If you are tired of getting neck or back pains after sleeping then, it is time you get yourself a futon. A well made Japanese futon is easy to role and move around from one room to another. What’s cool about futon designs is that they take very little space; it is made up of thick natural material and can easily convert into a sofa or bed when you have a guest who is spending the night. You may also See Bunk Bed Designs

Small Futon Designs

small futon designs

Gunkelmans Interior Design

Small futon designs are perfect for rooms with very little available space. They are affordable and if you live in one room space where you have to put a sofa as well as a bed then you can use a futon to do both. Just roll it up during the day to create space for other activities.

Modern Futon Designs

modern futon designs

Kathryn Waltzer

While traditional futons get their inspiration from Japanese culture, modern futons are made with comfort in mind as well as to reflect both the theme of the room and style of the individual. You can get these futons in different colors and in size that fits your remodeling needs.

Kids Futon

kids futon

Hufft Projects

With kids futons, you don’t have to worry about your baby falling off the bed or incurring extra cost to buy chair rails to stop your young one from rolling off. You can even fold it up during the day and use the space as a playing area for your kids.

Outdoor Futon Designs

outdoor futon designs1

Sarah Greenman

The foldable nature of outdoor futon designs will make them fit any chair on the deck, garden or patio. You can even get your futon in a camo design to blend with the natural landscape. If the futon mattress is not covered by a water resistant material, then ensure it is enclosed in a vinyl cover.

Bunk Bed Futons

bunk bed futons

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Bunk bed futons are ideal for small spaces because the lower bunk can act as a couch during the day and the built in ladder will make the top deck accessible for sleeping. The top part can also accommodate a mattress without the need for a box spring or bunky board.

Floor Futons

floor futons

Andrew Snow Photography

Do you fancy sleeping on the floor but are afraid you will get back pains eventually? With floor futons, you don’t have to worry about all these because you can layer futons up to 2 or 3 times to create squishy foam that will act as a comfy cushion against the hard floor.

Bedroom Futon Designs

bedroom futon designs


Futon bedroom designs will help you sleep comfortably without affecting your health. What’s to love about these designs is that you can get one made of 100% cotton whereby you can lift off the futon from the bed frame and take it outside during summer to sterilize it. You may also See Chaise Lounge Designs

Storage Futons

storage futons


Futons are so versatile that you can even get one with hollow space underneath it. You can turn this space into a storage area for items that you rarely use. When placed in the living room, storage futons can help keep your space clear of clutter providing more room for movement.

Sectional Futon Designs

sectional futon designs


If you need to break up the monotony of a large space or to camouflage that sharp corner in your room then add a sectional futon. You can get sectional futon designs in L shape, U shape or with curved backs to keep you comfy.

Rustic Futon

rustic futon

J. Tight Interiors

If you need a futon that will complement your cabin house or man cave, then go for rustic futons. The futon covers feature earthly colors such as brown or gray and you can even get futon frames in rustic log to further give your space the ultimate rustic appeal.

Office Futons

office futons

Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc.

Office futons are easy to take apart and reassemble making them ideal for temporary settings. They are comfortable, save space and come in a color that will complement the theme of your office. When you feel like relaxing, you can take a nap on your comfy futon.

Luxury Futon Designs

luxury futon designs

Dome Photography

From frames made of oak to metallic, you can get luxury futon designs in any specification that you require. These designs often include slipcovers which can unzip to create a whole new look and can contain inbuilt springs with thick layers of foam making it easier to act as a sofa as well as a bed. You may also See Wooden Sofa Designs

Futons are made from quality natural materials such as cotton, latex, and wool. These materials ensure the futon is durable, allergy resistant and can act as a couch in the living room when you have a party as well as transition into a guest bed at night. People who remodel their homes often do so to maximize the available space and a stylish futon will not only act as a decorative feature to your room but also save space.

Futons are ideal for both small as well as large room spaces and unlike regular beds which are rarely lightweight; these designs can easily convert into a guest bed. They are multifunctional whereby you can roll them up and put them in the closet during the day and turn the available space into a study or yoga center.

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