Sometimes the space looks like it needs an extra dose of sophisticated elegance. Like many futon designs, you can find many chaise lounge pieces that will give you a warm and relaxing nook to spend your days off. The variety of designs is great providing you with many options that can fully cover your needs. Today we are going to show you our collection of relaxing nooks with the following guide of chaise lounge designs. You my also See Chaise Lounge Chair Designs

Outdoor Chaise Lounges

outdoor chaise lounges

Morning Star Builders LTD

From delicate metallic frames to bulky wicker designs you have a huge variety at your feet to choose for your outdoor space. Whether it’s for your poolside or your garden deck, you will find every style you can imagine.

Leather Chaise Lounges

leather chaise lounges

Buchanan Photography

As a material, leather has a luxurious look and texture that can transform your space. You can find many leather chaise lounge designs for your needs while they are suitable for all space inside and outside of your house.

Patio Chaise Lounges

patio chaise lounges


If you feel like your patio needs a stylish touch then you can go for a chaise lounge. The designs come in a variety of shapes, color combinations and materials bringing you the perfect excuse for spending time outdoors.

Modern Chaise Lounges

modern chaise lounges

Laura Butler-Madden

Chaise lounge come in many styles. If you want a modern approach then you should check out minimalist designs with simple or none decorative elements. The subtle energy of the design is going to add character in your space.

Wicker Chaise Lounges

wicker chaise lounges

Amity Worrel & Co.

Wicker furniture has a soft look that makes them ideal for every style and room. From your bedroom to your living room you can choose any design that appeals to you and decorate it according to the style of the room.

Pool Chaise Lounges

pool chaise lounges

ArchitecTor, PC

Spend time on your poolside and relax with a comfortable and stylish chaise lounge. The available design come in a variety of materials and color combinations to fit your needs while offering you top quality and weather resistant designs.

Small Chaise Lounges

small chaise lounges

Schrader & Companies

If your space is not that large then you don’t need to worry. Chaise lounge furniture come in many different styles and sizes in order to cover everyone’s needs no matter the size of the room or its style.

Double Chaise Lounges

double chaise lounges

Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes

Having company while relaxing can be refreshing, so going for a double chaise lounge design is going to be the answer for you. There is a great selection of designs with various materials that come with cushions or upholstered.

Victorian Chaise Lounges

victorian chaise lounges

Simply Home Decorating

Whether it’s with linen or satin fabric your will find the most exquisite designs in Victorian style. The glamorous look along with the elegant design will give you excellent results in your bedroom adding a pop of luxury for style.

Contemporary Chaise Lounges

contemporary chaise lounges

Dome Photography

The contemporary style has an artistic twist that can add personality to every space. You can choose a chaise lounge for your living room while you can have it as a part of a sectional sofa design. You may also See Apartment Bedroom Designs

Wooden Chaise Lounges

wooden chaise lounges

Fratantoni Luxury Estates

In case you aim for a classic touch then you need to look for a wood design. The available chaise lounges have a great selection of designs made of wood that can give you incredible pieces for your home.

Bedroom Chaise Lounges

bedroom chaise lounges

Freestyle Restyle

Placed in front of the bed or on an empty corner, a chaise lounge is going to make your room look stunning. Choose the design according to the room’s style or decide on a statement piece that will add personality.

Kid’s Chaise Lounges

kids chaise lounges

Abran Rubiner Photography

Complete your kid’s room with a colorful and stylish chaise lounge design. There are many designs available in high quality and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can use them for nap time or for other activities.

Curved Chaise Lounges

curved chaise lounges

Curves add a soft elegance that turns any space into a stylish setting. You can find many different designs of curved chaise lounge. The designs vary from Victorian to Asian bringing you a vast selection to choose for your space.

Beach Chaise Lounges

beach chaise lounges

Mark Dziewulski Architect

You can choose a design that has certain features. You can get a set of beach style chaise with cushions or you can choose a style with arms for extra style and comfort, while a weather resistant option is advisable. You may also See Outdoor Chair Designs

Style is all you need. The available pieces come with excellent quality and special design that is sure to turn your space into a serene and peaceful place. You can choose among various colors and designs to find the right fit for you. Hopefully our guide helped with inspiring ideas.

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