We can’t help but be obsessed with bob haircuts because they suit every gender. Having a bob this year together with its versatile styling options means that you will still look trendy even next year. While a bob haircut works on both curly and straight hair designs, it tends to give fine hair more volume enabling it to look thicker and have a bouncy effect. With vast styling options, you can customize your bob to highlight your personality. You may also See Braided Bob Hairstyle

Agyness Deyn Short Bob Haircut

agyness deyn short bob haircuts

Short bob haircuts will make you look youthful making this hairstyle suitable for both men and women. Giving your short bob a deep side part is one way to give it an edge. Guys prefer this bob because it makes their hair look stylish yet a bit masculine and is low maintenance.

Rosie Huntington Long Bob Haircut

rosie huntington long bob haircut

A long bob haircut which is often called a lob is trendy because it flatters all face shape, hair color, and textures. They look fabulous in straight, messy, sleek or wavy textures and you can even style it as a half updo or low bun. Curl a large chunk of your hair to get a simple wavy lob.

Camilla Belle Medium Bob Haircut

camilla belle medium bob haircut

Medium bob haircuts are ideal for ladies who prefer their hairstyles to be neither too short nor too long. The hair is usually shorter on the back while the front section reaches around the shoulders. It suits girls with thin hair. For a modern look add blunt bangs that fall just below the eyebrows.

Jennifer Lawrence Layered Bob Haircut

jennifer lawrence layered bob haircut

Layered bob haircuts are popular because it features lots of layers and texture. It has the same length throughout the head and curls towards the front to draw attention towards the chin. The layers make it fun to style this Bob into different angles, and you can even flat iron to make it curvy at the ends.

Taylor Swift Stacked Bob Haircut

taylor swift stacked bob haircut

If you love Bob haircuts but are afraid, your thin hair structure will make you look less stunning than stacked bob haircuts is just what you need. This type of bob has sharper angles which tend to add volume. Dye a few strands to make a bob attractive.

Chelsea Kane Inverted Bob Haircut

chelsea kane inverted bob haircut

An inverted bob haircut is what you need to make a statement. If you have straight hair, add a textured cut to the ends of the Bob. The textured cut also works for ladies with curly hair because it makes curls lift and spiral. For a flirty look add curls using 1-inch curling iron.

Scarlett Johansson Pixie Bob Haircut

scarlett johansson pixie bob haircut

Short hair makes women look bold and attractive. Combine a bob and pixie haircut to form hairstyle that will keep all eyes on you. This hairstyle features hair which reaches the ears and is perfect for showing off slender necks.

Jenny Frost Angled Bob Haircut

jenny frost angled bob haircut

Angled bob haircuts are manageable and versatile that’s why they are trendy. The longer sections of this Bob are usually cut at an angle so as to lengthen the front. Add teal dye to at the ends of your bob to create a contrasting yet cute look. You may also See Short Bob Hairstyles

Reese Witherspoon Blonde Bob Haircut

reese witherspoon blonde bob haircut

If you are looking for a new trend to color your Bob, then blonde bob haircuts will look fantastic on you. The trick to looking classy and modern is to opt for a multi-dimensional hair coloring style instead of the cute solid blonde look.

Rihanna Blunt Bob Haircut

rihanna blunt bob haircut

Blunt bob haircuts have an angular style that makes it dramatic. If you have a bold personality, then you should definitely consider this cut. It looks good on any face shape or texture, and the blunt scissors cut makes hair look healthy. To show the blunt cuts ensure your hair is straight.

Emma Stone Edgy Bob Haircut

emma stone edgy bob haircut

With shorter cuts taking the spotlight it is time for you to up your game by getting an edgy bob haircut. The fade at the back and the longer front have a modern appeal that makes it interesting to experiment with different styles. Cut the hair closest to the ears with clippers to give your bob an edge.

Katie Holmes Bob Haircut With Bangs

katie holmes bob haircut with bangs

Bob hairstyles with bangs will frame your face and depict a playful trait that will get you to stand out. While adding bangs to a Bob will make heads turn, dye the Bob in a contrasting color to show your creativity. Your bangs will look on point with vibrant colors.

Dianna Agron Messy Bob Haircut

dianna agron messy bob haircut

Sleek and beautiful, messy bob haircuts are ideal hairstyles for women who love to look feminine without having to use a lot of styling products. It’s a pretty easy to do this hairdo and takes less time which is suitable for the busy modern woman.

Sienna Miller Shaggy Bob Haircut

sienna miller shaggy bob haircut

If you need to draw attention to your hair, then a shaggy bob haircut will do the trick. Hair whose ends are chopped with a razor will fall definitely within the shaggy category. However, don’t be mistaken this hairstyle is air dried to create a sensual look and it doesn’t take a lot of skills to style this Bob.

Sofia Coppola Wavy Bob Haircut

sofia coppola wavy bob haircut

Add a touch of romance to your short hair by opting for wavy bob haircuts. Loose waves are particularly sexy and often depict a carefree attitude. For this hairstyle use a large curling iron to curl your hair then use a setting spray to keep your curls in shape. You may also See Blunt Bob Haircut

Bob hairstyles are the ideal choice for everyone who is looking for short haircuts that are low maintenance. With endless ways to style your bob haircut; you can choose from creating a layered effect, making it a bit messy, adding bangs, middle parting to side sweeping part of the hair section.

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