Food, as appetizing as it is in person, imitated in graphic design is just as fun, delicious and interesting. Food icons are perfect to use for any food related design projects. Since it creates a playful touch to food and the use of vibrant colors just induces cravings.

Down below are 28 best food icons featuring our favorite food from burgers to our most needed vegetables. These food icons are available in a downloadable format and are easily editable. You may also see samples of flat icons that will amp up any of your design projects.

Healthy Food Icons

healthy food icons1

Vintage Food Icons

vintage food icons1

Food and Drink Icons

food and drink icons

Food Line Icons

food line icons


Food and Beverage Icons

food and beverage icons

Let’s start with the appetizer

Food icons come in different styles, presentation and even in perspective. Food icons do represent a specific food or produce, thus application icons, websites, etc. rely on unique, memorable and concise metaphors. The bottom line, food icons should communicate a meaning and if the delivery is unsuccessful such food icons are decreased to merely eye candy.

Serving up the Benefits of Food Icons

  • Food icons, when designed properly, are easy to recognize. So, added translation for international users and audience is not at all necessary.
  • Icons are sized a bit large than its standard size to be easily touched in a finger-operated UI and will work well with a mouse cursor. Icons as well save space allowing many icons to be isolated in layout but still have their widths of space all around.
  • Lastly, food icons enhance the aesthetic appeal of a design.

To get you started, scroll down below to get more of our food icons that will make you hungry for design. This buffet of icons can also serve as restaurant icons to really fill up your design plate.

Restaurant Food Icons

restaurant food icons

Retro Flat Fast Food Icons

retro food icons

Organic Food Icons

organic food icons

Food & Drinks Icons

party food icons

Vecotr Food Icons

minimal food icons

Now, we continue with the entree

For our entree, we’ve got you covered with food icons templates that are inventive to your creative eyes. To help you get by in our design menu, we’ve listed our food icon templates into categories for an easier selection:

  • If line art is your design go-to for this project, the Food Line Icons, Organic & Vegetarian Food Icons and Food Doodle Icons are great choices. These food icons are clean, simple, and concise. All these food icon templates are ready for layout and print and available in different sizes.
  • Another option would be hand drawn or illustrated food icons. The Food Icons Vector Illustration, Food Doodle Icons, Hand Drawn Food Icons and Bakery Food Icons uses well-saturated colors and simple depictions of sweets, entree, fruits and produce.
  • The flat layout is currently a design trend that uses simple composition and the perspective displays the upper view of elements. If you want to apply this design trend, the Traditional Food Icons, Breakfast Food Icons Set and Outlined Food Icons are available high-quality downloadable format.
  • If you are looking for food icons that are colorful and fun, you could use the Raw Food Icons Set. The icons feature fruits we come to know and love, like mango, apple, orange, watermelon, etc.
  • For designers who share a love for food and old-school gaming platform, Pixelated Food Icons is the perfect choice for you. It is available in twenty different food icons for a wider variety to choose from.

We all have passed by a bakery and got attracted to freshly baked bread and pastries. For designers, applying a great set of icons into bakery collateral is already selling the products since they grab the attention of customers. If you are looking for fresh and delightful icons, we compiled bakery icons that are easily downloadable and customizable.

Flat Food Icons Set

flat food icons set

Food Icons Vector Illustration

sketchy food icons

Fast Food Icons

fast food icons1

Traditional Food Icons

traditional food icons

Natural Food Icons Set

natural food icons set

Raw Food Icons Set

raw food icons set

Where Can I Use Food Icons?

Food icons may be small in size but it does do a huge favor for designers, businesses, professionals, among others. Here are some reasons we know why food icons could be useful:

  • Food icons are great graphics to use for food related websites, applications and apply in a UI or user interface. It is practical and is a time-saver. Food icons could also represent a certain software.
  • Restaurant or any food business collateral such as brochures, menus, gift or food coupons, etc. could use some food icons. They easily direct readers to a specific item and creates a much clearer flow to a collateral’s layout. This is also is applicable to branding, advertisements and sometimes, marketing.
  • Food icons could also be used in packaging labels or graphics for information. Since they represent a certain food, a customer could easily recognize and tell the ingredients apart.
  • Infographics use plenty of icons especially pertaining to food. It is one attractive way for readers to instill information since there is a balance of graphics and text.

These tasty icons will prove to be of great help in adding a generous amount of artistic flavor in your food or restaurant materials. These icons are applicable for the web, blogs, food related applications or even menus, posters, gift cards etc.

Organic & Vegetarian Food Icons

organic vegetarian food icons

Breakfast Food Icons Set

breakfast food icons set

Outlined Food Icons

outline stroke food icons

Hand Drawn Food Icons

hand drawn food icons

Christmas Cookie Icons

christmas food icons

Vector Food Icons Set

vector food icons1

Fruit & Vegetable Icons Set

fruit vegetable icons set

Pixelated Food Icons

pixel art food icons

Sea Food Flat Icons

sea food icons


Bakery Food Icons

bakery food icons


Food & Drinks Icons With Shadow

flat long shadow food icons

Time for the dessert!

In spite of all these advantages of icons, it often causes usability problems. When you’re doing icons without considerations expect many potential downsides. For now, here are the things to keep in mind:

  • To finish off your food icons, keep in mind to apply text when you use icons to avoid ambiguity. Text labels or copy should be present alongside an icon to clarify its meaning and content. Icon labels should be visible without interaction from the user.
  • Not all icons enjoy universal recognition from users. The absence of a standard look cannot absorb the meaning of an icon hindering functionality and icon usability. So before anything else, let someone take a look at your food icons to know their interpretations. Now, it’s time for the cheque!

As we all know, vegetables are on the higher rise due to its health benefits that consumers get to instill and ingest. Healthy diets have become popular and designers are now taking inspirations from such produce. These vegetarian icons come in different design styles, from line art to flat design, in eye-popping and vivid colors and with a touch of natural inspiration.

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