A perfect haircut matters a lot in describing a person’s personality. There are many people who do not like long hair, they prefer short and clean look. The tapered haircuts are popular for its easy maintainability. They give a clean and neat look. Both men and women who are not able to manage long hair should go for short tapered haircuts.

Awesome Tapered Haircut for Women

awesome tapered haircut for women


Fabulous Tapered Hair

fabulous tapered hair


The tapered haircut usually has short hair at the sides and around, long hair of about three to four inches on the top. The short tapered haircut has about two inches long hairs on the top and the sides are very shortly trimmed. It is somewhat similar to the taper fade haircut.

Neat Bald Tapered Hairstyle

neat bald tapered hairstyle


Tapered Short Hair for Stylish Women

tapered short hair for stylish women


Wonderful Tapered Haircut

wonderful tapered haircut


Princes Style Tapered Hair

princes style tapered hair


Attractive Tapered Short Hair

attractive tapered short hair


Winter Tapered Haircut

winter tapered haircut


Sunset Tapered Hair

sunset tapered hair


Shining Tapered Hairstyle

shining tapered hairstyle


Black Tapered Hair

black tapered hair


Short Tapered Hair for Cute Girl

short tapered hair for cute girl


Low Tapered Short Haircut

low tapered short haircut


Blue Shade Tapered Hair

blue shade tapered hair


The clipper cut on the sides and a neatly parted top looks very classy. The same style goes for women too, the parted top on one side with a little longer hair on top looks very chic.

The short tapered haircuts suit well for curly hairs too. The tapered haircut keeps the curly hairs free from frizz and tangles. It is an ideal haircut for the summer season. Many sports personalities are flaunting the short tapered hairstyle.

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