Cover and tucked hairstyles are most trending and hot hairstyles these days. Inspired mostly by the braided hairstyles, tucked hairstyles are easy to make and attractive. This hairstyle is mostly carried out in the bright summer season, in both short as well as long hair cuts.

They also carry an old traditional look along with them, hence, are liked almost by women of all age. Following are few hairstyles carried out on several red carpet events this year.

Jennifer Lawrence Tucked Bun Hairstyle

jennifer lawrence tucked bun hairstyle

This traditional braided hairstyle is very easy to tuck with a fresh and young look. This also makes your hair look vibrant and shiny. This hairstyle fits the most on designer gowns for parties and is also very often seen in weddings.

Brittany Snow Tucked Bob Hairstyle

brittany snow tucked bob hairstyle

This hairstyle is the best for short hair. As it is easy to make, it is widely tucked for small outings, picnics, offices etc. This hairstyle gives your hair a curled smooth end. When neatly tucked behind the ear, this hairstyle gives a bubbly look to teenagers.

Penelope Cruz Beehive Tucked in Hair

penelope cruz beehive tucked in hair

This hair look was inspired by the 1960’s dramatic hairstyles. This hairstyle suits on every face, texture, and hair cut. This beehive hairstyle gives you a bold hair look, mostly done in parties, weddings, and other occasions.

Perrie Edwards Tucked Headband Hairstyle

perrie edwards tucked headband hairstyle

This tucked hairstyle is a mixture of a headband, curls and a hair bun on the head. The headband increases to its beauty. The gorgeous curls make it the hottest hairstyle in trend in most of the theme parties and wedding occasions.

Kristen Stewart Short Tucked Hair

kristen stewart short tucked hair

This hairstyle is easy to go with the short hair ones. The bob hair cut has been styled with ease and delicacy with mid-lengths styled behind the ears. This cut best suits for evening events and official conferences.

Tucked Braid Updo

tucked braid updo


This classic tucked hairstyle is perfect for long hair. It gives the hair an attractive look with volume. As it gives a traditional look, it is mostly seen in a wedding with a traditional theme and other functions related to it.

Asymmetrical Tucked Hairstyle Idea

asymmetrical tucked hairstyle idea


This is a hairstyle for rough and curly hair. If you have unmanageable short hair and want a look with volume this hair best suits you. Tucked on one side this hair is mostly preferred on a regular basis.

Tucked Big Bun Hairstyle

tucked big bun hairstyle


Cute bun hairstyles are always trendy. This tucked hairstyle with a big bun is best suitable for long and thick hair. This easy to make hair style is best suitable for offices or parties and outings.

Tucked Braids Bun Updo

tucked braids bun updo


Easy, elegant, casual and trendy braids are always in fashion. This messy hairstyle is widely seen on short and thin hair to give it some volume. This style is highly seen in weddings and parties.

This tucked hairstyle shows the actual length and volume of the hair of black curly hairstyle. The texture of the curls is the best part to have this hairstyle for parties, evening occasions and in offices.

Easy Tacked Hairstyle

easy tacked hairstyle


Modern Tucked Hairstyle

modern tucked hairstyle


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