As we are getting closer to Halloween season the need to find a unique idea for this year’s makeup is really exhausting. But don’t worry, because we are here to give you a spark of inspiration for a cat makeup design alternative. Foxes are creatures that are famous for their smart instincts and their naughty nature. So take a look at this collection of fox makeup design ideas and get in touch with your foxy side.

Halloween Fox Makeup Design

Halloween Fox Makeup Design Source

This is a fox makeup look for a kids play. However, you can recreate it for a Halloween party. You can use a combination of red and orange colors to create a realistic one to resemble a fox’s fur. You may also see Tribal Makeup Designs

Funky Fox Makeup Idea

Funky Fox Makeup Idea Source

A fox mask for funky makeup look. You can choose a lighter shade of foundation to create the lighter shade in the middle of your face and you can use soft pencils in earthy red tones to create fur.

Kids Fox Makeup

Kids Fox Makeup Source

Kids love dressing up as their favorite animals. This fox makeup look for your little ones is perfect for boys and girls. The dark shade of terracotta along with the black lips and whiskers will look amazing on your kids.

Fox Cosplay Makeup Design

Fox Cosplay Makeup Design Source

Face painting doesn’t require professional skill. With a couple of colors and a makeup brush, you can recreate a cosplay of the fox makeup look and still manage to look remarkably perfect.

Cute Red Fox Makeup

Cute Red Fox Makeup Source

Instead of buying a mask, you can make it on your own with makeup. Focus around the eye area and create a red mask with a makeup brush. Add some fake eyelashes and get ready for a stylish Halloween party.

Fox Eye Makeup Idea

Fox Eye Makeup Idea Source

Foxes can inspire your everyday makeup look too. Use pastel red colors on your eyelid and use your eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and foxy. You can keep the rest of your face nude for beautiful pastel makeup design.

Fox Face Makeup Idea

Fox Face Makeup Idea Source

Create a soft look with well blend face paint colors. Line your eyes with black pencils and add some whiskers for a realistic result. You can also use a dark pencil to line your upper lip for a foxy mouth.

Fox Costume Makeup Design

Fox Costume Makeup Design Source

Use colors similar to a fox’s fur. Do a research about the different fox species and get inspired from their animal family. You can even look at a picture while doing your makeup in order to achieve an exact look.

Fox Animal Makeup

Fox Animal Makeup Source

Makeup brushes are your ally in these transformations. Create the fur with soft movements and strokes. Use wispy fake lashes to make your eyes look bigger along with bright eye contact lenses.

Lady Fox Makeup Design

Lady Fox Makeup Design Source

Use pencils and dark brown eyeshadows in order to create the contours of a fox’s face. It will give a snout like look that will make your look seem realistic.

Cool Fox Makeup Idea

Cool Fox Makeup Idea Source

Simple Fox Makeup for Women

Simple Fox Makeup for Women Source

Beautiful Fox Makeup Design

Beautiful Fox Makeup Design Source

Fox Makeup for Men

Fox Makeup for Men Source

Fox Face Paint Makeup

Fox Face Paint Makeup Source

Unique Fox Makeup Idea

Unique Fox Makeup Idea Source

Pretty Fox Makeup Design

Pretty Fox Makeup Design Source

Creepy Fox Makeup Design

Creepy Fox Makeup Design Source

Fox Fancy Dress Makeup

Fox Fancy Dress Makeup Source

Fox Ears Makeup Idea

Fox Ears Makeup Idea Source

You can focus mostly on the fur or on the eye makeup to achieve a fox look. All you really need is the colors and the tools to apply them. Be creative and use your imagination and you will create stunning fox makeup looks no matter what your skills are.

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