A hairstyle, which has been extremely popular and a trendsetter right from the earlier days, is undoubtedly, the bob cut. One of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of bob haircuts is that it beautifully highlights your facial features. In today’s extremely bust lifestyle, people are unable to devote much time to style their hair.

This is where the importance of bob hairstyles comes. This hairstyle is for those who do not have much time to devote towards their hair. Be it your office or a party – this hairstyle looks suitable everywhere. Some attractive brunette bob hairstyle designs are displayed below.

Jenna Dewan Wavy Brunette Bob Haircut

jenna dewan wavy brunette bob haircut

Topping the list is the wavy brunette bob haircut donned by American actress and dancer Jenna Dewan. This is designed specifically for those who wish to tame their unruly hair and make it look perfect for that special evening. You may also see Layered Bob Hairstyles

Leighton Meester Short Brunette Bob Hairstyle

leighton meester short brunette bob hairstyle

Next up is the short brunette bob hairstyle worn by American actress, model and singer Leighton Meester. This hairstyle is extremely chic and smart. This hairstyle looks casual as well as stylish at the same time.

Sienna Miller Brunette Bob Haircut

sienna miller brunette bob hiarcut

At the next spot is British-American actress and model Sienna Miller’s brunette bob haircut. This hairstyle is for those individuals who wish to flaunt a simple yet sophisticated look.

Kristen Stewart Brunette Angled Bob

kristen stewart brunette angled bob

At the fourth spot is the brunette angled bob donned by American actress Kristen Stewart. This hairstyle is totally out of the box and is sure to make you the centre of attraction in parties.

Katie Holmes Brunette Bob with Bangs

katie holmes brunette bob with bangs

At the fifth spot is American actress and model Katie Holmes’ brunette bob haircut with bangs. The combination of brunette bob with bangs looks simply outstanding and is definitely, a trendsetter.

Emma Stone Brunette Blunt Bob

emma stone brunette blunt bob

Next up is the brunette blunt bob hairstyle worn by American actress Emma Stone. Planning to go to a party and confused about which look to don? Don’t think twice because this haircut would be the perfect choice.

Frankie Bridge Choppy Brunette Bob

frankie bridge choppy brunette bob

At the next spot is the choppy brunette bob donned by English singer and songwriter Frankie Bridge. If you wish to turn eyes wherever you go, this hairstyle will definitely suit your purpose. It adds a touch of boldness to your look.

Emily Blunt Long Brunette Bob Hair

emily blunt long brunette bob hair

The long brunette bob hair worn by English- American actress Emily Blunt comes next on this list. This is designed for those who wish to bring in a bit of transformation to their same old and boring look.

Lily Collins Brunette Pixie Bob Hairstyle

lily collins brunette pixie bob hairstyle

At the next spot is the brunette pixie bob hairstyle donned by British-American actress and model Lily Collins. This hairstyle adds a touch of cuteness to your look. This hairstyle is perfect for those who wish to be the central focus at any event or any place.

Keira Knightley Brunette Bob Hair

keira knightley brunette bob hair

Last, but not the least, is the brunette bob hairstyle worn by English actress Keira Knightley. The main aim of this hairstyle is to make you look chic, trendy and elegant at the same time. The best part about this hairstyle is that it can be done without any hassles.

Simple Brunette Bob Hairstyle

simple brunette bob hairstyle


Messy Brunette Bob Hairstyle Idea

messy brunette bob hairstyle idea


Unique Brunette Bob Hair

unique brunette bob hair


Brunette Bob for Thick Hair

brunette bob for thick hair


Blunt Brunette Hair with Fringes

blunt brunette hair with fringes


Cool Brunette Bob Hairstyle

cool brunette bob hairstyle


Cute Brunette Bob Haircut Design

cute brunette bob haircut design


The first name which comes to your mind when you talk about brunette bob hairstyles is none other than that of the legendary Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra. The popularity of this hairstyle has increased so much that famous celebrities, such as, Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham, are seen donning this chic hairstyle. Some other hairstyles which are equally popular are the weave bob and pixie bob. Another reason why brunette bob hairstyles are popular is that they help in adding volume to your hair and make it look thicker than its usual volume. If you wish to add a touch of elegance and class to your look, brunette bob hairstyle is perfect for you.

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