When you wear an appropriate attire that suits the occasion, you blend in with the rest of the people, express your style and personality. The occasion is what determines the dressing code. From formal suits for weddings or work settings to a bikini for beach wear, in this article, we have 20 different outfit designs that will help you leave a good impression.

Traditional Outfit Designs

Traditional outfit designs immerse a person in a particular culture and heritage. From Sri Lanka, Peru, Vietnam, Morocco and Fiji; there’s a traditional dressing code that distinguishes one ethnic community from another. They suit weddings with a traditional theme, a tourist who needs to blend in with the locals or cultural celebrations.

Modern Traditional Outfit Design

modern traditional outfit design


Designer Wedding Outfits

When it comes to choosing wedding designer outfits, in-laws, bridesmaids and groomsmen must wear outfits that complement the wedding theme and the material should suit the season. While men can opt for a black suit, ladies can choose attires from designers such as Valentino, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors and Adam Lippes.

Designer Wedding Guest Outfit

designer wedding guest outfit


Designer Brides Mother Wedding Outfit

designer brides mother wedding outfit

Plaid Outfit Designs

When wearing a flowy plaid dress, pair with a cropped denim or leather jacket to accentuate the waist. For a fun casual look, wear two matching plaid sets or pair two different plaids of the same color. When choosing plaid plants go for those with minimalist two tones to achieve a sleek and sophisticated image.

Plaid Shirt Outfit Idea

plaid shirt outfit idea


Black and White Plaid Outfit Design

black and white plaid outfit design


Comfortable Outfit Designs

Whether you are going to the gym or traveling to another country, you need to wear comfortable yet stylish designs. Sweatshirts with a funny phrase are a favorite comfort cloth for both guys and girls. Pajama pants, silk night dresses and blanket coats are a popular daytime wear.

Comfortable Travel Outfit

comfortable travel outfit


Comfortable Fall Outfit Design

comfortable fall outfit design


Casual Outfit Designs

Casual outfit designs are convenient, flexible, easy to style and express an individual’s identity. A pair of jeans screams casual and can be paired with a simple t-shirt or short sleeve blouse. Sneakers are also an all time casual favorite for all genders and can be paired with a loose dress or cut off shorts.

Casual Party Outfit Design

casual party outfit design


Casual Dinner Outfit

casual dinner outfit


Beach Outfit Designs

Whether you are going to swim or sunbath, the right beach outfit design will make you comfortable and portray your fashion sense. Cut off shorts paired with a loose t-shirt and sandals; short printed dress with wedges; and a maxi dress with strapless swimsuit and a sunhat are ideal for ladies while men should opt for shorts with vests.

Beach Vacation Outfit Idea

beach vacation outfit idea


Party Outfit Designs

From a dinner party to office party, figuring out what to wear to a party can be frustrating as well as fun. The key is to wear what flatters your body shape. Ladies can wear a fitted one shoulder or floral dress while men can opt for the trendy plaid shirts and pair with any pant.

Christmas Party Outfit Design

christmas party outfit design

White Party Outfit Design

white party outfit design


Holiday Party Outfit

holiday party outfit1


Grunge Outfit Ideas

Grunge outfit designs get their inspiration from the 80s and 90s lifestyle. Both guys and ladies should wear t-shirts, vests or tanks tops with logos of their favorite music band and pair with distressed jeans. You can opt to layer with flannel long sleeved shirt and complement with high top sneakers or combat boots.

Grunge Outfit Idea for Winter

grunge outfit idea for winter1


Hippie Outfit Designs

Many hippies prefer handmade outfits and accessories that are loose as well as comfortable. Faded and old t-shirts with a tie and dye patterns portray a hippie lifestyle. If you love sleeveless tops, then go for those with fringe patterns or short fringe dresses. Men can wear jackets with beads, embroidery or patterned trims..

Hippie Boho Outfit Design

hippie boho outfit design


Hippie Concert Outfit

hippie concert outfit


Hawaiian Outfit Designs

Whether with a grass skirt or coconut shell bikini, Hawaiian outfit designs are colorful and feature bold patterns. Suitable for people who want to depict the exotic island, ladies can wear tropical or romper dresses with vibrant floral patterns. Men will look stunning with aloha shirts, shorts and flip flops.

Summer Outfit Designs

Summer equates to heat, making it the perfect season for wearing lightweight clothes that show off skin. A denim pencil or a thigh-high slit skirt with an off shoulder top looks classy while a graphic t-shirt and printed skirt exude a fun personality. For dinner opt for a little black dress with a statement belt.

