Dragons are magical creatures which are often known for their breathing fire traits, and that is one of the reasons why they are alluring to most tattoo lovers. They have different symbolic meanings in different cultures and often included in many myths from Asian to the western traditions. Getting a dragon tattoo will portray courage, immense strength and bravery. These tattoo designs come in small and large designs. Whatever dragon color or size you choose you will stand out. You may also See Dragon Eye Tattoo Designs

Tribal Dragon Tattoo Designs

Opting for a dragon tattoo in a tribal style is the perfect way to showcase the aggressive nature of this mythical creature. The tribal style depicts the spiritual, symbolic meanings of the dragons and shows the connection to a particular culture.

Dragon Chest Tattoo Ideas

The chest is a spacious body area on which you can draw a large dragon tattoo. You can even elongate your design to include the neck especially for women who want to show off their tattoo. To decorate the chest, add a colored dragon tattoo.

Dragon Flower Chest Tattoo

dragon flower chest tattoo


Small Dragon Tattoo Designs

Small dragon tattoos have a simplicity that makes them cute. Suitable for women, you can draw this tattoo on the neck, leg or around the wrist to act as a bracelet. To further enhance the look of your design goes for a vibrant red dragon. You may also See Griffin Tattoo Designs

3D Dragon Tattoo Designs

If you want your dragon to have a realistic effect, then opt to get it in a 3D design. This style requires an experienced tattoo artist so to get a design that is worth your money, make some inquiries first. With 3d style, the dragon will look as if it is on your skin.

3D Dragon Tattoo on Back

3d dragon tattoo on back


Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Designs

There are various ways on which you can draw dragon sleeve tattoo design. A full sleeve will showcase the entire body of the dragon, and you can even include other designs such as a snake to give it a personal meaning.

Dragon Full Sleeve Tattoo

dragon full sleeve tattoo


Dragon Leg Tattoo Ideas

Want to draw more attention to your legs? Then add a dragon tattoo.  You can ink only the head in a vibrant color or use the curvy nature of the dragon to accentuate the beauty of your leg’s curves.

Dragon Leg Tattoo for Men

dragon leg tattoo for men


Dragon Leg Blue Tattoo

dragon leg blue tattoo


Dragon Ball Tattoo Ideas

People who love to watch cartoons, especially those from the early 90s, can remember dragon ball Z series. You can relive your childhood carefree attitude by drawing a group of vibrant orange dragon balls or a dragon holding two fireballs. You may also See Dragon Ball Tattoo

Dragon Ball Tattoo on Leg

dragon ball tattoo on leg


Celtic Dragon Tattoo Designs

If you prefer tattoos done in ancient style, then Celtic dragon tattoos are for you. The interconnected Celtic knots may portray the strong power of the dragon. The Celtic design will also exude a spiritual meaning where the dragon is seen as the master of natural elements.

Celtic Dragon Tattoo on Sleeve

celtic dragon tattoo on sleeve


Celtic Dragon Arm Tattoo

celtic dragon arm tattoo


Dragon Back Tattoos

If you want a big dragon, then ink your tattoo on the back. The back has a vast space on which you can draw a full dragon and even showcase the shiny scales and any intricate design. Add green color to make your dragon unique.

Dragon Back Tattoo for Women

dragon back tattoo fo women


Dragon Skull Tattoo Designs

The best way to show a conquered past, addictions or death is to combine a dragon and a skull. Suitable for men, dragon skull tattoo designs are bold and eye-catching. This design in a black and gray ink will look stunning.

Dragon Skull Tattoo on Back

dragon skull tattoo on back


Dragon Tattoos on Arm

The slender body of the dragon makes it perfect as an arm tattoo. Women can opt for a small size and even include a floral pattern to showcase the feminine side of a female dragon. Men can choose an outline dragon design to depict their masculinity.

Colorful Dragon Tattoos On Arm

colorful dragon tattoos on arm


Viking Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Thanks to the movie How to train your dragon, you can easily link dragons with Vikings. Show you know about Viking heritage by opting for a dragon carrying a Viking sword or armor. Adding a Viking helmet on top of a dragon is also cool.

Watercolor Dragon Tattoos

If you choose tattoos because of their aesthetic appeal, then a watercolor dragon tattoo design will decorate your body. The mixing of different colors makes the tattoo stunning.

Shoulder Dragon Tattoos

Dragon shoulder tattoos represent a fierce and brave character. To prevent your tattoo from looking boring, draw the dragon in a bold, attractive color which will complement your skin tone. You may also See Unicorn Tattoo Designs

Back Shoulder Dragon Tattoo

back shoulder dragon tattoo1


Traditional Dragon Tattoo Designs

Whether as a jade dragon or Japanese Fuku Riu dragon, traditional dragon tattoos are about appreciating one’s culture. The colors that you add on the dragon also have different attributes like gold which portrays wisdom.

Traditional Dragon Tattoo on Back

traditional dragon tattoo on back


Dragon tattoos are popular with guys as well as ladies and continue to remain trendy because they are portrayed in many blockbusters. While you can ink this mythical animal in any size or color, dragon tribal tattoos have a dark shade that will easily showcase their strength, power, and master of air and fire.

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