Recycled gowns are in vogue now and beautiful gown designs are created from various recycled material. The recycled gown designs have become so trendy that couture gowns are made from recycled plastic bottles, trash bags, magazine covers etc. Many international fashion shows are showcasing beautiful dress made out of recycled material. Many famous celebrities like Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus wearing these recycled couture dresses speak the popularity of these dresses.

Lady Gaga Paper Recycled Gown

lady gaga paper recycled gown

This white paper recycled gown looks gorgeous. Lady Gaga is known for her unique style and this white dress with sophisticated and mysterious look make her unique. The dress has a mask with horns which makes it mysterious. This dress can be worn by teenage and college going girls to prom parties as well as birthday parties.

Stephanie Coker Newspaper Dress Idea

stephanie coker newspaper dress idea

Stephanie Coker wearing this dress with prints of newspaper on it make her look trendy. With her long braided hairstyle and the newspaper design dress makes her look amazing. This dress can be worn by worn by any girl or woman irrespective of age. This is also good DIY project, having some prints on a plain old dress can turn the dress into a designer recycled dress. You may also see Flamboyant Dress Designs

Emma Watson Plastic Recycled Gown

emma watson plastic recycled gown

This beautiful white and black combination recycled plastic dress worn by Emma Watson looks gorgeous on her. The fitting looks so perfect with the low neck. The black palazzo pant model is given in the bottom of the dress and a black extension is attached making it look like a gown. This beautiful dress can be worn by middle-aged women as well as teenage girls

Miley Cyrus Recycled Dress for Teenager

miley cyrus recycled dress for teenager

Doesn’t this colorful and bright striped recycled dress make Miley look stunning! Everyone has to agree that she looks stunning in this recycled dress. With matching accessories and hairstyle, Miley looks like a girl who is ready to rock. This recycled dress best suits teenage girls and can be worn to a prom party or to a birthday party.

Bottle Recycled Gown

bottle recycled gown


This beautiful translucent dress is made of recycled bottles. This is an amazing looking dress and can be a good DIY project. Anyone can try making this dress with colored plastic bottles or mix two to three colors depending on their taste. This beautiful dress can be worn by teenage girls to any parties and they will look rocking.

Restored Cocktail Dress

restored cocktail dress


This beautiful and colorful restored cocktail dress is a beauty by itself. This can be a good DIY project. Anyone can try restoring their old dresses and make them into trendy dresses by adding a bit of color or by attaching laces etc. This dress can be worn by any girl or woman irrespective of age.

Recycled Magazine Gown

recycled magazine gown


This adorable recycled magazine cover dress looks so sophisticated that it is hard to believe that it is a recycled dress. This dress is a good DIY project and can be easily tried by anyone ith recycled magazines. This beautiful dress can be worn by teenage girls and middle-aged women.

Jean Recycled Dress

jean recycled dress

Isn’t this lady looking hot in a recycled dress made from jeans?  Two colored jeans have been used in this dress and they both highlight each other. This beautiful dress can be worn by any woman or girl irrespective of age and it is a good DIY too.

Trendy Paper Dress Design

trendy paper dress design


Pop Art Recycled Gown

pop art recycled gown

Restored Vinyl Gown Idea

restored vinyl gown idea


These beautiful recycled dresses made of various recycled materials and old dresses. So many beautiful women wearing the recycled dresses makes it a popular trend. The batwing dresses are so trendy and selling like hot cakes.

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