Regular sofas cannot guarantee full relaxation, and that is where a chaise lounge sofa comes in. This type of chair is designed to support both legs and head when you stretch out. Incorporating a chaise in a lounge adds drama, makes a bold style statement and creates a comfortable space for a conversation. Whether you prefer with no back, two armrests or just one, in this list there is a stylish chaise lounge sofa that will complement your style. You may also See Lounge Chair

Leather Chaise Lounge Sofa

If you need a sofa that has no added arm bulkiness, then opt for this Leather chaise lounge sofa. It is so versatile that you can put it in the master bedroom, around the poolside or use it as patio furniture.

leather chaise lounge sofa

Cecilie Starin Design Inc.

Chaise Lounge Sofa Furniture Design

This chaise sofa design comes in a white color which makes the room appear brighter. The sofa completes the style of a room and the color will match any décor. Place it next to the window where you can use lay on it and read a novel.

chaise lounge sofa furniture design

Orange Coast Interior Design

Small Chaise Lounge Sofa

Small chaise lounge sofas, especially in bright colors, makes a beautiful focal point. When placed next to neutral colored sofas, chaise in colors such as yellow, pink and blue create contrast and ensure every visitor notices the chair.

small chaise lounge sofa

Cynthia Lynn Photography

Modern Chaise Lounge Sofa Design

Add a bit of color to a room by including a red chaise sofa. The modern design gives the chaise a luxurious and laid back look. The red fabric used to make the chair will complement any black and white rug or carpet.

modern chaise lounge sofa design

Rikki Snyder

Double Chaise Lounge Sofa

While one chaise lounge sofa relaxes a single person at a time, double chaise sofas are perfect for couples or when you want to unwind with a guest comfortably. To look at the outdoor environment, position the chaise facing a large window.

double chaise lounge sofa

Elad Gonen

Chaise Lounge Sectional Sofa Design

Chaise lounge sectional sofas are so versatile that they can be arranged in many different formations. They provide more seating space, especially in a small lounge. The leather fabric is easy to clean, and you can relax or even sleep comfortably. You may also See Outdoor Chair

chaise lounge sectional sofa design


White Chaise Lounge Sofa

White chaise sofa has a neutral white color that will stand out and still complement any décor. It has a simple yet classy look that is ideal for anyone living single. The color and the design give a light and fresh appearance to the lounge area.

white chaise lounge sofa

Ben Gebo Photography

Chaise Lounge Corner Sofa Design

Does your room have a corner that just looks odd? Then add a chaise lounge corner sofa to camouflage the imperfection of the room. The white color of the couch gives you the freedom to add any colored throw in pillows that will match the curtains.

chaise lounge corner sofa design

Mary Cook

Diy Chaise Lounge Sofa Design Idea

Lounge rooms with large windows will look amazing with chaise sofas that have half back designs. Use the seats to take in the warmth of the sun. The oak sofa legs contrast with the fabric, hence help the chair to stand out.

diy chaise lounge sofa design idea

Schrader & Companies

Chaise Lounge Recliner Sofa Design

Complement the modern style of your lounge by adding a matching chaise sofa. The metallic legs of the sofa give it an edgy look. Add round bold colored rug underneath to bring out the color of the chaise. You can even accessorize it with a decorative throw blanket. You may also See Outdoor Chaise Lounge Designs

chaise lounge recliner sofa design

Grossman Photography

Chaise lounge sofas are stylish, comfortable and provide the perfect space for relaxing while reading a book or basking in the sun. They are available in different styles, shape, color and material. Placing a chaise lounge next to the window or at the corner, creates a cozy look without overshadowing the balance of the room.

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