A hedgehog is a cute little animal, but rarely seen as a tattoo. Tattoo artists will tell you they don’t get too many requests for this design. This makes it a different form of tattoo design similar to the Polynesian Tattoo. Adorable hedgehog tattoos will make any collector smile for sure. But, these really incredible hedgehog tattoos may mean more to the collector than to a bystander, who will just say it is one awesome looking tattoo.

Great tattoo work. Blue ink is spot on against a white skin as a background. This incredible piece of skin art fashions tribal tattoo culture, neatly done in memory of the beloved one. Do you like it as much as we do?

People often do a small tattoo on the wrist, but lately, we witnessed a quite picturesque design. Brilliantly simple tattoo is outlined in the perfect silhouette of a hedgehog. You may also see Wolf Tattoo Designs

Hedgehog Paw Print Tattoo

hedgehog paw print tattoo


The paw print of the hedgehog is a brilliant masterpiece done at the back of the neck. It features a beautiful stylistic letters at upper and bottom part, a great way to express affection to someone you love.

Baby Hedgehog Tattoo Design

baby hedgehog tattoo design


The baby hedgehog is a story of being yourself, being one of a kind. It also represents the trait of being crafty and aware of circumstances around you. This is a design for silent, but clever people.

Hedgehog Tattoo for Women

hedgehog tattoo for women


Nice example of the hedgehog image that illustrates the Goddess Ishtar, who is considered to be a symbol of the Mother Nature. Certain religions depict the given image of a peaceful animal in a bad way, but we see this little tattoo only as the positive emblem. Do you agree with us?

Cute Hedgehog Hand Tattoo

cute hedgehog hand tattoo


The people of Asia and Africa don’t see anything wrong with spines being associated with healing powers of the sun rays. This one is a modern expression with a balloon instead of a fruit.

Hedgehog Tattoo on Neck

hedgehog tattoo on neck


Nowadays it can be a symbol of insecurity and pugnacity at the same time. Basically, it means that a collector only looks small and insecure at a surface, but as a matter of fact, she has enough internal power to protect herself and her family.

Adorable Hedgehog Tattoo

adorable hedgehog tattoo


Many myths, fairy tales, and modern urban legends explain the secret power of hedgehog tattoos. This can be either a positive or a negative. At this photo, it just looks adorable due amber ink incorporated and that is all.

Hedgehog Tattoo on Shoulder

hedgehog tattoo on shoulder


Awesome Hedgehog Tattoo Idea

awesome hedgehog tattoo idea


Black and Grey Hedgehog Tattoo

black and grey hedgehog tattoo


Unique Hedgehog Tattoo for Men

unique hedgehog tattoo for men


Traditional Hedgehog Forearm Tattoo

traditional hedgehog forearm tattoo


New School Hedgehog Tattoo

new school hedgehog tattoo


Elegant Hedgehog Tattoo Idea

elegant hedgehog tattoo idea


The tattoo of hedgehog is not the wide spread design like Tattoo Designs for Men. Hedgehog was very well represented in the animated movie “Hedgehog in the Fog”. Ultra funny image of the animal is liked by kids as well as adults.

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