A taper haircut is one of the most popular and masculine hairstyles for men who want to look good. Even though the hair gradually decreases in length from the crown of the head down to the nape and includes the side; taper haircut designs continues to be popular because they are a smooth, clean style that works for men of all ages. It can feature the standard simple cut or add a creative twist to show your unique personality. You may also see Female Taper Haircut Ideas

Taper Fade Haircuts

Be it low, temple, high or regular, taper fade haircuts show innovation and creativity in men’s hairstyle. It also goes by many names such as razor fade or blurry fade.  These hairstyles help you maintain your professional look without sacrificing your personal style.

Zayn Malik Taper Fade Haircut

zayn malik taper fade haircut

High Taper Haircuts

High taper haircuts allow you to keep a larger portion of your as the hair is reduced a few inches below the crown of the head. It gives a dramatic look to your hair, and you can even add a distinct line to show the different hair lengths.

Simple High Taper Haircut Idea

simple high taper haircut idea


Low Taper Haircuts

Low taper features a gradual hair decrease a few inches above the natural hairline. It is perfect for people who don’t want a completely shaved head and instead fancy a bit of hair at the crown that is easy to maintain and style. You may also see Low Taper Haircut Designs

Will Smith Low Taper Haircut

will smith low taper haircut

Taper Haircuts for Curly Hair

Want to give your curly hair an edge? Then go for a fade haircut that leaves your curly hair longer at the top part of your head. This hairstyle works for both guys and ladies who want to have fresh, youthful look.

Long Taper Haircuts

If you prefer longer hair at the crown yet, want a haircut that will frame your face then go for long taper haircuts. With this tapered style, the hair at the crown is longer as compared to that of the sides. You may also see Taper Haircut Designs for Black Men

Justin Timberlake Long Tapered Hair

justin timberlake long tapered hair

Short Tapered Haircuts

Men who love short haircuts that are low maintenance yet enhance their looks should opt for short taper haircuts.  This haircut is done using hair clippers, scissors, and even a comb to give you a sleek look. You may also see Side Taper Haircut Designs

Terrence Howard Short Taper Haircut

terrence howard short taper haircut

Afro Taper Haircuts

Afro taper haircuts are popular with black men, and they feature shorter side and back hair with a full top hair. It is suitable for people with round faces as it creates an illusion of a longer facial and slim face.

Odell Beckham Afro Taper Haircut

odell beckham afro taper haircut

Skin Taper Haircuts

Whether side-parted or combed back into a sleek style, skin taper fade haircuts are a cool style that saves you frequent visits to the barber. The hair is cut all the way through the skin in a way that the side hair is not as faded as the hair length closer to the temple.

Skin Taper Haircut for Black Men

skin taper haircut for black men


Taper Haircut Line Designs

If you want to make your taper haircut more noticeable, then add line designs. The line designs should blend well with the haircut such that they add to enhancing the style as well as decorate the head. Use clippers to create straight clean or wavy lines.

Cristiano Ronaldo Taper Haircut Line Design

cristiano ronaldo taper haircut line design

Taper Comb Over Haircuts

Taper comb over haircuts blends modern and classic looks. They work with so many hair structures and face shapes. Men with long faces should avoid comb over style that adds hair to the top as it will make the forehead appear bigger.

David Beckham Taper Comb Over Haircut

david beckham taper comb over haircut

Bald Taper Haircuts

Despite its sharp angles and curvy lines, bald haircuts ensure you have less hair on your head which results in a style that requires less maintenance. As a result, you get to forget about combs and styling gel for a while. You may also see Bald Taper Haircut Designs

Natural Bald Taper Haircut Design

natural bald taper haircut design


Blowout Taper Haircuts

While blowout haircuts were a common sight in the 1900s especially with African American population, nowadays any man can rock this look. This hairstyle requires combs, shears, professional hair clippers, trimmers, blow dryer, and hair gel to keep the hair in place.

Classic Taper Haircut Designs

Classic haircuts designs feature longer crown hair and short hair on the side and back. You can side part the top hair, style it using styling products or add a comb over style. You may also see Classic Taper Haircut Designs

Cool Classy Taper Haircut

cool classy taper haircut


Military Taper Haircuts

Military fade haircut features a short hair length that is easy to maintain and gives a clean, professional look.  This hairstyle has a formal look that suits men all ages as they are simple, clean and short.

Channing Tatum Military Taper Haircut

channing tatum military taper haircut

While fade haircuts require the hair at the nape of the neck or higher to merge with the skin, a taper has a lot of flexibility. You can choose from regular, low, high to temple fade haircuts and get the one that fits with your lifestyle while ensuring you look good and stylish.

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