A super low maintenance hairstyle, with just as much panache and style; here’s presenting the modernized version of the bob cut to you – choppy bob! It revolves around the idea of having a short and light hairdo which is convenient for your everyday purposes, and can be equally glamourized for those special evenings out. Materialized from the more ladylike bobs and A-line cuts, the choppy bob preserves the length of a bob, while inheriting the wildness of a pixie cut! So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to check out the newest trends this year!

Jennifer Goodwin Choppy Bob Haircut

ginnifer goodwin choppy bob haircut

A cross between a bob and a pixie, the success of this one entirely depends on how perfectly you are able to execute the side-swept bangs on the forehead.  

Jullianne Hough short Choppy Bob HairStyle

jullianne hough short choppy bob haircut

A gorgeous hairdo for those with oblong faces, the trick behind this one is ensuring you don’t get multiple layers in your hair. Just blow them out a bit and hand-comb them for that naturally choppy look.

Emma Stone Choppy Bob Hairstyle

emma stone choppy bob hairstyle

Emma has joined the league of the sexy choppy bob owners with this one! Put the hairspray away to pull off this hairdo; all you need is a blow dryer to achieve those wavy bangs.

Rihanna Messy Chopped Bob Haircut

rihanna messy chopped bob hairstyle

While the ‘bowl cut’ was popularized by tired mothers of energetic kids who couldn’t keep their hair straight whatever they did, Rihanna here managed to give it her own special touch of glitz! Make note of those soft side swept fringes – they are the ones responsible for the feminine look.

Taylor Swift Choppy Fringe Bob Haircut

taylor swift

If a Barbie doll was given a choppy bob haircut, she’d look like Taylor Swift here for sure! Straight chops with blown-out fringes on the forehead, this one is for those who carry style in their body language.

Dianna Agron Choppy Bob Hairstyle

dianna agron choppy bob haircut

The bob you can carry right from brunch with family to parties with friends, the best part about this one is the completely natural look and feel.

katie Holmes Choppy Fringe Bob Hairstyle

katie holmes choppy fringe bob hairstyle

Katie has managed to add just the right amount of glamour to this ever-stylish bob with glittering dark hair and absolute straight chops. The perfect achievement would be the scintillating chops present even in her forehead bangs!

Sarah Hyland Choppy Long Bob Hairstyle

sarah hyland choppy long bob hairstyle

The bombshell from Modern Family, Sarah Hyland loves being the trendsetter amongst all her peers. With this beautiful windswept choppy bob and brilliantly natural eye makeup, we guess she’s got it down pat!

Mia Wasikowska Short Choppy Bob Hairstyle

mia wasikowska short choppy bob hairstyle

More of a choppy pixie Haircut, we are in love with the confidence this hairdo can have you exuding. Having the highlights in your hair match the colour of your eyes is an added bonus!

Choppy Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

choppy bob haircut for thick hair


Thick hair is notorious for dampening the choppy look most times. So here’s our advice: go for multi-layered quick chops throughout the length of your hair. Avoid forehead bangs, if possible, as they might make the whole hairdo look unorganized rather than adding a style quotient.

Side Swept Chopped Bob Haircut

side swept chopped bob haircut


Beautiful Chopped Bob Hairstyle

beautiful chopped hairstyle


Choppy Haircut for Short Hair

choppy haircut for short hair


Cute Choppy Bob Hairstyle

cute choppy bob hairstyle


Choppy Bob Haircut for Fine Hair

choppy bob haircut for fine hair


Choppy bobs are known for their cheeky fun appearances, and are topping the list of haircut trends this year! Easy to personalize for any who wish to wear short hair, these can give your personality a complete makeover. Oh, and are they a breeze when we talk about convenience and maintenance! So then, take a feather from your favourite celebrity’s cap, and go get yourself some gorgeous chops! Do come back to share your pictures with us!

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