Girls, did you know that one of the newest hair trends in the nation currently is known as the waterfall braid styles? Waterfall braid is a hair style that lets you pile a horizontal, circle, or slanting plait on a loose hair with hair flowing through it exactly the way streams flow. With waterfall braid style you’re going to make heads turn wherever you go.

This hairstyle is in trend and has been followed by celebrities and if you are confused about how exactly this hair looks then we have images below. Go through them and flaunt that hairstyle all over again.

Nina Dobrev Loose Waterfall Braid

nina dobrev loose waterfall braid

Nina is known for her experimenting and her waterfall braid has been everywhere lately. The twisted effect lets you bring the darker base colors to the surface to be seen in a way they normally wouldn’t.

Daenerys Roll Waterfall Braid

daenerys roll waterfall braid

Daenerys looks like a model of style and grace with this superbly done roll waterfall braid. You can give yourself royal treatment by adding jeweled pins into the twisted braid.  The hair style will attract more people towards you than a usual hairstyle. The hairstyle is perfect for proms and weddings.

Miley Cyrus Twisted Waterfall Hair

miley cyrus twisted waterfall hair

A waterfall style would make it look like you put in an extra effort into your hairstyle. In addition, it’s the perfect complement to air-dried natural waves. It doesn’t take time, instead, makes you effortlessly different. Pair it with a stunning earring and nude lipstick.

Rachel Bilson Half Up Hair Updo

rachel bilson half up hair updo

Go bold like the Rachel Bilson Half-up-Half down hairstyle cool brown hues. While the focus will perhaps be on her beautiful curls, a braid crown gave her hair a fanciful touch.

Double waterfall hairstyle looks elegant and classy. You can do it with either curled hair or straight hair. This double version makes a waterfall braid beneath the leading one using the cascading strands from above. Gratefully, it’s not as difficult as it looks and sounds.

The double waterfall ponytail will make sure your place in the list of the trend setters. It gives you an edge above the rest for the distinctiveness. They will keep you looking stylish and fresh.

When it comes to the most impressive hairdos, it’s the little details that count. Triple waterfall hairdo shows off the gorgeous golden brown ombre. Even something as simple as wrapping hair around a ponytail holder makes the style look more classy.

One sided waterfall hairstyle are great for a lot of reasons—they instantly look elegant and polished. Instead of taking the braid across parallel, you bring it down in one side so that you can sweep your unbraided hair across over your shoulder. Try giving your hair a brilliant colour, or opt for highlights at the end.

Opt for a style that concentrates less on the exact braiding technique and more on the overall feel of the style. A loosely twisted crown will give you a similar vibe without any extra effort. This works especially well if you have thick hair. There’s nothing more of a turn-off than side-swept waterfall hairstyle.

Double Waterfall Bun Updo

double waterfall bun updo


This hairstyle looks professional and is very interesting! A little bit of twisting and scooping to finish it off. And it’s super fun, too! 

Waterfall Fishtail Braid Idea

waterfall fishtail braid idea


Waterfall Hairdo for Curly Hair

waterfall hairdo for curly hair


Prom Waterfall Braid Idea

prom waterfall braid idea


Waterfall Rope Braid Idea

waterfall rope braid idea


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