You must have been pondering over a renovation scheme of the unused part of your bedroom for a home office.  How about choosing gray as the theme colour of your home which can bring a classy appeal in your entire upholstery? Spending hours with your desktop or picking out an important document from a pile of files and papers should not be a tedious task for you. For a vintage and aesthetically appealing home office décor, you can consider using your furniture of stainless still.

Vintage Gray Home Office Furniture Design

Transitional Gray Home Office Interior

Cynthia Mason Interiors Design

Gray Home Office with White Furniture

Highmark Builders Design

For a tidy, modern look in your gray home office furniture, choose furniture and other items of office décor that are streamlined and light weighed.  A basic functional computer desk with underneath drawers can solve your problem of placing your documents and serve as a transitional storage cum working unit. Placing some book cabinets will serve the purpose of a library at your home office where you can indulge in reading your favourite books.

Modern Home Office with Gray Cabinets

Dura Supreme Cabinetry Design

White Corner Desk with Gray Chairs

Anthony Wilder Design

Awesome Gray Corner Desk Home Office

Che Bella Interiors Design

Contemporary Gray Home Office Furniture

Leighton Design Group 

Stylish Gray Home Office with Fireplace

Beautiful Home Office with Gray Wall Paint

Meister Construction Ltd Design

Gray Home Office with Vintage Furniture

Amanda Carol Interiors Design

As you are working from home, your working area should give you comfort in working for hours. If budget is not your restraint, use oversized furniture made of stainless steel. You can use opulent white light in your home office to accentuate the grayish appeal of your home office.

Spacious Gray Home Office with Wooden Desk

NIH Homes Design

Traditional Gray Home Office Furniture Idea

Tom Stringer Design

Stylish Furniture for Gray Home Office

Lavish Gray Home Office Furniture

Sutro Architects Design

Classy Home Office with Wooden Cabinet Drawers

Wonderful Home Office with Arm Chair Design

Wall Morris Design

Beautiful Gray Home Office with Teak Furniture

Albrecht Wood Interiors Design

If you need more inspiration browse through various magazines from which you can get some of the best ideas of gray home office furniture and décor.

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