One of the best fantasy novels ever, you can try on many thematic Alice in the wonderland makeup ideas. It could just be that dramatic eyeshadow in blue with a butterfly motif to surround it, or the lipstick, or even the hairdo! You can try this theme for Halloween instead of something gothic! This makeup is purely magical! You don’t have to go down the rabbit hole to take a peek into this fantasy makeup art. You can also classify this theme as a doll makeup design.

Try this makeup with a bunny hair accessory and some bunny markings on the face. Keep the rest of the makeup simple. Apply a good dose of dark mauve lipstick, and keep the rest of the makeup simple. You may also see Demon Makeup Ideas

Alice In Wonderland Halloween Makeup

alice in wonderland halloween makeup


Try this Disney makeup theme for a costume party. You can apply a dark shade of eyebrow pencil much above one of the eyebrows and apply a turquoise color creamy eye shadow below this eyelid. You can apply a white eyeshadow to the other eyelid and give this a dramatic look.

This is a dramatic makeup of this Disney theme. The entire face is painted in hot pink, and eyebrows are made dramatic. The lips are painted beyond their visage and shark teeth are painted onto them. A unique theme for Halloween makeup!

Alice In Wonderland Cat Makeup

alice in wonderland cat makeup


Along with the cat eye, eyeliner, the lips are also painted in the shape of a fantasy cat. The lips are in a dark black shade with white pointy teeth of the fantasy cat. They are painted beyond the dimensions of the lips. This is a scary corpse bride make up.

The character, queen of hearts make up theme can also be used for a costume event. It has lips painted in dark red in the shape of a heart and ghost white face foundation. On the temples of the head are painted tiny hearts in red color.

Goth Alice In Wonderland Makeup

goth alice in wonderland makeup


This is the most ostentatious makeup theme you can think of. The neck is painted on a checkered board; the eyebrows are painted in dramatic swirls, with three play cards painted beneath the eyes. This is a creative makeup art in gothic theme.

Yet another scary makeup gothic theme with dramatic lips painted in shark teeth and bleeding gums motif. This is a perfect makeup theme for Halloween if you want to stay true to this festival. This is a Chester Cat makeup theme from Alice in the Wonderland story.

Alice In Wonderland Red Queen Makeup

alice in wonderland red queen makeup


This is an elaborate makeup theme of the Chester cat and the Queen of hearts from the Alice in the Wonderland story. It suits anyone with a fair skin because there are too many motifs and colors that are painted on the visage.

Alice In Wonderland Sugar Skull Makeup

alice in wonderland sugar skull makeup


A most dramatic and a scary makeup a woman can apply for Halloween. The Chester cat meets a glaring eye makeup. The theme of queen of hearts is also used with diamonds and hearts from the spade of cards painted on the face. A gothic themed faux contact lens can be used.

A colorful makeup with both the eyes painted in different colors. One eye is painted in hot pink and the other eye in teal glitter shade. The lips are painted in hot pink with a nose accessory and a hat worn. You may also see Funny Makeup Designs

Colorful Alice In Wonderland Makeup

colorful alice in wonderland makeup


Alice In Wonderland Face Paint Idea

alice in wonderland face pain idea


Cute Alice Makeup for Kids

cute alice makeup for kids


Creepy Alice In Wonderland Makeup

creepy alice in wonderland makeup


Unique Alice In Wonderland Makeup

unique alice in wonderland makeup


Purple Alice Cat makeup

purple alice cat makeup


Alice In Wonderland Half Face Makeup

alice in wonderland half face makeup


Alice Rabbit Makeup Idea

alice white rabbit makeup


Halloween makeup takes hours to apply. You need to have a theme in your mind before starting this makeup art. You can get as creative as possible whist keep the theme in mind. You don’t have to imbue the same makeup as this Disney movie. You could only pick a few elements and try a new theme.

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