Bob Haircuts seem to never go out of vogue. This is simply because bob hairdos are so much easier to maintain and more importantly they have a timeless vibe out them.

Bob haircuts absolutely rock hair of all textures and that’s also got to be one of the reasons why women prefer to take the bob-route so often these days.

Long Bob Haircut

Getting a long bob haircut is a good idea if you’re looking for a hairstyle which would compliment your face shape, hair texture and skin tone. Long Bob Brown hairdo has been a long time favorite now and women still love it just as much.

Long Bob Brown Haircut

long bob haircut for blonde hair


Short Bob Haircut

Short bob haircuts are considered to be very sleek and chic. It’s a very blunt version of this hairdo-type. The one way you make this hairstyle shout out loud for you is by having a pixie at the back and a bob in the front.

Short Bob Haircut Free Spring Hair with Edge Colored

short bob haircuts


Bob Haircuts with Bangs

One of the bob haircuts with bangs that’s been trending these days is the choppy layered bob with bangs look. It’s a head turner for sure. For accentuated effect, do this on highlighted hair. You cannot be missed with this one.

Accentuated Effect on Highlighted Bob Haircut

bob short haircuts with bangs


Medium Bob Haircuts

Medium bob haircuts have a classic and smart feel about them. The success of this hairdo rests on your face cut and way of styling actually. Whether you choose symmetrical, asymmetrical, wavy, shaggy or sleek, a medium bob is going to make you look modern!

Classic Medium Bob Haircut for Wavy Hair

medium bob haircuts e1459602235985


Emma Stone in Medium Bob Shaggy Hairstyle

medium bob haircuts idea


Layered Bob Hairstyle for Thick Hairs

If you have thick and textured locks and you want to turn them into a bob, be a trendsetter and opt for one of the very popular layered bob haircuts. Try the choppy layered bob, this one marries the silkiness and texture of your hair wonderfully.

Short Bob Hairstyle with Layers

layered bob haircuts


Choppy layered bob Haircut with Shades

layered bob short haircuts


Bob Haircuts for Fine Hair

Bobs are well-suited for hair of all textures. There are many bob haircuts for fine hair you could choose from. Just make sure you pick a hairdo that gets attention to the texture and edges of the hair. Tell your stylist to make the hair bit messy and way.

Fine Bob haircut with Layers Textured with Color

fine haired bob


Brown Messy Bob hair Make Stylish

fine haired bob hair style


Inverted Bob Short Hairdo

This is one is recent rage. If you want an adventurous bob cut, experiment with the inverted bob haircut. For the less knowing, inverted bob is basically stacking up all the layers at the back, and a few curved lines coming to the front.

Ash Colored Inverted Stack Bob Haircut

inverted bob haircut e1459603038130


Black Inverted Haircut with Shaded Curved Lines makes different Look

inverted bob haircut design


Stacked Bob Haircut Looks Voluminous

The stacked bob haircut is reputed because it makes your hair look voluminous. This secret of success of this hairdo is that it really plays with textures and layers to give away the feel of volume in your hair. This one’s also known for making facial features look sharper.

Brown Stacked Bob Haircut with Layers Covering Face

short stacked bob hairstyles with bangs


Emma Watson in Stack Bob Hairstyle

stacked bob hairstyle


Bob For Round Face

The golden rule of bob haircuts for round faces is simple: Don’t got shorter than chin-length in front. An off-center or side-part would be great. This way, your hairdo will never allow people to move their eyes away from your facial features.

Recommend Short Bob Haircuts For Round Faces

haircuts for round faces


Bob Haircut For Round Face Side Look Beautiful

bob haircuts for round faces


Styling Bob For Thick Hair

Styling a bob with thick hair is a welcome challenge. If you belong to this category, the most preferred bob haircut for thick hair is the straight messy bob. It’s an edgy hairdo, however it exudes a nonchalant feel.

Straight Messy Bob Haircut Makes You Look Different

straight messy bob


Thick Messy Haircut Covering The Face

straight messy bob haircut


Pixie Bob Haircut For New Look

If you are looking to do something daringly different with a much shorter hairdo, try the pixie bob haircut. It’s stylish, and comes in many variations – long bangs with super short sides, anyone?

Shorter Pixie Bob haircut is Stylish

pixie bob haircut


Trendy Pixie Bob Haircut Long Backs Super Short Side

stylish pixie bob haircut


Flirty Angled Bob Hairdo

This one is a bit more stylized version of the bob haircut. Basically if you’re planning on chopping off your long tresses for a shorter hairdo, try the angled bob haircut. It’s a flirty hairdo and fit for all seasons!

Style Savvy Client is Rocking her Disconnected Bob and Color by Angled Haircut

angled bob haircut


Chopping Off Your Long Tresses For a Shorter Hairdo

angled bob haircut side view


Medium Length Bob Haircut Mixing with Bangs

There’s a variety of things a stylist could do with your locks should you decide to go for the medium length bob haircut. This one’s really a take on playing with layers, textures, mixing it up with bangs. Even a choppy bob wouldn’t be such a bad idea, if you’re game for it!

Awesome Bob for Blonde Haircut

For the blondes, bobs are really awesome. Want a blonde bob haircut? There are so many options to choose from. Ideally you could get a shaggy chin-length bob done, this one’s an all-time favorite and gives a ‘casual and girl-next-door look.’