Casual Summer Outfit Idea

casual summer outfit idea


Summer Party Outfit

summer party outfit


Teen Outfit Designs

Teenagers love to look cool that’s why they experiment with different styles and personalize a fashion trend to suit their body frames. Denim with lace shorts or skirt, plain white t-shirt tucked into a maxi skirt, leather pants with a loose-fit sweater, shorts, and blazers, ripped washed out denim and miniskirts are popular with teens.

Floral Teen Outfit

floral teen outfit


Swag Outfit for Teens

swag outfit for teens


Birthday Outfit Designs

Birthday outfit designs are meant to help a person stand out during their special day. Gold, silver or outfit designs with shiny embellishments are appropriate for birthdays; as well as strapless dresses with sweetheart collars.

Birthday Party Outfit

birthday party outfit


Winter Birthday Outfit

winter birthday outfit


Kids Birthday Outfit

kids birthday outfit


Travel Outfit Designs

Even though you are traveling and will spend long hours sited in a plane or car, you still need to wear traveling outfit designs that are comfortable and tasteful. In case you don’t have an elegant scarf opt to wear a turtleneck sweater, wide legged pants, drapey jackets, oversized shawls or sweat pants.

Summer Travel Outfit Idea

summer travel outfit idea


Floral Outfit Designs

While floral outfit designs depict a feminine trait the right way to mix and match is with a neutral garment. Suitable for spring and summer, pair a vibrant floral skirt or pant with a white or denim shirt. For a daring attitude mix two different floral print patterns or wear a floral short with a black tank top.

Floral Dress Outfit

floral dress outfit


Floral Skirt Outfit

floral skirt outfit


Vintage Outfit Designs

Vintage outfit designs are broad hence will fit different personal styles. Dresses should feature sweetheart, boat-neck or halter neck shapes and those which include lace also give out a vintage vibe. For the 40s and 50s look, choose bold patterns such as polka dots or tartan and go for outfits with red, yellow, black and white colors.

Vintage Wedding Outfit

vintage wedding outfit


Two Piece Vintage Outfit Idea

two piece vintage outfit idea

Formal Outfit Designs

When in doubt about the best formal outfit designs, both men and women should stick to neutral colors such as black or gray and pair with subtle accessories. For a classy yet formal look, ladies can wear black pants or a pencil skirt and blazers paired with a silk button-down shirt and low-heel nude pumps.

Formal Maxi Skirt Outfit

formal maxi skirt outfit


Victorian Formal Outfit Idea

victorian formal outfit idea

Pink Outfit Designs

Every girl wants to wear pink outfit designs in a way that makes them look classy and chic. Blush pink complements all seasons and you can get this color in lace sweaters, sneakers, bow tie, t-shirts and cute off shoulder knit sweaters. Pair a pink bottom with a subtle top.

Light Pink Outfit Idea

light pink outfit idea


Cowgirl Outfit Designs

Cowgirl outfit designs are practical, fashionable and add a feminine touch. A western hat is a must have as well as leather cowboy boots which can either have a sharp, square or round toe shape. Suitable for attending country festivals, you can give your cowgirl outfit an edge by pairing with a belt.

Modern Cowgirl Outfit

modern cowgirl outfit


Cowgirl Outfit for Kids

cowgirl outfit for kids


Preppy Outfit Designs

When it comes to selecting stunning preppy outfit designs, thin cardigans with checked or paid patterns, blazers, skinny belts and a girly hairstyle is a must. Look for outfit designs with yellow and pink colors as well as lace collared tops with puff sleeves, floral dress, and pleated miniskirts.

Preppy Fall Outfit Idea

preppy fall outfit idea1


Casual Preppy Outfit

casual preppy outfit


Preppy Skirt Outfit Idea

preppy skirt outfit idea


When selecting the appropriate outfit design to wear, the first factor to consider is the event or setting of the place you are attending. The season will determine the weather so during cold days wear heavy clothes while in summer opt for lightweight outfits. Pair with shoes and accessories that complement your body structure and attire. For a casual occasion, you can experiment with bold colors and patterns. However, stick with neutral colors for formal events.

When attending an event, it is important to wear the appropriate outfit design. The color, style, and length of your attire should complement your skin tone as well as body type. Even though you choose clothes according to the weather, the right outfit should be age appropriate, comfortable, attractive and show your personality.

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