After, glow in the dark T-Shirts and posters, the next craze witnessed under the area of ‘glow’ is definitely glow in the dark tattoos. If you wish to have a detailed and extensive tattoo on your arm but your day job prevents you from doing so, the glow is dark tattoo would be one unusual way to go.

And trust us, we are not deceiving you when we say the tattoos actually glow in the dark. And if you are willing to experiment we have enlisted a set of 10 best glow in the dark tattoo designs.

Glow in the Dark Foot Floral Tattoo

glow in the dark foot floral tattoo


One place to experiment with glow in the dark tattoo is on your feet. This floral glow in the dark tattoo would be the best fit for a minimal look. You can modify the design and customize it to your preference. The design will certainly be an add on accessory to your party attire.

Star Black Light Hand Tattoo

star uv hand tattoo


For a simple glow in the dark design, you can choose a star tattoo. This common, cheerful and meaningful design becomes even better with the added feature of glow in the dark. You can have it inked in any place of your choice.

Amazing Glow in the Dark Hand Tattoo

amazing glow in the dark hand tattoo


If you wish to go for a more defined look, this glow is dark detailed tattoo would be an excellent choice. The tattoo design covers a good length of your arm, so if you wish to be inked in something mystical and different this hand tattoo should be your design halt.

Bird UV Palm Tattoo Design

bird uv palm tattoo design


Give your normal bird tattoo a unique look by outlining the edge with glow in the dark ink. The look will make your tattoo more defined and unique in its appearance.

Cat Sleeve Tattoo Design

cat sleeve tattoo design


You can even choose to get the glow in the dark ink with colors. If you wish to go for a relatively dark and shady tattoo design adding the glow in the dark ink will make the look of your tattoo more realistic and new.
If you wish to add illustrative details to your tattoo, fire UV tattoo design is a sure winner. The glow in dark edges polishes the entire look of your tattoo and takes the normal fire motif design to a whole new level.

Give your dream catcher a glow in the dark look, for an, even more, dreamy experience. Keep the bad dreams away while maintaining the glow.

For a unique glow in the dark tattoo design, you can choose to ink the palm of your hand in the shape of the eye. Imagine opening your palm in the dark, it will like your third eye, a vision of a brighter future.

Letter Tattoo Design

uv letter tattoo design


If you are looking for a simple and minimal glow in the dark tattoo design, this lightning flash should serve the purpose. The lightning tattoo that actually glows in the dark would transform the simple design into realistic and life like.

Colorful Glow in the Dark Tattoo Design

colorful uv tattoo design


You can even have a complete bright neon look to your tattoo. The colors pop out well and will unquestionably make you shine out in the crowd.

Minimal Black Light Tattoo

minimal black light tattoo


Smile UV Tattoo Idea

smile uv tattoo idea


Snake Black Light Hand Tattoo

snake black light hand tattoo


UV Leg Tattoo Design

uv leg tattoo design


Glow in the Dark Oscar Tattoo

oscar black light tattoo


Floral Black Light Sleeve Tattoo

floral black light sleeve tattoo


Peacock UV Tattoo

peacock back light tattoo

Glow in the dark tattoos have been facing flak in the past, but they have been tried out by multiple celebrities and people without any side effects. So if you are holding yourself back because of the safety concerns, feel free to ink yourself or add the glowing effect to your existing tattoos.

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