Prom being a memorable event in every young girl’s life, wearing a perfect makeup that suits the dress is very essential to create a complete prom look. The prom makeup designs can be done using various bright eye shadows, silver or gold eye shadows. The application of mascara plays an important role in creating magnetic eyes. The nude lip shade, matching or contrasting lip shades go well with the magnetic eyes. The other way of bright lip shades with lighter or nude eye shades also creates magical prom look.

Gold Prom Makeup

Gold makeup suits almost every girl as it brightens up the face. The gold makeup goes well with a dress which is simple and plain as this makeup compliments the dress. The gold eye shadow with maroon lipstick compliments any dress and makes any girl look utterly gorgeous.

Rose Gold Prom Makeup

rose gold prom makeup


Gold Prom Eye Makeup

gold prom eye makeup


Dark Prom Makeup Ideas

Dark makeup goes well with dark colored dresses and designer dresses with sequin work, pear work etc. The dark maroon, purple lipstick with bright eye shadow and highlighters accentuates and adds up to the party wear look.

Dark Lip Prom Makeup

dark lip prom makeup


Vintage Prom Makeup

Vintage prom makeup looks great with vintage dresses such as vintage look chiffon, satin or organza dresses. The light orange lipstick with light color eye shadow, the cherry red lipstick with lighter eye shadow goes well a vintage look dress. A hairstyle with side braids, a bob haircut with curls etc. add up to the vintage prom makeup.

Vintage Prom Hair and Makeup

vintage prom hair and makeup


Glitter Prom Makeup Designs

Any glitter makeup accentuates the overall look thousand folds. The silver, gold or blue glitter eye shadow with a nude or any light colored lipstick makes the prom night a special one.

Silver Glitter Prom Makeup Design

silver glitter prom makeup design


Pastel Prom Makeup

Pastel shades in lipstick and eye shadow goes well with pastel dresses. The pastel pinks, blues or oranges look great with pastel and matching makeups such as pastel pink lipstick and nude or light eye shadow etc.

Gothic Prom Makeup

Young girls love to shown their attitude and be  themselves. Going to a prom night in Gothic look is fun and a thrilling experience to may young  girls. The Gothic makeup looks great with Gothic dresses. The dark maroon lip shades with black eye shadow, the purple lipstick with purple eye shadow etc. go well with a Gothic dress.

Gothic Prom Queen Makeup

gothic prom queen makeup


Prom Makeup For Black Women

Dark shades of lipstick such as maroon with gold eye shadow, purple lipstick with purple eye shadow go well with anyone and especially with dark skin. You may also See Purple Makeup

Beyonce Smokey eye Prom Makeup

beyonce smokey eye prom makeup

Pink Prom Makeup Ideas

Any shades of pink either as lipstick as eye shadow looks very feminine and brings a soft look to the face. Either the pink lipstick or lighter shades of lipstick with nude or light pink eye shadow or the with dark pink eye shadow with glitter and pink lipstick add a lot to any girl’s beauty and charm.

Zombie Prom Makeup Ideas

Young girls and boys who love to show off their wild side would like to get have a Zombie makeup. The zombie makeup is usually done by using white, black and red face colors. The zombie eyes are created by applying lots of white, black to create ferocious and terror striking eyes. Lots of red color is used on lips to complete the zombie look.

Silver Prom Makeup Designs

Silver eyes with application of silver eye shadow or a combination of silver and another highlighter such as red, blue etc. would create glittery eyes which look great when combined with matching or contrasting lip shade such as red, blue etc. The silver prom looked is loved by many young girls going for prom as it changes the entire look of the person.

Silver Prom Eye Makeup Design

silver prom eye makeup design1


Black and Silver Prom Makeup

black and silver prom makeup


Dramatic Prom Makeup Trends

Dramatic makeup can be done by creating magnetic and dramatic eyes. Various shades of green, black, pink, yellow, gold, silver can be used to create beautiful and attractive designs around eyes. The eye makeup plays an important part in dramatic makeup. The lip shades such as red, purple, nude etc. can be used to finish the dramatic prom makeup.

Dramatic Prom Eye Makeup

dramatic prom eye makeup


Prom Makeup For Blue Eyes

The makeup ideas for blue eyes are infinite. It depends on the dress and overall look of the young girl attending the prom. Blue eye shadow can be used to highlight the eyes and lots of mascara can be used to create dramatic blue eyes. Glitter can be used in combination with blue eye shadow and black mascara to create magnetic eyes. Pink, nude, red lip shades go well with the blue eyes.

Glitter Prom Makeup for Blue Eyes

glitter prom makeup for blue eyes


Prom Makeup For Brown Eyes

Magnetic brown eyes can be created by using eye shades in copper, gold, brown shades. These shades of eye shadow go well with red, brown or orange shades of lipstick. The brown eyes when when accentuated especially with copper or gold eye shadows create a magical look.

Purple Prom Makeup Designs

Purple eye shadow with nude lipstick or matching purple lip shade create a gorgeous purple look. The purple eye shadow can be used in a creative way by drawing patterns in combination with silver or gold.

Purple and Silver Prom Makeup

purple and silver prom makeup


The eye makeup plays an essential part in prom makeup. Accentuating the eyes with bright colors such as red, purple, silver, brown, gold etc. create magnificent eyes. They go well with any dress. The selection of lip shades depends on the individual choice. They can go for nude, matching or contrast lip shades.

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