Mohawk hairstyles have changed a lot over the years. You will find that the once punk haircuts now have taken a stunning design with unique style that adds character to every person like military haircuts. The transition through the years has resulted in many fashionable examples that you can adopt for your next haircut design. Following this you will find a collection of Mohawk haircut designs that we put together for you for today’s post. You may also see Faux Hawk Haircuts

Mohawk Fade Haircut

Mohawk fade haircuts have a unique design that allows you to create a stunning look. The longest hair focuses on the top of the head going backwards, while from the crown area and down grows gradually in a fade design.

Rihanna Mohawk Fade Hairstyle

rihanna mohwak fade hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo Short Mohawk Fade Haircut

cristiano ronaldo short mohawk fade haircut

Mohawk Haircut for Black Man

Men with gorgeous natural curly hair can recreate this haircut with great success. For them it works even better because the tight curls hold the hair in a tight Mohawk design that looks effortless. The fade designs will add character. You may also see Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Darrent Williams Mohawk Hair for Black Man

darrent williams mohwak hair for black man

Chris Brown Short Mohawk Hair for Black Men

chris brown short mohawk hair for black men

Low Fade Mohawk Haircut

A low fade design has a stunning look and is ideal for those that are not that sure about the intensity of the Mohawk haircut. You can find them focusing around the ears giving a low fading style for everyone.

Stephan El Shaarawy Low Fade Mohawk Hair

stephan el shaarawy low fade mohawk hair

Miley Cyrus Low Fade Mohawk Hairstyle

miley cyrus low fade mohawk hairstyle

Taper Mohawk Haircut

Taper haircuts can come in various designs. From layered Mohawk to sculpted designs you will find many different styles that you can incorporate to your everyday and special occasion hairstyles. Suitable for those that wants professional looks with fun style.

Curly Taper Mohawk for Kid’s

curly taper mohawk for kids


Military Mohawk Haircut

In military hairstyles, despite the extra short length of the hair, you can create a stunning Mohawk haircut that won’t be longer than half a centimeter. This will make you look stylish and professional while not disturbing your military work.

Mark Salling Military Mohawk Hairstyle

mark salling military mohawk hairstyle

David Beckham Military Mohawk Haircut for Men

david beckham military mohawk haircut for men

Kid’s Mohawk Haircut

Kids look cute no matter what hairstyle they have. However, when they sport a stunning Mohawk haircut you get the most adorable little faces. These designs are suitable for every age giving a stunning look regardless of the hair colors. You may also see Kid’s Mohawk Hairstyle Designs

Edgy Mohawk Haircut

Edgy Mohawk haircuts are favored by both men and women equally. They give a stunning look that will never go unnoticed while also allowing you to style them in many ways. They are suitable for straight and wavy natural hair.

Kelly Osbourne Edgy Mohawk Hairstyle

kelly osbourne edgy mohawk hairstyle

Lizard Mohawk Haircut Design

Lizard Mohawk designs have brought a new wave of style that entails creativity and fun. However, this design has an extravagant style that can be fresh and stylish. Suitable fro kids, teens and those that have no restrictions from work.

Crazy Lizard Mohawk Hairstyle

crazy lizard mohawk hairstyle


Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

The braided Mohawk is a fashionable alternative for those that don’t want to get their hair cut that much short. The braids add a stunning look to men and women and they match perfectly with curly long Mohawk haircut designs. You may also see Braid Hairstyle Designs

Audrina Patridge Fishtail Braided Mohawk Hair

audrina patridge fishtail braided mohawk hair

Curly Mohawk Haircut

Curly Mohawk hair will give you style and character no matter the occasion. They look perfect in naturally curly hair that can hold the design perfectly without much effort. This design is suitable for women that want to look edgy.

One of the latest trends in men’s and women’s hairstyles is the Mohawk fade haircuts. You can style them with many ways giving you multiple hairstyles that will cover all your needs for casual and formal designs. From the long Mohawk designs to the short ones, these haircuts will give style and character to every age. You will see it featuring a lot in little boys that love looking good from a really early age.

Fade haircuts will give you a stylish transition with the hair fading from the crown and down giving you various tones of intensity and style. You can choose the Mohawk haircut for both your work as well as your casual look giving you a high-class result that will mesmerize.

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