Party icons are indispensable design tools and form an inextricable part of wedding invitation cards and invitations for other social and celebratory events. Be it a birthday party for children or even a holiday event to celebrate Independence Day or Christmas, a party icon is now a must in any text message or invite that is sent out. The Internet has innumerable sites that give you the choice of some very pretty party icons in myriad colors and designs. The latter is mostly graphic but convey the party spirit very promptly and clearly. You may also see Birthday Icons

Party and Celebration Icons Set

party and celebration icons set

This is a set of celebration and party icons for Mobile and Web applications. These are not high resolution and are not layered either. Therefore, they can’t be customized or edited. The graphics files are Vector EPS, JPG Image and AI Illustrator. Adaptable to Adobe CS Version. You have graphic images of a bow, cupcake, badge, birthday cake with the proverbial candle, chocolate pyramid, wine glass & bottle, hockey stick and champagne glasses – all typical elements for celebration!

Party Vector Icons

party vector icons

This is a colorful 32– piece clip art set created both for commercial and personal use. Ideal for scrapbook making, greeting & invitation cards, web graphics and digital scrapbooks. The 300 DPI high-resolution images are in PNG with a resolution of 3000 px X 3000px. Graphics have been hand-drawn in gold and include cupcakes, ice cream cones, candles, lozenges, chocolate baskets, flags, pies and three-tier cakes. The background is transparent and watermarks are absent in the supplied files. No extra license required for commercial usage. You may also see Holiday Icons

Set of Line Party Icons

set of line party icons

A set of 16 party icons in bold black lines on a bright canary yellow background comprising images of candles, balloons, martini glass, beer mug, fork & knife, camera, fireworks, masks, conical caps and what have you. Simplistically created but with a visual impact because of the color combination of black on bright yellow. Can be scaled to any size without resolution loss on Vector. JPEG file large size measures 20.0″ x 20.0″ at 300dpi resolution and pixel size is 6000 px X 6000 px. The file size is 1.8 MB.

Kids Birthday Party Icons

kids birthday party icons

The ideal set of icons for kid’s birthday parties. This is a set of round and square icons in 2 color variations – light brown or green background. Icons include cupcakes, cameras, invitation cards, cakes, candles and kid’s portraits. The ZIP files contain AI v. 10 & EPS v. 10. Each icon’s transparent PNG is separately sized at 512 px X 512 px, 256 px X 256 px and 128 px X 128 px. There is also provision for preview on large JPG. The files are layered to make them editable and customizable and Graphics files include JPG Image, Transparent PNG, AI Illustrator and Vector EPS. Adaptable to the Adobe CS Version. You may also see Wedding Icons

Funny Party Icons

funny party icons

A set of 16 party icons in white line drawing against a deep blue background that makes them stand out. Illustrations of cupcakes, balloons, lozenges, gift items, food & drink and a cake with candles set the party mood and convey the celebratory spirit appropriately.

Line Party Icons

line party icons

Line Party Icons comprise a set of 16 white on black vector icons and also comes with a seamless pattern of four color schemes. There is an additional pattern for seamless confetti. The file types are PNG, Ai, SVG and PSD and come in three different sizes: 90 px, 60 px, 30 px). The 90 px & 60 px -sized icons have separate stroke width: heavy and thin. The patterns come in JPEG files with a resolution of 5800 px X 5800 px. The confetti pattern comes in an Ai file & 4500 px X 4500 px JPEG file. The file size is 32.32 MB and the files are layered for editing and customization.

Retro Flat Birthday Party Celebrate Icons

retro flat birthday party celebrate icons

A set of 16 colorful party icons in green, orange, red, yellow, white and blue that depict balloons, fireworks, invitation cards, streamers, bow, cake with candles, pies, ice cream and party mask. The character is Retro Flat with a Set Vector Illustration. Files are layered for editing and customization and the graphics files are Vector EPS and JPG Image. Adaptable to

Colorful Party Icons

colorful party icons

25 party icons done in white on colorful monochrome backgrounds of vanilla pink, mauve, burnt sienna and orange. You have icons of champagne glasses, cakes, cameras, fireworks, grills, pies, punch bowls, beer mugs and barbecue skewers that portray the perfect party spirit. On vector, the size can be scaled to any requirement without resolution loss and the 300 DPI JPEG Large Size is 20” X 20” with a pixel size of 6000 px X 5997 px. The file size is 4.4 MB.

Lines and Solid Party Icons

lines and solid party icons

This 16-icon set done in white line drawing against a purple background contains: a conical party hat, loudspeaker, musical notes, guitar, firework, champagne bottle and wineglass, soda cup, balloons, invitation & envelope, microphone, candle lit birthday cake, cocktail, gift box, decorative ribbons and ice cream. The designs are available in two styles: solid and line with line icons being equipped with non-expanded editable stroke. The EPS vector and AI files are well organized and these are fully vector icons, easily editable and changeable. The file size is 1.07 MB and it is adaptable to Adobe CS 1+.

High Quality Party Icons

high quality party icons

High-Quality Party Icons come in a set of 25 with myriad monochromatic line drawings of green on an ivory background, sky blue on light blue background, deep grey on light grey background and white on a deep scarlet shaded background. There are shadows and isolated black shadows for an extra dramatic effect. Extra seamless patterns are also present with AI and EPS10 files included. These are all high-resolution files and are layered for ease of customization and editing. The graphics files include AI Illustrator and Vector EPS. Adaptable to Adobe Cs Version.

Party Flat Shadowed Icons

party flat shadowed icons

Colored Party Icons

colored party icons

High Resolution Party Icons

high resolution party icons

Birthday Party Icons Collection

birthday party icons collection

Simple Party Icons

simple party icons

Birthday and Party Icons

birthday and party icons

White Party Icons

colorful pink party icons

Happy Halloween Party Icon Set

happy halloween party icon set

Flat and Colorful Party Icons

flat and colorful party icons

Free Party Icons

free party icons

Free Party PSD Icons

free party psd icons

One simply can’t think of sending out party invitation texts or messages nowadays without using party icons because they convey the message clearly and directly. The recipient immediately knows that it is a celebratory and fun affair, be it for children or otherwise. No holiday season fun event is complete without them especially in the initial stages when the invites are being sent out. Therein lies their utility and importance as also their indispensability to add color and fun to your communiqués.

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