Cool Shaggy Chin Length Bob Haircut

blonde bob haircut


Brownish Blonde Bob Hairdo Looks Casual

beautiful blonde bob haircut


Asymmetrical Bob Haircut For Young Women

Looking to induce a bit of edginess in your bob hairdo this time? Try the asymmetrical bob haircut. If you’re a young woman with curls and color, then this hairdo will rock your personality. The sharp choppy bob is a perfect example for this. It’s a mussed up look and requires less maintenance.

Sharp Choppy Bob Haircut Looks Elegant

asymmetrical bob haircut


Pretty Messed Up Look Requires Less Maintenance

asymmetrical bob hairstyle


Short layered Bob Haircut

Wouldn’t you just love yourself a little bit more if you had a short layered bob haircut? Of course you would! Currently this hairstyle is a rage and for all of the right reasons! Layering your short bob means throwing more attention towards your facial features. Try the messy short layered bob!

Layering Short Bob Haircut Gives Attention to Your Facial Features

short layered bob haircut


Super Modern Boyish Style with Casual Elegance and a Precision Haircut.

classy short layered bob haircut


Edgy Bob Haircut with Bangs

Wanting to get an upgrade on your usual bob hairdo is a sign of progression, they say. If you’re in line to get one, popular opinion recommends you get an edgy bob haircut. An example, crop off the edges of your chin length bob, or try the long bags with short pixie cut.

Victoria Beckham in Edgy Bob Haircut Looks Elegant

victoria beckham with edge bob hair cut e1459748201532

Victoria Beckham

Keira knightly in Bags with Short Pixie Haircut

keira knightly with edge haircut

Keira knightly

A-Line Bob Haircut with Colors

This one’s been a trendsetter for the longest time now and doesn’t look like A-line Bob is giving up on being a favorite anytime soon. An A-line bob haircut would give your hair a chance to look more voluminous than it actually is. This bob type is heavy on layers. Try doing an A-line bob haircut with color.

A-Line Bob Haircut For Cute Girls

a line bob haircut with color


Try Doing A Line Bob haircut with Layers Colored

a line bob haircut with hair color1


Classic Bob Hairstyle For All Lengths

The classic bob works on all hair types of all lengths. The interpretation of ‘classic’ is varied however. A classic bob haircut could mean you opting to do a neat blunt bob, or smooth bob hairdo with a center parting could also be a qualifier in this category.

The versatile classic bob Haircut

classic bob haircut


Smooth Bob Hairdo with a Center Parting Haircut

simple classic bob hairdo


Swing Bob Haircut with Highlights

As the name suggests by itself, a swing bob haircut is just getting all of your hair’s layers to be made and swung to one side of the face.

Simple Haircut with Layers

swing bob hairdo


Swing Bob Haircut Swung One Side of The Face with Layers Shaded

swing bob haircut side view


Casual Shaggy Bob Haircut

If you want to undergo a makeover, get a shaggy bob haircut now! You can easily work in with your waves and curls with this one. A shaggy bob ensures that your hairdo is casual and elegant!

Red Shaggy Bob Wavy Haircut Looks Elegant

shaggy bob haircut


Curly Brown Shaggy Haircut Covering the Face

dark brown shaggy bob haircut


Celebrities with Bob haircut

Undoubtedly the bob haircut has got to be the most wanted and most flaunted hairdo among the celebrity-pack these days. The celebrated ladies cannot seem to stop gushing about how awesome bob haircuts really are. Opting to go the bob way is a daring move. Many from the world of rich and famous have not shied away from experimenting with hairdos, and that’s what’s really made bob haircuts emerge on the hairstyle scene today. Some celebs have really upped the ante by showing faith in bob haircuts. As proof, check out the hairdo of Katie Hudson.She recently gave up her beachy blonde avatar to embrace a classic A-line bob.

Kate Hudson in Classic line Bob haircut

kate hudson with bob hairdo

Kate Hudson

Emma Watson is back with the bob-troopers. She’s sporting a freshly trimmed chin length hairstyle.

Emma Watson in Trimmed Chin Length Hairstyle

emma watson with bob troopers

Emma Watson

Khloe Kardashian recently posted her click on Instagram with her latest bob.

Khloe Kardashian in Latest Bob haircut

khloe kardashian recent bob haircut e1459751712142

Khloe Kardashian

Alexa Chung’s wavy bob created quite the ripple when she made an appearance at the Fashion Week.

Alexa Chung’s Messy Wavy Bob Hairdo

alexa chung%e2%80%99s wavy bob

Alexa Chung

Taylor Schilling’s waves played supporting role and made her chic bob look classier.

Taylor Schilling’s waves Bob Hair Look

taylor schilling chic bob e1459752301584

Taylor Schilling

Claire Danes was seen sporting a deep-parted bob at the Emmy’s this year.

Claire Danes in Parted Bob hairstyle

claire danes bob hairstyle e1459752637708

Claire Danes

Viola Davis wore a curly bob accentuating her black hair. She’s one actress who isn’t afraid of trying new things.

Viola Davis Curly Bob Black hairdo

viola davis curly bob haircut e1459752935754

Viola Davis 

Jennifer Lopez bid goodbye to her trademark long locks and chose a chin length bob instead.

Jennifer Lopez Chin Length Bob Haircut

jennifer lopez chin lenght bob hair

Jennifer Lopez 

Emilia Clarke, the cute brunette, who wears a long blonde wig and essays the role of fierce Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones, flaunted her new bob recently.

Emilia Clarke New Bob Hairstyle

emilia clarke bob haircut

Emilia Clarke

Jennifer Lawrence traded her long locks for a bob, need we say more?

Jennifer Lawrence Long Locks Bob Hair Look

jennifer lawrence bob long locks haircut e1459753855508

Jennifer Lawrence 

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