Halloween is nearby! While boys choose characters such as Spiderman, Batman or a cartoon character they adore, girls love to be a Cinderella, a Zelda or a character they like the most. Halloween is a season of parties and all the grownup boys and girls would love to show themselves in a different view altogether by choosing a makeup such as a witch, a skeleton, a ghost, a vampire, a puppy face as shown below. The cat makeup is as good as dog or puppy makeup.

Puppy Dog Face Makeup

puppy dog face makeup


This guy here with a puppy face dog makeup is looking all set to party. This dog makeup is done in shades of black and white. This can be tried by anyone whoever love dogs and would love to look cute.

Isn’t this girl looking unrecognizable as well as cute in her puppy eye makeup? This girl here chose to transform into a dalmatian puppy and she is successful! She used the colors of black, white and red in an amazing way and also used a white cap with ears and black dots to complete the look. Try this look, what are you waiting for! You may also see Wolf Makeup Designs

Halloween Puppy Makeup

halloween puppy makeup


Amazing! This lady here is really looking like a puppy. She chose the colors of white and black for her puppy makeup. Her wagging tongue with incredible makeup, she is ready to rock a Halloween party.

Dalmatian Puppy Makeup

dalmatian puppy makeup


This lady here chose a minimalist makeup to transform her into a dalmatian puppy. she is looking cute in this makeup and this simple makeup can be had for any party other than Halloween parties. Girls, try this makeup and rock in a Halloween party!

Puppy Makeup for Kids

puppy makeup for kids


Doesn’t this cute puppy here needs a hug! Yes, everyone agrees to that. This cute little girl looks adorable in a puppy makeup. The colors used are black, white and red for her makeup. Sweet girls, try this out makeup for Halloween, get a hug and lots of treats from everyone

This sad puppy here needs a cuddle and lots of treats! This lady here grabs all the attention with her sad puppy makeup. She used black,white and red colors for her puppy makeup and she is all set for a Halloween party.

This lady here looks all cuddled-up up in her simple puppy makeup with a touch of black on her nose edge and lips. This simple puppy makeup is suitable for any party or just for fun. Girls, try this out, sure you will get lots of compliments.

This lady here has gone to an extent of adopting the dog makeup and not just having it. She is looking fabulous and natural in her unique dog makeup with an additional neck tag. Girls, you can beat her with your makeup too. Try this out!

Dog Face Paint Makeup

dog facepaint makeup


This lady here went for a facepaint for her dog makeup and it works out! She is able to hide herself and brings out a different view with her makeup. This Halloween, try this look and get yourself lots of treats!

Black and White Puppy Makeup

black and white puppy makeup


This cute girl with her black and white puppy makeup is winning everyone’s hearts. Come on girls, try this makeup and win over your friends!

Easy Puppy Makeup Idea

easy puppy makeup idea


The puppy and dog makeup is the best to be had for Halloween. Along with Halloween, the puppy makeup very well can be worn as a prom makeup. Its not related to age and gender, everyone who wants to come out of the shell and try something new can go for these makeups. The Kitty Makeup and Wolf Makeup are also as good as puppy makeup.

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