Short shag hairstyle is one of the best options for women who are conscious of trend and grace at the same time. With minimal maintenance you can be ready for any formal or informal get-together. Since its first appearance in the international fashion arena, the short shag hairstyle has been welcomed with an open heart by the contemporary fashion divas.

Side-Parted Shag Hairstyles

attractive shag hair style


The side parted shag is the latest favorite for all the women looking to do something interesting with their short locks. Several choppy layers are styled to give a fuller look in the crown. Thin fringes are carved out to frame the face.

Sweet Cinnamon Shag Haircut

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For a shag hairdo that isn’t super short, the cinnamon shag is a perfect fit. Tell your stylist to give you red-brown waves, and the locks length is just above the shoulder, giving the hairdo a more textured look.

Short Shag Bob Hairstyle

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For years the on-trend short shag hairstyle was chopped layers around the crown and thin fringes towards the edges to give a frame to your facial appearance. For a contemporary look, you can add a punch of colours like ebony or cherry red to give an electric look. The latest trend of this hairstyle is an on-purpose messy hairstyle wearing which you can attain a confident and carefree look.

Want a shaggy hairdo which throws away an innocent vibe? Try the adorable bob shag bob with the ends curled to face the face in an innocent and super cute way. This hairdo is quite a craze because of the snazzy cuts involved.

If you’re a blonde, color your hair in a fun way – darken the roots and let them create an interesting contrast with your skin color. Opt for the short shag hairdo to make this look work.

Rose Golden Hair Style

rose golden hair style


There are various types of shags that depend on the length of your hair. The short shag hairstyle is all about chopping your hair in fine layers both on the crown and towards the back to not reduce the apparent voluminous look of your scull. To get an idea you can look the photos of the celebs like actor Meg Ryan or singer Ashlee Simpson who are rocking the fashion world with this hairdo.

Soft Shaggy Rounded Bob

modern shag hair style


If you don’t want a shaggy hairdo which is all sass and spikes, we recommend you choose the soft shaggy rounded bob which is suitable for women of all ages. The wispy strands of hair give a gentler image to your personality.

Flirty Layered Shag Hairstyles

awesome short shag hairstyles


For the women with long, thin and heart-shaped face, the flirty layered shag hairdo should do the magic. The hair is flicked up at the sides, and will let your facial features shine through and how!

Paris Hilton looked wow in this hairdo. If you have short straight hair, and want a quick hairstyle which is no fuss, then this shag avatar is just perfect for you. Plus, it doesn’t demand much upkeep!

This dream-like hairdo is just the right go-to haircut for any girl or woman who wants a hairstyle which is daring and bold. If you wish to go one step further, darken your roots to give more drama to the hair. Taylor Momsen created a stir with this one.

Choppy Shaggy Haircuts

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For seekers of a shaggy hairdo which very sexy and screams crazy, try the choppy shag which was made popular by none other than pop diva Rihanna – queen of crazy and stylishly weird hairstyles!

Loose Curly Shag Hairstyle

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To let your short curls settle around loosely, short curls are absolutely amazing and they look even better in the shaggy style. For further good effect, color your hair ombre. This one’s been on-trend auite a lot recently.

Should you decide to a sexy bedhead hairdo, then asymmetrical shags should be your hairstyle pick. This hairdo is super sexy and easily ups the funkiness and sassiness of your face and personality.

This hairdo is quite the signature hairstyle of popular talk show host Ellen Degeneres. The hairstyle is fairly simple to create and involves very many stylish cuts. If she can make heads turn with it, surely you can too!

Beach Wavy Shag Haircut

shoulder shag curly hair style


The beach wavy shag hairdo is for all the women who want to carry the gorgeous wavy beach hairstyle. This one’s quite a chartbuster. For more proof check out Ashley Scott’s wavy shag hairdo.

Lovable Hair Style

lovable hair style


Shag with Bangs Hairstyle

perfect hair style


The asymmetrical shags are funky hairdo which is quite a rage with women of all ages. It very cleverly redirects attention to your facial features. Helena Christensen rocked many events with this hairstyle. Now it’s your turn!

Cute Curly Shag Hairstyle

super mid length hair style


If you have got curls which you’d like to style in a adorable way, take inspiration from Kate Hudson’s cute curly shags. They add volume and lots of character to the hair in the most fun way!

Gorgeous Shag Haircut

gorgeous hair style4


Simple Shag Hairdo

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To get your desired look, go to a reputed salon where experts will be helping you choose the right short shag hairdo for you and guide you for maintain your personal flair that will set you apart in the crowd.

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