Since tattoo making is an art in itself, it is no surprise that mythical creatures and fantasies form a great portfolio of tattoo designs. Dragon tattoo designs have been very popular and have been seen in many movies, and even a novel “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

Another such tattoo is the griffin tattoo design,inspired by a mythical creature that has the features of a lion and eagle combined into one, as a symbol for strength and amazing powers. Lion is the king of animals, and an eagle is the king of birds, so it is a two-in-one creature, which you can tattoo on your body like the griffin tattoo designs in this list.

Griffin Tattoo Sleeve

griffin tattoo sleeve


This griffin tattoo design is a variation of the usual one, as it has the head of an eagle and the body of a lion – the reverse of the usual. With its surreal features and an all-black ink, it can be considered a gothic tattoo design.

Celtic Griffin Tattoo

celtic griffin tattoo


This black griffin tattoo has a 2D form and a combination of tribal tattoo design with this griffin tattoo design. It is simple and cool, perfect for anyone.

Griffin Head Tattoo

griffin head tattoo


This fierce griffin tattoo is bold and instantly appealing. It is a gothic tattoo, especially because shaving the head is not what everyone would be comfortable with, so inking the head is a bigger decision.

Dragon Griffin Tattoo

dragon griffin tattoo


Dragon tattoos are often fierce-looking, but this one is easy on the eyes. It is a combination of the usual griffin tattoo, cartoon tattoos, and the dragon tattoo design. The cartoon-like tattoo is attractive, colorful, and portrays the fiery nature with the king-like characteristics of the griffin.

Colorful Griffin Tattoo

colorful griffin tattoo


Like the previous one, this tattoo design also has cartoon-like form, but the difference is that this griffin tattoo is bolder and more enthralling. The colors are cold, and the ribbon around the griffin makes it different from the usual designs. If you plan on getting this tattoo, make sure your tattoo artist understands the impact these colors have the on this tattoo.

Traditional Griffin Tattoo

traditional griffin tattoo


Gothic tattoo designs tend to be somber and grim in appearance like this one. The stiff poise of this griffin shows its royal nature and powerful qualities.

Funny Griffin Tattoo

bird griffin tattoo


This fun griffin tattoo is comparatively less hard-looking than the other ones in this list. It is mostly an eagle, overall, but has tribal tattoo properties with a griffin tattoo look. The little patches of yellow and red on this black ink tattoo make it more eye-catching.

Flying Griffin Tattoo Idea

flying griffin tattoo idea


Griffin Tattoo with Wings

griffine tattoo with wings


Small Griffin Tattoo

small griffin tattoo


Black Griffin Tattoo for Back

black griffin tattoo for back


Outline Griffin Tattoo Idea

outline griffin tattoo idea


Many of the tattoos in this list are griffin tattoo designs with a hint of tribal tattoo designs. Polynesian tattoo designs are also common and popular as an addition to these griffin tattoo designs, but they are more detailed and intricate than these simple, sober tattoo designs.

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