Do you live and work from a farmhouse? Well, you are among the few blessed homeowners living out there. Working out of a farmhouse could be the best thing you could have asked for. It’s not only the convenience but the environment that is so peaceful and encouraging. We have collected some of the best farmhouse home office designs from across the internet. Any one of them would surely be an inspiration for us city dwellers!

Farmhouse Home Office Furniture Idea

farmhouse home office furniture idea

Farmhouses are always a bit rustic and connected more to the earth around. When planning your farmhouse home office décor, you can similarly include elements that evoke the raw charm of living in the countryside. The picture should tell you more about the choices.

Simple Home Office Design

simple home office design

Office spaces don’t need much of decoration. The only thing that’s important is a comfortable desk, a well equipped storage and enough amount of light. Putting pieces like plants, flower pots, paintings and wallpapers will certainly be additionally encouraging for your productivity.

Modern White Farmhouse Home Office

modern white farmhouse home office

The following example features a lot of cabinetry and shelves that can either be used to put your books and files or become the platform for your souvenir collection. Lighting should be such that every corner of the room is well lit. Featuring dark floorboards and a wooden table for your desk, this can be a rustic but exotic arrangement.

Neutral Color Farmhouse Style Office

neutral color farmhouse home office

Neutral colors aren’t always boring. In fact, a perfect assembly of neutral colored furnishing can be the best combination for a farmhouse home office. While dark coffee colored tables and cabinetry dominates the rooms, the carpets, curtains and other textiles can be some tones lighter to provide the required contrast.

Double Desk Home Office Design Idea

double desk home office design idea

If you have a partner at office, this double desk home office will be a requisite. Using your windows to make more efficient use of the available lighting, this office space requires a wider space and enough room to make two people feel comfortable in.

Home Office with Purple Chairs

home office with purple chairs

An earthly furnishing can be rather contrasted with bright purple chairs as this photograph shows. While everything else is in shades of brown, the chairs become the centerpiece of the room. For an office design, this is perfect if you want to establish the importance of the desk.

Classic Farmhouse Office Decorating Idea

classic farmhouse office decorating idea

The example represents a nice, clean and organized workplace. The cabinetry takes care of the entire storage requirement and doubly facilitates desks all along the wall edges. This can be a great in-house arrangement for small businesses.

Gray Farmhouse Style Home Office

gray farmhouse style home office

Amazingly spacious, the lighter shades perfectly disperse the light and make a comfortable setting. Unique pieces like the big round red wall clock, the plant pot by the door side and the unique ceiling light makes things look fresh and rejuvenating. With the view to your farm from the large glass windows, you are never too away at work!

Home Office Design in Small Space

home office design in small space

Small office setups like in the attic of your farmhouse can be exiting too. While you get an aerial view of your farm from your desk, you have all the necessary equipment within a hand’s reach. The photograph even shows how you can establish a two person meeting/consulting arrangement.

Green Beach Style Home Office Idea

green beachstyle home office idea

Work should be fun and this example shows how an office space can be made lively. With green and dark chocolate as the major colors, you are easily transferred to the beach! Light the room well and you would be working away comfortably.

Unique Home Office with Teak Furniture

unique home office with teak furniture

Olsen Studios

Vintage Style Home Office

vintage style home office

Kate Johns Architect

White Farmhouse Home Office

white farmhouse home office

BDR Fine Homes

Transitional Home office with Blue Wall

transitional home office with blue wall

Wall to Wall Home Concepts

Blue Farmhouse Home Office Design

blue farmhouse home office designs

Alexandra Rae Interior Design

Transitional Home Office Design Idea

transitional home office design idea

Clarum Homes

Modern Large Farmhouse Office

modern large farmhouse office

Premier Idaho New Home Builder Gardner Homes Idaho

Wooden Furnished Home Office

wooden furnitured home office

Studio Z Architecture

Dark Colored Office Design

dark colored office design

Vintage Farmhouse Office Furniture

vintage farmhouse office furniture

Cozy Farmhouse Home Office

cozy farmhouse home office

Neumann Monson Architects

A lot of farmhouse owners actually have their office space integrated into their property. If you have such an arrangement, we would like to take a look. Meanwhile, do let us know what you think of our compilation.

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