, black and white to hit the fashion ramp in style. The peacock?’s plumes need to be painted meticulously to create a dramatic effect and to show off the beauty of this grandly stylish bird.

Peacock Face Makeup Design

peacock face makeup design


Peacock Face Makeup Design

peacock feather makeup design


Glitter Makeup Designs

Glitter sure adds to the glamor and for the sparkly look, add glitter to blue, saffron or pink eye makeup. The smoky glittering makeup is also ultra seductive and here, purple or black shadows work best along with the profuse use of bold black eyeliner. Glitter makeup happens to be timeless fashion and upgrades the makeover without screaming out.

Pink Glitter Makeup Design

pink glitter makeup design


Funny Makeup Designs

Designed to make you look funny, these are outlandish designs, more for the likes of Lady Gaga. Use stencils to apply eye shadow bizarrely or paste lace on your face. Create that perfectly loony look with spiked hair, heavily kohled eyes and that crazy, crazy expression! It?’s a mixture of Halloween and avant-garde makeup concepts for that oh-so-different look.

Funny Face Makeup Design

funny face makeup design


Funny Joker Makeup Design

funny joker makeup design


Gothic Makeup Designs

The Gothic makeup design is both beautiful and dark to begin with. It stresses on the use of dark eye shadows, black eyeliner or black eyeliner as also black mascara. Black lipstick is also used as are darker shades such as dark red, maroon and dark purple.

Gothic Eye Makeup Design

gothic eye makeup design


Gothic Bride Makeup Design

gothic bride makeup design


Skull Makeup Designs

Create that typical skull-like look with dark shadows in black around the eyes, extended lips with white teeth sticking out in typical skull-like fashion and black holes on the skull if it is shaven to complete the skull look which is predominantly in black and white.

Sugar Skull Makeup Design

sugar skull makeup design1


Candy Skull Makeup Design

candy skull makeup design


In sum, makeup designs come in numerous shapes, forms and colors and leave ample room for you to play around with your creative powers. All you need is the perfect sense of proportion and color and the magic is bound to happen!

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